• Navigation link in the Asset comparison table

    Hi,   I can see only 8 hrs (default) duration display when using the Navigation link in the Asset comparison table but actually I have created a 90d duration display. I can see 90d when using a normal navigation...
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  • Ubable to access KB article

    Hi Team, I am unable to access Knowledge based article. Please find attached snapshot.
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  • PI System Roadmap???

    I was looking the other day to see what is coming in the PI System down the road and noticed that there is literally nothing on there beyond this quarter. I do know that there is some leadership changes happening now ...
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  • Unable to open ICU

             When I am trying to open ICU I am getting below error. Please suggest asap.
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  • Tracking the time of a variable using filters in AF

    Hi,   We are monitoring the performance of 75 equipments and we would like to track the time that a measured variable (let's call it Var1) of these equipments stayed between its lower (LSL) and higher (HSL) speci...
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  • EF based on user input

    piaf #eventframe pianalysis Hello Everyone,   I want to create an event frame where, when the process value lies in between a value range for more than 'T' hours (T is a variable which can be fed as an i...
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  • PI Vision 2020 security

    Hi,   Sebastien Raposo As per PI Vision-2020, "Sharing Write Access To A Display Give other users on your team Write permission for a display so you can collaborate on the creation and maintenance of a dis...
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  • what's the ports in PI AF?

    Hello all , As the title , what's the ports in AF? And when ,how to use it ? Thanks a lot.  
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  • AF Element version update

    In order to maintain a version control in PI AF, we are creating new version whenever we are updating any static attributes, tags, calculation and Notification in PI AF. Its working well as we expected.   All th...
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  • changing tags in a trend

    Why is it so hard to change a tag in a PI Vision trends?  In PI Process Book you can change a tag easily and and keep the colors that you had and the view that you want.   PI Vision doesnt allow you to copy...
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  • me pueden ayudar a ligar mi cuenta SSO a FTP?

    Necesito descargar un instalador para una configuración que hará uno de los expertos de OSIsoft en nuestra configuración, muchas gracias
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  • MFA for Data Archive users or PI Vision users?

    Hello,   is there a way to set up MFA (multi factor authentication) when a user connects via Processbook or PI Vision? If not, can I arrange a mail (maybe via PI notifications) to be sent to the user if he conn...
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  • PI Integrator for Microsoft Azure

    Hello I would  like to hear about which port PI Integrator for Microsoft Azure should use? I can see that PI Integrator for Microsoft Azure use port 80 for web configuration, but not for sending data to Azure? ...
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  • Issue with Event Frame Table in PI Vision

    Hi All,   I had a issue with the event frame table it is not showing the Start Time and the End time stay in progress in PI Vision. See Picture.   This situation is just for the users(clients) that cannot ...
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  • Some (Not All) Tags on OPC Interfaces are Stale

    I have a couple of OPC interfaces which collect data from the same OPC server and which both have some stale tags.  Many of the tags are updating, however, and when I check the OPC tags with PI OPC Client Tool, t...
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  • Performance counters for PI OLEDB  provider

    i want to monitor PI OLEDB Provider status 
    created by SaidAbdelFattah
  • Undefined PI Point with the UFL interface

    Hi,   I am getting below error with UFL interface.    PI UFL Interface error "Undefined PI Point"    PI UFL Undefined Pi Point Error      Thanks, Mallesh
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  • RtReports trends multiple scales

    Hi:   I am working with a report in RtReports and I would like to know some things about the trend settings. I have a trend with multiple data sources and I want to know if there is any way to edit the ranges fo...
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  • UFL shared location

    Hi Team,   Can we use Azure storage (File based) or One drive for shared location for input files?   Storage account overview - Azure Storage | Microsoft Docs          Thanks Mal...
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  • Why are some ports configurable and others not?

    This KB article contains links to other KB articles about the ports that different PI programs use. Sometimes, a port is configurable, and other times, it is not. Why is this, and what determines if a port is configur...
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