• PI OLEDB Query: Cast  ASCII to Chart

    Hi,   How to convert ASCII value to Character in PI OLEDB view? For example, in SQL I use Char (value) function to return ASCII value.   Thanks, DB
    created by Doddabasappa
  • How to create a PI ProcessBook Slideshow?

    How to create a PI ProcessBook Slideshow?   I already got a VBA Script to individually Open and Close a few PI ProcessBook Display Pages from one of the members, but I need to run quite a number of pages so I ne...
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  • Random Number Generator

    Hi All,   I'm trying to create a random PI Tag that simulates a temperature tag. The temperature should vary from 60 to 80 degrees F. I have read the PI_Random Interface manual and tried different configurations...
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  • Are there any examples of an Alarm Summary created for PI Vision?

    We are looking to create an alarm summary display that will show an alarm summary.
    created by BrianBolton
  • Tags Split Across Interfaces "Scan Off"

    Hi,   I have 30,000 tags that i need to split across 6 interfaces on the same server. (All tags are currently on interface #1 and it is a PItoPI interface) The configuration of all interfaces is the same e...
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  • Recommendation for PI Modbus Interface Failover type.

    Hello Experts, Need your suggestion for PI Modbus Interface Failover.   We are connecting to a Modbus device using PI Modbus Interface. However, this device accepts only 1 connection at a time. What kind of Fa...
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  • Cannot create pi points yet below max point count

    Recently I've tried to create new Pi points, and the following error is thrown: [-12214] Maximum licensed Point Count exceeded.   After doing some investigation I've found that we are below our resource lim...
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  • "No Data" analysis value shown on PI Vision

    So I've come across an interesting problem that I just can't seem to figure out, and looking for some suggestions from here. Basically, I'm migrating PI SERVER (PI Data Archive, PI AF, PI Vision) into the new SERVER. ...
    created by tnusanto
  • PIPutVal

    From 2015 until 6/18/2018, we've been able to use this application to write to PI tags with no issues.  Our site was purchased by another company and servers were replaced.  Since then, we've not been able t...
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  • Error -15010 at recovery

    Hi everyone! I hope you're having a great day    I'm doing a recovery from a PI RDBMS interface to a DB. I created new tags and deleted pre-registered tags so I could verify if the new tags worked just fine....
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  • How to select Polled or advise on the PI ICU Base

    In the OPC DA environment, PI ICU sets default as Advise. How do I change to Polled method? In PI SMT, setting location3 , '0 ' showen 'pt create'. Is there anything I need to set up in PI ICU first?
    created by byun
  • PI email/sms notification

    What PI component do I need to send email and SMS notifications of equipment alarms and or Trips ??
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  • Automating vision login with different user ID

    Hello   We have a web page having an imbedded vision page. Depending upon web user, it needs to use different vision  user group for security.  Also need to automate the login process. Any guideline...
    last modified by JkJung
  • Unable to start Archive Subsystem. Fatal Error-Archive and Base point count mismatch

    Hello All, We have upgraded the PI data archive from PI server 2010 to 2015 R2. Although all the programs were installed successfully, there was an error while the services were started post completion of upgrade. &#...
    last modified by 529931
  • Fill tags with a distribuitor tag from another interface?

    Hi everyone! I hope everyone is safe and doing well.   I have a RDBMS interface in wich I use multiple distribuitor tags to fill PI tags. This method has being working just fine until we faced a not so commun sit...
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  • Event Frame Reconciliation

    Hi:  AF Server Trying to understand how reconciliation works, and if there are some cases where it doesn't.   We are testing reconciliation of the events (auto backfilling ena...
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  • SAP PM integration with PI

    Hi All,   We need to write back SAP PM data with PI application.Is there any OSIsoft standard interface\connector available to integrate SAP PM data with PI?   Is there any white paper/ detailed approach a...
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  • Integration from SAP PM to OSI PI

    We have a requirement to bring SAP PM data back to OSI PI? What are ways to achieve this goal?   Thanks,
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  • KB00793

    #KB00793 Where is this?
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  • Is a Windows Server Core Deployment really mandatory by OSI? Or is it just recommended / advisable?  j

    Hi Everyone,   We are currently using the PI Audit Tool to check and assess for any vulnerabilities in the setting that are set in the our PI System.   To pass the audit a hundred percent, we understand th...
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