• OSIsoft PI System Integration with SAP

    Hi Team, Can any one please provide me the documents, pdf or any tutorial to configure osi pi to sap integration. thanks & regards, Madhu
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  • PI OPC: Editing a tag makes some tags IO Timeout

    Hi community,               Asking for you help on my issue. When im editing a tag for example just edit a tag for STEP from off to on or making the ex...
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  • Archive data delete auto when hard capacity exceeds a certain amount.

    The pi archive file is stored on the hard disk. I would like to know how to set to delete or overwrite the archived files that are saved when the hard capacity exceeds a certain amount.   How can I set like that...
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  • PIOLEDBENT Query Parent & Child Event Frames

    We have PI as part of our FactoryTalk Historian, so it's Pi but without the online access benefits. I can get here but that's about it. Everything else is blocked.   Programs: PIEFGEN, PIOLEDBENT, PI System Expl...
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  • OSIsoft.PIDataLink.AFData.Functions' threw an exception.

    Hello  the Data link does not start it shows this message The type initializer for 'OSIsoft.PIDataLink.AFData.Functions' threw an exception Have someone experienced this issue?
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  • Interface status is showing Not checked

    Even though my interface is running it is showing Not checked as status in interface list using PI SMT
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  • Second day of month  for tagAvg()

    Hi,   Im trying to get a monthly average, the range is from the 2nd to the 2nd of each month.   What i currently have. CheckDay: if Day ('*') = Day(BOM('*')+86400) then 1 else NoOutput() AvgFlow if Che...
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  • PI AF - If then else statement

    Hi.  I'm new at using PI AF so may be completely on the wrong track (I have done a course but many years ago and have not used it since).    I'm trying to determine the value of a newly created Tag (Ta...
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  • I have a user, who is a PI admin, and is trying to look at event frames in Data link but it has no database to choose from. 

    The database section is greyed out?  He can pull values from the AF server and it shows under connection manager but not sure where else to look?  Thanks. 
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  • If - Else - Else If structure confusion

    Since there are no brackets or End If constructs in the PI Analysis statement windows i am having trouble understanding some code I been tasked with reviewing the code looks like this, there is minor indenting an...
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  • Data validation

    Hi all! We want to start to validate our data in PI. Do you know if OSISoft offers a solution for this? When searching the OSI homepage Sigmafine is returned as a potential solution but there does not seem to be mu...
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  • Calculate the power consumtion in a drive

    Hi could you help me with how I could calculate the power consumption by hours from Y to T of a crusher drive with two conditions one of the feeder and the other of the power, if the feeder current stat...
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  • Cannot Use Substitution Parameter as Tag Name for Pi Point Array

    Hi  The question pretty much says it all. Here are some screen shots for a more detailed description of the problem.   Well - Steam Flow (Pi Point Array)   Final Tag Name contains the string of ...
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  • Check if an attribute is pointing to a tag that exists and if exists returns the tag value

    Hello All;   We have a case here where we have a template with some attributes and sometimes the equipment will have tags, sometimes it wont and as that is configurable by the user, is not possible to create a t...
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  • PI-Calculations not supported in Webpart PI Graphic?

    I am converting PDI-Files to SVG in order to include them into Sharepoint via Webpart PI Graphic. Some of them are containing PI-Calculations, such as determining ratios between PI-Tags. When I load these SVG-Files in...
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  • Need to update all Digital point values and Change Digital State Set but I am seeing wrong digital values

    Hi There   I am using AFSDK version  PI Server version 3.420.1182.   Currently all of our digital points in our PI System receive either 0 or 1.  We are moving to a new monitori...
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  • Connectivity issues with PI OPC Client and RSLinx/tags with Backup_No_Datasource value

    _ Hi:   I am trying to get some PLC tag information using the PI OPC Client. When I try to connect to the RSLinx OPC Server I get the following error:   I noticed too that there are some UFO Interface T...
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  • Automate AF Table Write

    I'm looking to run a weekly analysis on PI data that would result in non-time series statistics. I would want these statistics to be automatically populated to an AF table that would store a moving 5 week set of data....
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  • Deleting future data values

    Hi community,                              Is it possible to delete future d...
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  • make condition status SET RESET

    He had a need to perform a reboot set under certain point conditions. Someone has done it in PI Analytics, one option is to do it directly in the PLC, but I wanted to know if there is a way to do it in PI analytics &#...
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