• Can we create dynamic color gauges in PI vision?

    I intend to design a dynamic gauge in PI vision something similar to the below image -    Can this be done? If yes, I would like to learn more on the same. I followed the below path -  PI-Vision-Cu...
    created by Kiran324
  • Exit() versus NoOutput() Analysis Functions

    Hi All,   Im trying to improve on some analysis that i have created  and im trying to determine which would be better to use Exit() or NoOutput(). If anyone could give me the pros and cons of each , if...
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  • How to replace Interfaz OPC DA to OPC UA?

    Hi every one..! My coworker is migrate to systems control to version 8 to version9. Version 8 had: OPC DA Server In this case I used to Interfaz OPC DA   Another version 9 has: OPC UA Server I don´t k...
    created by ALLENDE
  • MaxPointCount Difference on primary and secondary

    Hello,   I was checking for the point count on primary and secondary servers via 'snapshots and archive statistics' and I found it to be same. I can also see the MaxModuleCount to be similar for both the machine...
    last modified by ANCHALA
  • How can I delete an Identity Mapping with PIConfig?

    Hello everyone   I'm facing with the following Issue, I can not delete a Mapping record on PISMT.   Becuase I receive the following message error:     So the Identity record still existing o...
    last modified by ejcrosalesg
  • Migrate pdf graphics interconnected with links to PI Vision

    We have many graphics interconnected with links. These graphics are earlier as svg used in Sharepoint WebPart. Do these links (in command button) still work after migration with PI ProcessBook to PI Vision Migration U...
    created by igreguri
  • Is there a way to retrieve pi point archives with engunits included via the piconfig utility (PI Server 2012)?

    I'm looking to retrieve a set of pi points and their archive records each day. I want to achieve this using the Piconfig utility and utilize a windows scheduled event to run a batch file daily. I'm hoping to export th...
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  • PI Web API Settup

    Can I install PI Web API in a different domain from the PI-AF and PI-DA servers?  I have most of our PI servers in an internal domain but I have a PI-Web Service server in a public facing domain and I want to set...
    created by DavidMFairchild
  • Proper syntax for PI Tag attribute criteria inside PI Builder search?

    I am using "Find PI Points" under PI Builder in Excel.  Is there documentation for proper syntax for specifying attribute criteria for this search?  I am able to guess the correct syntax most of the time, bu...
    last modified by gfmalek
  • PI Point does not equal AF Analysis

    I have a AF Analysis that is calculating a 12 hour average of a material usage.  The analysis is reporting numbers that I would expect to see for a 12 hour average, but the PI point is reporting something much di...
    last modified by GDKennedy
  • performance counter showing more than 100% in trend

    Hello All,   While monitoring system via performance counters, we saw that some of the counters were showing more than 100%. For example, PI Web API counter: \\<machine_name>\Process(OSIsoft.REST.Host)\%...
    Paurav Joshi
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  • Acknowledge an Event Frame returns an error

    Hi guys, I'm facing an issue trying to acknowledge an Event-Frames created through the PI Web API interface. First I tried to created event-frame without a template, and realised that I cannot acknowledge event fram...
    created by arikyudin222
  • EF Generation Analysis skips first value when using Step Continuous?

    I'm creating Event Frames based on a timestamp string coming from a third party system, being looked up using a table lookup data reference. I'm using the (new) generation mode 'Step Contiuous', and I'm relying on aut...
    Asle Frantzen
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  • PI OPC DA Connectivity

    Hi Community,   Im having problem connection in ovation using PI OPC DA.  Configure already the DCOM, accounts added.      For my testing, added few tags if does the connection will be succ...
    last modified by RoyRobinJr
  • Populating Future Data - Updating Multiple Values on Single Tag

    We have just  begun looking into Future Data with PI and I am running into an issue.  I would like to create a single tag which contains 168 hours of forecast data.  This forecast data is updated every ...
    last modified by KOEPKEJR
  • Renamed pi tag and didn't see change in analysis for weeks

    The group who manages our data archive recently renamed a group of PI Tags to better fit their naming conventions. The changes were made around October 23rd, but we didn’t notice any issue until November 19th wh...
    created by CarlB
  • How can I restrict a PI User to login from 1 system at a time to the PI SMT (Historian Server)

    Hi There are 3 users that will access the PI Server from their separate logins, that I have already created in PI SMT and mapped as well. As of now I have tested that any of the three pi users can login to the server...
    last modified by Fawad_Rahim
  • Displaying or Modifying Excel data in PI Process book

    hi,   I need something to be done for my project, hope anyone has a solution.   I need to integrate excel's data from existing file(s) into PI Process book. Before that, I tried using Ole object but it doe...
    last modified by indrabayu
  • abnormal process behaviour

    I'm trying to use PI data for process event investigation. May I know is there any tools available to detect abnormal behaviour between two or more process value. Pen 1 and Pen 2 supposed to change together. In any c...
    last modified by SeanLee
  • PI Datalink show/not show for different user

    Hi guys.   I have a PC with Windows 10 system and Office 365. The datalink version is 2016 V5.3.0. The user says the datalink is not loaded. When select it from Com-addin, nothing changes. But it is interesting...
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