• Using PiVision Timespan/Starttime/Endtime in Expression

    I'm trying to use expressions in an analysis template to do some calculations on an attribute over a time interval. The problem is, I want the time interval to be the same as the timespan displayed in PiVision. Is the...
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  • Timerange in PI Vision

    Hey,    Is it possible to display the timerange that is in a PI vision display as text ?   Thanks,
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  • Need to transfer Archive file from Primary server to Secondary collective Server

    I have observer many data gap in Secondary collective PI server, I want to Reinitialize server using collective manager, but this option is working for secondary server but not primary.   How can I transfer the ...
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  • PIVISION Asset comparison table

    Hi:   Is there any limitation-recommendation with the number of rows to show in an asset comparison table?  I noticed for a large number of elements it takes too long to show all of them. The display get un...
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  • Is it possible to write back to OPC UA server by using OPC UA connector?

    Hi Team,   Is it possible to write back to OPC UA server by using PI connector?   Regards, Manasa
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  • amchart4 xy-chart  dynamic data binding

    I want to append the dynamic data to vertical trend 
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  • Is there a way to have a simple line chart for a profile in processbook?

    The profileView is ok, but just too much. I would just like to see a line chart that represents a cross-direction profile at a given timestamp in ProcessBook.
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  • AF EF Starttime - SQL Query

    PI Vision just doesn't have the capabilities I need for reporting, and using the Web API wouldn't provide all the features I need either. So, I look to run an event driven structure off of PIFD using NodeJS. One of th...
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  • Event trigger analysis

    Hello Experts ,   We are working on project where we would like to calculate certain calculations on specific event. This event is sum calculations of 3 PI tags and when they are updated event will be trigger. U...
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  • Using PIAPI32 functions in MS Excel x64

    Hello Community,   I have an Excel macro what is using PIAPI32 function and works well with 32-bit Excel 2013 x84. Now ,I want to use the same macro on Excel 2016 x64, but it is not working with x64. If I try l...
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  • PI Vision Asset filter functionality shows assets of same type when display opened in Internet Explorer but does not show assets in dropdown when same display opened in Google Chorme browser

    Hello All,   I have a query in regards to a strange behavior I noted about PI Vision Asset filter dropdowns.   For a given display at my end - there are multiple elements created from the same template who...
    created by R.Shende
  • PIpoint Quality

    I would like to create a notification if a PLC is not available but the OPC is ok, I am thinking to check the PIPoint quality, however I have no idea how to read it to create a logic in PI AF and notification.
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  • How to choose a Quality tag?

    In the PI System Explorer, i am trying to choose a quality tag from PLC for trigger a notification, but the unique option that appears to me is the Tags from PIMS. Do anyone knows how to choose a quality tag from PLC...
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  • Where is status of an Event stored?

    I have some event notifications that are triggered when some attributes are "on". There are a few of them that have been in the "on" state since the event were created. This weekend, there were updates installed to ou...
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  • How do I access PI tags from Ignition

    Hello, I'm working on a project that requires read only access to PI tags from Ignition Scada system.  How do we do this? PI version is 3.4.420
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  • for rdbms interface, scan class of my distributor tag and the target tags are different. is it possible to write a sql query in this case??

    I am trying to create a distributor tag whose scan frequency is 30 sec. But the target tags under it have different scan frequencies like: Target tag1 - 10 sec Target tag2 - 15 sec Target tag3 -  5 sec Now th...
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  • Creating expression analysis: no option to not 'save output history'

    [AF 2018] I'm creating a new expression analysis and clicked the "Map" link to create a new attribute to receive the result.  According to the documentation, "...you must choose whether or not to save the outp...
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  • Using VBA to search for Event Frames always returns "resize to show all values"

    I made an excel document that grabs timestamps out of PI and fills in an operator's daily log automatically.  The sheet became so large that it would take several minutes to calculate.  I started over using ...
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  • How to transform datetime as numeric value with PIOLEDB

    It is possible to retrieve the time column as a number of seconds since jan 1st 1970 UTC (some call that Epoch or Unix time) using pi oledb?   Actually I use a statement simillar with this one: SELECT   [...
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  • How to get the data from AF library table to combo box in C#?

    Hello, I have a table in AF Library with the const data (like library). I want to get the data from the table in ASP.Net C#. How to do it? Thanks for advise.
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