• Convert .svg to .pdi

    Hi everyone!   Is there a way to convert a processbook .svg file back to a processbook display?   Thanks!
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  • Change value background color with multistate

    I'm looking the change the background color of a Value using the mulitstate tool in processbook.   is there a way to do this with VBA?
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  • Combobox/Command Button that will take me to a folder (PI PB Question)

    So I am attempting to complicate my life in order to make other people happy today. I have a combobox that on Display Open I populate with a list ... simple enough. This list is simply used to navigate to other pdi's ...
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  • The data is not being recorded

    Hello, I have a problem with the data of my pi tags. For exemple, i have an application in the processbook with some graphics. This is one:   When i click twice, The following happens:     The tag th...
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  • I'd love some assistance about PI Processbook VBA using TextBox

    Hello~ I'm beginner in VBA so explain to me your solution in detail   Put the case that TextBox1 is created on processbook display If the value of tag "CDT158" > 200  then  display text "CDT158 Hi...
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  • Datasets Expressions Get Deleted/Shortened when Opening Same PDI File from two different ProcessBook

    hello,     I have a problem when opening the same PDI file from two different version of the ProcessBook application. When the PDI file is opened from PB (2012 V3.3.1.1160) the content is displayed normally...
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  • Converting OSII Monarch SCADA displays to ProcessBook

    Anyone run into anything that does this in bulk or some sort of tool?  Once upon a time I used Data South System's GRITS tool for DeltaV displays, but they don't have a plug in for OSII Monarch, and aren't workin...
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  • XYPlot SetScaleConfiguration Error

    Hi all, I am getting an error of "Invalid Scale Min argument" when setting the configuration via C# code. Can anybody help me resolving this     pbMinMaxEnum maxConfig;   pbMinMaxEnum minConfig; ...
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  • PI ProcessBook: how to put several PI tags into one Trend on ProcessBook Display?

    PI ProcessBook: how to put several PI tags into one Trend on ProcessBook Display?
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  • Why does my PI tag Point type change on its own from digital to string?

    I'm working on a PI System using some tags to monitor the PI server health. A tag was created to monitor the health of a PI Server. Initially the tag was a point type String. But I attempted to assign it to a multi-st...
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  • Registry entry for ProcessBook "Startup File"? 

    Hi ,   We are upgrading to ProcessBook 2014 via a Zenworks push to Novell clients.  I have located the registry entry for the Server Handles.  Does anyone know where the ProcessBook Startup File is sto...
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  • PI coresight link in processbook goes to wrong website

    I'm using Processbook 2015R2 and when I click on the "Explore in coresight" icon the link goes to the wrong webpage. How do I edit the link so that it goes to the correct website (now PI Vision).   Thanks  ...
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  • How to create a current hour average in Processbook like in Datalink?

    In datalink I can calculate the previous hour's average that updates and stays current   Ex. =PIAdvCalcVal("FQI4100","*","*-1h","average","time-weighted",0,1,0,"ft-historian")   I am trying to get the same...
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  • PI processbook & PI datalink

    I'm checking for one PI tag in Datalink & in Processbook. In Datalink I see Compressed Data interrupted few hours ago, In Processbook I see continuous trend, which looks normal for the same PI tag. Before I though...
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  • PI Event Frame Generator

    I would like to know how to display Event Frames as Gantt Chart (i.g. in ProcessBook or in DataLink)
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  • How can I create an executable of the ProcessBook, from the project that i created it?

    Hello, I want know if is possible create an executable of the supervisory that i developed in the ProcessBook. In other words, i created a project with some displays in Processbook, and i want create with this proje...
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  • How to create a Processbook Multi-State that changes color based on another Tag Value

    I have a flow rate tag, let's call it TagA and a target flow rate updated by a different department called TagA_target. I'd like my TagA to turn red and blink if below TagA_Target. Any help would be appreciated
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  • How do i call a macro/function in VBA processbook from VBscript?

    I am creating a scheduled task script but when I try to use similar notation that I would to call an excel macro it doesn't work.   My objective is to have a display printed on a scheduled task.
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  • ProcessBook appears different on my machine.  Text overlapping due to this.

    A few months ago I started seeing an issue where certain symbols appeared overlapped on my machine.  However, when viewing the same displays on all other users' machines, the text looks normal (no overlap). ...
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  • PROCESSBOOK: Get a trend´s current value

    What is the property or the function to get a trace current value so I can make calculation with it? , like average or get the min and max, and then show it on a text. I´ve been trying with the some members of ...
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