• Error 8004060B when processBook trend tries to retrieve data

    I have a ProcessBook display that recently began showing the following error message when a trend attempts to retrieve data:   " Error: 8004060B   Description = 'Unknown'   Source = '(null)' "   ...
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  • WScript.exe - Processbook - Coresight

    Hi:   I  have a button in processbook where the Action is to run an script using Wscript.exe .  This works well in processbook, but when I try to open the display in coresight I get a message " The dis...
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  • Modal Form type of PI Processbook display

    I'm looking for way to make a Processbook display behave like a Modal form (remove minimize, maximize, close, buttons, etc.)  I realize I'd have to use Task Manager to kill it off, but our operators wouldn't be d...
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  • Alert / Warning Count in ProcessBook using VBA

    Hi All,   I am building a server health ProcessBook display and would like to have the number of warnings and alerts displayed on the screen (see below). Tags will be tied to the Alerts value and if any of th...
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  • ProcessBook and DataLink freezing when pulling or refreshing data

    Having a slightly confusing issue - when opening ProcessBook displays (especially with AF tags) or pulling data through DataLink I'm having PB or Excel freeze up on me. By freeze up I mean task manager shows not respo...
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  • Loop through graphics VBA code

    I am looking to use VBA coding to rotate through a few graphics that are overlayed on top of each other in processbook. Basically have one graphic upfront stay for 10 seconds (or some variable of time) and the move to...
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  • Hi, I'm looking for a way to display a long text using process book without reducing the font size, so I created three tag that would hold a third of the text each, how could I alternate between those three in the same area?

    Hi, I'm looking for a way to display a long text using process book without reducing the font size, so I created three tag that would hold a third of the text each, how could I alternate between those three in the sam...
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  • Access and modify only one layer in ProcessBook

    Hi all,   This builds on a thread I started recenty (https://pisquare.osisoft.com/thread/14184). I have created 25 layers on a single display and foolishly made a few mistakes throughout. Is it possible to modif...
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  • Does anyone have experience installing PI-Processbook on Windows 10?

    We are trying to get ready to migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 10.  Most things seem to install and work, but we are having difficulty getting installing PI-Processbook 2012 SP1 and DataLink 2010 ( ...
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  • Conditional display of items in Element Relative ProcessBook Display

    Hello All,   I am new to ProcessBook and am working on some displays. I have a element Relative Display for some sewer flow monitors. I have two tags, Comm_Fail & Surcharge, which only apply to a handful of ...
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  • Video file in ProcessBook

    Hi folks,   I want to build a ProcessBook display where I can visualize two videos simultaneously with some values from tags. Besides that, I would like to control the time of the videos with the displays's ti...
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  • Question about PI Processbook playback function

    Hi All,   I am just starting to get familiar with visualizing my data with PI Processbook. And I got a question of displaying my data trends using playback function. So currently if I use playback on a trend plo...
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  • Modify PI Vision graphics converted from PI ProcessBook

    Dears,   I have many graphics developed by PI ProcessBook. Nowadays, My company is about to move PI Vision. So I converted ProcessBook graphics to PI Vision using PDI2SVG on PI Vision server.. But I couldn't f...
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  • Change ProcessBook Symbol Colour Without Assigning it a Tag

    Hi All,   I would like to change the colour of a few symbols in the symbol library to make my display look a little nicer. The colour will have nothing to do with the tag values assigned to them though. is this ...
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  • PI Processbook 3.5: Set Display time based on tag value (batch/campaign)

    Hi!   The company I work at uses PI Processbook 3.5. For many troubleshooting scenarios, I would like to set the start and end time of a PI Display based on where a tag value is active (think of it like batches)...
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  • Pull Muliple Element Relative Tags at Once in ProcessBook

    Hi there,   I have a lot of tags that have been replicated for 6 different servers and I'm building a screen which will update the tag values based on which server you are looking at. Is it possible to select mu...
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  • Processbook Calculation Expression Help

    I apologize if this thread is in the wrong area.   Basically, I have a machine that has some tags related to data from it's shifts. There are three shifts in one day. I want to display the output from all three ...
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  • Processbook Issue

    Hi Guys,   When I try to open my process book I am getting below error. The application is trying to access the piw file which is in a shared path.   The file can be access from my machine and it can be o...
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  • PI ProcessBook - The following node cannot be found.....again....

    I have, as several others, come cross the "The following node cannot be found..." dialog box after moving a ProcessBook file from one server to another. In other words updated all tag references from one server to ano...
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  • How to display values instead of only the "Pt Created" text

    Hi guys,   My knowledge of all PI systems is fairly basic. I'm using PI System Explorer and PI ProcessBook.   I am trying to create some new PI tags in order to visualize the data it generates in PI Proces...
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