• PIWebAPI - TCP error code 10061

    Hello All,  I have a PI-Server setup and running fine with no issues. I recently wanted to explore PIWebAPI so I started installing the PIWebAPI and during the "Installation Configuration", I get an error "Canno...
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  • Allow Extensions PI AF

    What's the exact purpose of allow extension in PI AF and what are the impact of it being unchecked after templates and elements based on those templates are created
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  • EMDVB Interface error

    Hi All, I’ve EMDVB interface setup configured for DeltaV Batch. I got to add another Tag Templates to ini.configuration file to pull batches with unit name "X40*" and phase name "PH_TEST" as below....
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  • PI Expression Analysis Evaluation Failed

    Hello Pals,   AF version is 2017 R2. PI analysis expression runs at everyday midnight, on 29th Aug analysis was executed and post that its not triggering as expected. It is based on Event Triggering scheduling. ...
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  • Event Frame Templates - Data references to attributes in other elements

    I am creating an event frame template.I want to reference an attribute in an element that is not the primary referenced element. In this example, the primary referenced element is Extrusion_Head. I want to referen...
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  • OSISoft AF Maintenance - Job

    Hello my friends.   I want to start a discussion about the OSISoft AF Maiantence JOB  of DB PIFD. For default this Job comes "disabled", i would like to know whats is the impact in AF's perf...
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  • Generate simultanious event frames

    Hello,   I receive Alarm info out of an OPC A&E server in 1 PI tag. I want to generate an event frame for each alarm, but different alarms can start on the same timestamp, and end on other timestamps:  ...
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  • Error -2147200889: Call to StartService failed. The service did not start due to a logon failure

    Hi All,   We have a PItoPI Interface that is getting stopped immediately whenever we start it. upon checking the logs, we could find, Error -2147200889: Call to StartService failed. The service did not start du...
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  • PIAnalysisProcessor Crashing

    Has anyone else come across the problem of the PIAnalysisProcessor task crashing? I seem to regularly get this occurring in my system, but then it can run overnight without any issues. So maybe its the fact that I am ...
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  • Write Data to PI using Powershell

    Hi ,    I have a csv file , that has the format ; Sinusoid, 08/31/2020 14:00:22, 100 .... So far, ive been using piconfig to import the data into PI . But i have to manually go into the CSV file...
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  • Powershell Script Issue

    Hi ,  I have written a ps script that deletes all events between 2 dates. Its works for the majority of tags ,except for a handful . I have also checked that events exist between the 2 dates specified for the ta...
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  • Unable to power on Instance

    I have never powered on any cloud machine still I get this error
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  • Links to mobile displays

    How can I create links to mobile displays? I can navigate to a mobile ad hoc display but the url doesn't update to any unique form for the specific page ( it ends in '/m/#element').   The option to share vi...
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  • PI Vision - Problem with Edge and dash-bordered shapes

    Hi all, PI Vision fans !   Does anyone know why Microsoft Edge doesn't allow you to revert back to plain line borders, once you've added a dashed border to a shape ?   You can easily redo this anomaly, and...
    Cédric Canguilhem
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  • Datalink Calculated Data - How do I set a conversion factor of 1/96?

    I got a request from customer to calculate tag values in below format, but I'm not sure how to set the conversion factor. Can someone please advise?   Requirement Compressed data for the tag is below:  ...
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  • Any way to programmatically generate performance reports?

    I'm building out a performance dashboard for monitoring our PI system and loosely following some guidance found in the Optimizing Asset Analytics playlist. To do the analysis, we generate the Analysis Servic...
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  • PItoPI Interface. Remove PI Trusts and use WIS.

    Currently we are using PI Trusts for PItoPI Interface node to connect to PI Data Archive. In order to remove PI Trusts and use WIS, do we need to install PI API for WIS application in the Interface node? Doesn't map...
    created by Sriram.Amirapu
  • How to track multiple batches in EventFrames on a production line?

    Let's say we have a production line, consisting of a reactor vessel, a separator, a holding tank and a packaging machine, connected in sequence. A batch is run in sequence on this line, and i want to capture in an Eve...
    Roger Palmen
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  • PI UFL Undefined Pi Point Error

    After start interactive command line I have this error prompted and the rest has no error line like the first 9 values. Hope to hear from you soonest.   Cheers, Paul
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  • PI ProcessBook launches Microsoft Visual Studio Professionnal 2013 setup at each run

    Hello, Each time I run PI ProcessBook (version, it lauches a "Microsoft Visual Studio Professionnal 2013" configuration setup like this : I don't have Microsoft Visual Studio Professionnal 2013 installe...
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