• How to measure and represent the ocrrency of event frames in a time range?

    Hello PI Friends, I have a question. I need to represent the frequency of event frames ocurrency in an determinated time range, for example, i need to know in what hour of the day are trigger the most event frames. ...
    created by ccastro
  • Problems Login into New Support Website

    Hello Team,   For some reason I can't logon into the new Support Website? it happened to you?  
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  • PI Tag Configurator

    I have version 2.1.4 running on Windows 10 using office 365.   On my laptop it still works but on my Desktop The pop-up window is mostly blank.  I had my desktop re-imaged then reloaded the software....
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  • PI Processbook DDE server ?

    Is it possible to access PI Processbook data via DDE server ?
    created by RMPicado
  • Develop an interactive INI editor for the UFL Connector

    46 votes
    Originally posted on UserVoice The editor should allow you to see in real time how it interacts with the data. Being able to test the INI file prior to loading some file would make it much more manageable to read a va...
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  • PI-ACE on Windows Server 2016

    Hi, I have to reinstall my PI-Ace server and I'm wondering if I can install it on a Windows 2016 sever. I saw Windows Server 2012 R2 as supported version in the release note but nothing about Windows server 2016. Th...
    created by domidesb
  • Incremental backups are not possible because of frequent backfilling

    7 votes
    Originally posted on UserVoice Occasional back filling of data would cause 5 TB of archives to be backed up with incremental backups.  This is frustrating because only a few KB of data is changed in each archive...
    Gerhard Matzen
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  • Can i receive data with Emerson™ Wireless 1420 gateway by OPC DA and How to do that?

    Can i receive data with Emerson™ Wireless 1420 gateway by OPC DA and How to do that?
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  • Make the UFL Connector logic development/testing/debugging process less tedious

    12 votes
    Originally posted on UserVoice Deploying a UFL Connector solution requires a LOT of edits of the INI file as part of the development/testing/debugging process. After each INI file change and file save, the required p...
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  • Gauge: Scales inside

    3 votes
    Originally posted on UserVoice As a display author, I would like to configure the location (inside/outside) of scales on horizontal and vertical gauge symbols. Currently if gauge scales are shown they are always outs...
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  • Heat Map

    34 votes
    Originally posted on UserVoice A Heat Map is the universal method to show energy data over time and volume to provide a quick context to issues based on a pattern view.  This requirement is across all industries...
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  • Export event frame data to CSV from event details and comparison displays

    12 votes
    Originally posted on UserVoice From the event details or event comparison displays in PI Vision, it would be useful to export event frame data (including attributes and values) to CSV/XML.
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  • SQC support for PI-ProcessBook Viewer

    16 votes
    Originally posted on UserVoice Support PI SQC Charts within ProcessBook Viewer functionality in PI Vision.
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  • Ability to search for PI Points used by PI AF attributes

    Under Review - Researching
    46 votes
    Originally posted on UserVoice As a user, I want to be able to search for specific PI Points used by PI AF attributes, so that I can easily find where the PI Points are being used.
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  • Provide a way to view calculation dependencies

    Under Review - Researching
    50 votes
    Originally posted on UserVoice As a a user of Asset Analytics I want to see the calculation dependencies for an analysis so that I can understand which analyses are dependant on an analysis and view potential circula...
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  • Allow substitution parameters to be used in the SELECT and FROM clauses of the TableLookup Data Reference

    50 votes
    Originally posted on UserVoice As a user, I would like TableLookup Data Reference to be able to use substitution parameters to specify the column name(s) and table name for the SELECT and FROM fields respectively. Th...
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  • Support passing dynamic timestamps to REST API URI

    16 votes
    Originally posted on UserVoice In order to retrieve Forecast data from a REST API, I would like to be able to pass timestamps from the Connector dynamically into the URI. For example: ...rest/forecast.wsgi?type=hourl...
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  • Events export - PIAF Event Frame

    Hello,   working frequently on Events, generated by Event Frame module of PI-AF, it is important to have a quick method to export results.     1) For visualization, inside Event frame module the...
    created by vito
  • PI installation

    Hi, Please How can install PI system on my computer.
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  • PI Connector UA Information Error " ReadAsync error"

    Hi Community,   Regarding on the pi connector ua information error   What does this error means? Do i need to restart the server? Actually where using OPC kepware and connected to PI Connector UA both are...
    created by RoyRobinJr