• Pi AF Arrays

    From what I understand, it is possible to use Arrays in Pi AF, but I sure can't get it working.
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  • RtReports trends multiple scales

    Hi:   I am working with a report in RtReports and I would like to know some things about the trend settings. I have a trend with multiple data sources and I want to know if there is any way to edit the ranges fo...
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  • Calculate Cumulative duration

    Hi,   Sebastien Raposo Gabriel Michaud-Verreault How to calculate cumulative run duration in PI AF?    Ex: A pump has ran for 0.35 hrs and it got stopped. Then again it ran for 0.15 hrs and it ...
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  • PI Connector modify name of Point Source

    Hi, I'm trying to set up a PI Connector for OPC UA and need to set the Point Source name. However, I cannot find any documentation of how to do this. The default seems to be "OPC UA" but I need to set this to somethi...
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  • PI AF Notifications

    Any idea why Notifications will send an email to me, but not the other person subscribed? We are both on the same outlook exchange server. Both are work addresses.
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  • changing tags in a trend

    Why is it so hard to change a tag in a PI Vision trends?  In PI Process Book you can change a tag easily and and keep the colors that you had and the view that you want.   PI Vision doesnt allow you to copy...
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  • PI Notifacton PI Vision display screenshot "broken image"

    We are having a problem in setting a Notification email that will send a screenshot of a display. It only send a broken image and there is no actual sreenshot is being attachd in the email.   I already done thi...
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  • Server Health Monitoring

    I want to monitor the health of server using windows performance counter.Could you please let me know which are important counters which we should not miss for monitoring server health. And should i consider below men...
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  • PI Tags reading 'Configure' after PI OPC interface restart

    @Hello All, We have recently configured new PI tags to read data from an OPC interface. Post interface configuration, most of the PI tags were getting good data. However after scheduled reboot of the interface node, ...
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  • How to detect if Analysis is triggered live or backfilling/recalculating?

    A very simple question, and I have some ideas as to possible approaches, but I thought this might also be useful for some others:   What is the best way to find out in an Analysis if this Analysis is being trigg...
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  • Why are some ports configurable and others not?

    This KB article contains links to other KB articles about the ports that different PI programs use. Sometimes, a port is configurable, and other times, it is not. Why is this, and what determines if a port is configur...
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  • Issue with Event Frame Table in PI Vision

    Hi All,   I had a issue with the event frame table it is not showing the Start Time and the End time stay in progress in PI Vision. See Picture.   This situation is just for the users(clients) that cannot ...
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  • web api configuration error

    The following errors were encountered during the installation of PI web API:
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  • UFL - Multiple sheets in a CSV File

    Hi community,   Question is how to configure one csv file with multiple sheets of data using PI UFL?    TIA, Roy
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  • Getting started with IIoT sensor deployment

    Summary Exercise 1: Energy usage – Amps (current transformer) – Advantech Exercise 2: Condition monitoring – Motor Temperature (thermal camera) – Fluke Exercise 3: Condition monitor...
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  • Event Frame values at StartTime not working with non-PI Point DR attributes?

    Hi all   I'm creating event frames and will do table lookups to collect some time series data which exist for the duration of the EF. One of the values I need to do the lookup is a guid, which is another ta...
    Asle Frantzen
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  • Questions about PI Adapters

    Where can I download PI Adapters? This link says that they should be available from the Customer Portal products page, but I don't see them. Are they available to customers under the existing Enterprise Agreement...
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  • Transpose Asset Comparison Table

    Hello,    Is there an option to transpose an asset comparison table in Pi Vision? This wasn't the case two years ago, so I want to know if this feature was added, and if so, what are the steps?   ...
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  • Connector for UFL - REST Client Bearer Token Auth

    I'm trying to configure the Connector for UFL to get data from an external REST endpoint.  The endpoint uses bearer token based authentication.  Is this supported as a potential REST Client data source? ...
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  • Display Unit for Calculation in PI Vision 2020

    Hi There,    How can i show the calculation unit in PI Vision? The PI tag I choose is already have the unit but it does not show in calculation.  
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