• Pi EventGen Cycle Id

    Hi,   Not sure where to post this really.   I'm using the Pi Event Generator v4.0 and was wondering if there is any cycle id or common key for an event fram with child events?   I'm asking because I'...
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  • How to add the "CC" line on a notification?

    I have a PI notification alert and it has the "To:" line and I would like to add the "cc:" line.  How can this be accomplish? Thank you.
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  • HabConnect Interface indirect reference

    Indirect referencing is possible with the HabConnect interface.  Does anyone know what the format is?  Techsupport hasn't figured out how to do it after weeks of "research".
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  • Second PI OPC Server on same PC

    Hello. We have PI OPC server which can send data from OPC interface from PI1 to PI2: PI2<--OPCint<--PIOPCserver<---PI1. I need install second Interface to send to another system: Another system<--OPCin...
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  • Connection to the server lost

    PI JDBC和PI OLEDB和PI DATA ACCESS SERVER都安装了 但是用java方式连接PI时不时会出现[PIOLEDB] [PI SDK] Connection to the server lost.  这种连接问题。但是已经安装了PI SDK,不知道这个问题怎么解决
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  • PIML WEB Browser Problem after configuration of Kerberos Delegation

    Hi Sirs/Mam,   im having problem with PIML Web. i was able to configure the Kerberos Delegation linking in SQL.. Right now it’s working, but take a look at the screenshots,     This is my PIML Web...
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  • Erroneous PI Notification with PrevEvent and Tag Compression

    Good morning, i have a strange problem with a notification  prematurely closing. I'll try to figure out the environment as best as possibile. I have a notification with multiple conditions, one of these is the ...
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  • I am publishing my PI integrator view to Azure SQL database, but all records are not getting published.

    I have made a PI asset view and published it locally and on azure sql. When I am publishing it on Azure SQL the no. of records are different than no of records in local db. Why is this happening. Is there any bug to c...
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  • Automatically generate RtReports after batch

    Is it possible for RtReports to automatically run a batch report after the batch is complete?   If not, could PI Notifications help in this flow?
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  • Accelrys Pipeline Pilot access to PI data

    Anyone have experience getting Accelrys Pipeline Pilot to access data in PI?
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  • Limit number of resend alerts in PI Notifications

    Is there a way to limit the number of times a resend alert is sent to users following the original triggering condition?  I would like to send only one or 2 resent alerts 12 and 24 hours after the original alert ...
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  • Need help with PI Web API Installation (spanish)

    tengo este error como lo puedo solucionar ?   Message was edited by: Patrice Thivierge: Changed the title from Help!!!! to Need help with PI Web API Installation (spanish).  A more explicit title will mak...
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  • Find a tag equals zero for more than 2 min using PE

    Hi,   I am looking to use Performance Equation to determine if a process is running or not. The tag I am looking at is 0-100%, if the tag is 0 for more than 2 minutes my PE tag should be 1.   I have tried...
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  • Event Frame generation by Bad Data

    Is it possible to generate event frames (with EF Generator Interface) triggered by "Unit Down" or other bad data in the Active Point? How to configure the Active Point?   We are using  EF gen wit...
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  • Batch Triggers from UFL data

    I would like to write batch triggers against a file drop to a UFL interface. The batch should start with the first timepoint from a file and end with the last timepoint, and use a portion of the file name as the &ldqu...
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  • PI Integrator for Esri ArcGIS GeoEvent Monitor tool

    I need to find and download the PI Integrator for Esri ArcGIs GeoEvent Monitor. The links in tech support are not valid.
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