• Possible to stream Event frame to Azure Event Hub?

    Is it possible to use a streaming view to publish event frames to Azure Event Hub (or Iot hub) when the eventframe closes?
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  • PI Integrator for ESRI - has anyone successfully configured it against Azure SQL Database ?

    I'm trying to setup the PI Integrator with Azure SQL Database without success. Did anyone already configure it or know if it's supported ?   No error on eventvwr and no network issues between both hosts.
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  • PI Integrator change timestamp format with publishing to the text output

    Hello, can I change a timestamp format when publishing to a text files? for example dd-mm-yyyy hh:mi:ss. Thank you.
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  • Ideas to handle late arriving data with the Integrator for BA?

    Hi all, I have data arriving late into PI from a LIMS system. A value of today could take 1 or 2 days to arrive in PI. This data is exported to a SQL table for reporting purposes using the integrator, using a simple ...
    Roger Palmen
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  • PI Integrator for BA: reporting bad values?

    Hi all, Now i've used a nice EventFrame analytics to assemble all data for my report. I use a double datatype for my numeric columns, calculated using an Output at close expression. All works fine, also a Digital Sta...
    Roger Palmen
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  • PI Integrator for ESRI unable to find AF server name

    We have a New AF server (Server 2) installed in the same domain and the existing AF DB (from Server 1)has been Imported to new AF server. I want to recreate existing services on the PI Integrator for ESRI to rep...
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  • arcgis problems

    Tengo problemas para realizar filtros a un servicio publicado desde PI Integrator for arcgis desde mi portal de arcgis
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  • description

    Hi,   Is there a way to be able to use stream the description field instead of the name? For us, the name field is the spanish name, while we add the english translation in the description.   thanks,
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  • Data Storage in PI Integrator for ArcGIS

    Hello everyone,   We have PI Integrator for Esri ArcGIS installed in our system. In the GeoEvent server, we specified an ArcGIS Online account as a data store. As you might have known, creating a service in the ...
    created by tombayu.hidayat
  • Esri Integrator on Windows Server 2019

    Attempting to install the Esri Integrator and the installation ends prematurely. There is not much in the way of error logging in the Log file produced. However in the Event Viewer Logs, we get this;   "Cal...
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  • Integration with AWS,  Reference Architecture...

    Hello Everyone   I'm looking for some kind of reference architecture for using the Osisoft BI Business Integrator, AWS and Tools like Power BI,...  (how is it usually done)  -  because just n...
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  • Limitation with PI integrator for Business Analytics

    You can only get the EF attributes and reason codes in a integrator view?  You can't get the acknowledgement or comments?  Is there something in the future planned for this?
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  • PI UFL StoreInPIPoints compression settings?

    Is there a way to set a points compression settings when automatically generating the point using the UFL interface?
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  • PI Integrator for BA - Text Target to mapped drive with local Creds

    Anyone use the PI integrator with a Text file target, writing the output to a mapped or UNC drive?   We assumed this would work (seems like it should), but the remote drive is shared by a host that is not a doma...
    created by GuyAcciai
  • PI Integrator for BA - URL Redirects

    Is it possible to do HTTP/URL redirects on Pi4BA - Similiar to an IIS URL rewrite or HTTP redirect -  Specifically - PI integrator by default, is setup on https://FQDN/ - And it even responds on&#...
    created by GuyAcciai
  • Setup two Integrator for BA application on same SQL node

    Hi All, We already have PI Integrator for BA installed on a VM-1 machine having the 3 SQL databases(PIIntegratorDB, PIIntegratorLogs and PIIntegratorStats) on a database server SQL-1. Can we install another PI Integ...
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  • Anyone aware of a way to get Pi data into ESRI's new Analytics for IoT?

    Hello all. Is anyone tracking that ESRI has, essentially, GeoEvent server in the cloud? They are calling it ArcGIS Analytics for IoT. It's a SaaS offering like ArcGIS online. Currently, these are the "feeds" that...
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  • PI Integrator for BA_PI Data Archive not found error

    Hi, I am trying to publish a streaming data to IoT Hub. When defining the shape, I was getting the following error.    PI Data Archive '<DA_SERVER_NAME>' was not found   But I co...
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  • PI Integrator for BA  - Overlapping Time Ranges for Continuous View updates (Rolling Publications)?

    We have a use case where we have to dump data to a text file with previous one hour's worth of data every 5 minutes (rolling). The integrator is currently limited in that it cannot overlap data in a new text...
  • Failed to add stream

    AddStreamSubscription: Exception Type PIConnectionException: Failed to add stream KPOPISERVER\14706 Exception: [11001] No such host is known.
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