• UFL Connector ini syntax to perform lookup

    Hello,   I'd like to parse the attached simple CSV file to ingest data into PI.  The column SiteID such as "091194-1" specifies the origin of the data.  Is it possible to somehow perform a lookup to ma...
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  • UFL Connector to parse NESTED XML

    Hello,   I'm wondering if it is possible (or practical) to parse the attached *nested* XML file.  I'd like to concatenate the 'description' attribute from each nested 'area' element separated by a...
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  • Can individual items in collections for the PI Connector For UFL be accessed?

    I've never used collections before. All of the examples in the user guide show collections being used only as arguments to functions that accept them. Collections are the closest thing to arrays in the PI Connector Fo...
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  • PCS7 PI Connector Clarification

    Team,     We are upgrading the PI servers from 2012 to 2018 Version so we are provisioning all new VM' according to our systems. Can you please suggest what way we can proceed?   Current PI Connection...
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  • Can PI UFL interface ignore files with a certain name from processing?

    Hi PI Folks, I wanted to know, can a PI UFL interface ignore files with a certain name from processing i.e. Can I alter the Input File mask(IFM) in the .ini file to exclude files with certain name from processin...
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  • PI UFL Connector Init File Format String "\"

    I need to create tags according to json Databases crawler information from https://<piserver>/piwebapi/search/sources. I am using PI Connector UFL pointing to piwebapi to get the information. The "Name" is ...
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  • Retrieving data from iFix

    Hello!   I know that there is a PI Interface for GE iFix, but is it possible to retrieve data from iFix using PI Interface for OPC DA and/or PI Connector for OPC UA? Is so, can advise points be used in...
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  • UFL FOREACH Performance

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me when the next version of the UFL connector might be released?  Specifically, I'm curious about the performance fix to the FOREACH loop.  The product road map has been ...
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  • JDBC Driver - GetEASnap error  (Schema name 'connection' is invalid)

    Hi all,  I successfully (?) installed the JDBC Driver (PI JDBC Driver 1.7.19217.1) on my VM, but GetEASnap returns the following error when I try to connect to my AF (PI SQL Data Access Server (OLE DB) 2018 SP3,...
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  • RetrieveStreamSetUpdates with CacheNotFound status

    Hi guys, One of our software components, is continuously retrieving snapshot updates for a long list of PIPoints using it's Latest-Markers, in a way that with each new snapshot update, we update the latest-marke...
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  • OPC UA Failover

    For the OPC UA Connector v2.0, does it support connector failover? I cannot find good information on LiveLibrary anywhere to see if it supports failover. It does support OPC UA server failover, but our ...
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  • OPC UA Connector Start/Stop DataSource and then SelectionRuleMess

    Hello Community,   i have to migrate a ton of devices from DA to UA and I am run in some poblems. Since we can not start and stop single datasources it is necessary to add and remove a big amount of selection ...
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  • UFL JsonGetValue Error Json Parser

    I am trying to parse a data source file which is actually a .JSON I already set the word wrap field to -1 in order for it to be processed as one line.   But I receive the following message log when the file is ...
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  • UFL Connector .ini double same tab name

    I have a .json file who contains in case of change "old values" and "new values". In each tag I have an array "protocoldata".    how to iterate through both arrays  ? Do not create a message and ...
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  • How can i find the full instrument tag syntax from Siemens T3K OPC Server

    Hi How can i know the exact syntax that i need to type in the instrument tag line to get values from my Siemens T3000 opc server I can connect the opc server with UA expert and see the path of the tag that i want, b...
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  • UFL - How to create INI file when message statements is null

    I need to take all parameters and all values. How can I do that ? I have this JSON file, how to create the correct INI to store in PI ?  Which selector can I put to loop all parameters and all values ?   ...
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    Hi,   Is it possible to use .json file like data file with the UFL interface or does I need to use the UFL connector ?
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  • PI Connector for UFL: can one file include values for multiple timestamps?

    Can PI Connector for UFL .ini file be configured to handle with incoming files that include PI point values for multiple PI points and multiple timestamps? 
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  • How to change PI Connector Tags Scanning Frequency

    Hello Everyone!   We have an OPC UA Connector and PI Tags auto configured through it, Present Case is when tags updates at OPC End It auto updates in PI Tags, but End user wants tags scanning to be Polling (Ever...
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  • PI Connector for Ping - Monitor IoT device without hostname

    I would like to monitor the availability on the network of an IoT device using PI Connector for Ping. This  IoT device does not support the definition hostname in its configuration. When I try to write ...
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