• Is it possible to configure PI Interface for OPC DA for synchronous data?

    Hi all!   I have an OPC Server which only allows v1.0a Protocol, and I am failing to collect data from it with the PI Interface for OPC DA. Supposedly, I have configured DCOM and every other security parameters...
    Guilherme Ferreira
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  • OSi Pi licensing - for OPC DA interface query

    Hi, Im a newbie to PI sytem,  We have a running,standalone Pi data archive server with license for 30k tags installed (2 years go). We have procured additional OPC DA INTERFACE license qty 3. Also we have p...
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  • How can i find the full instrument tag syntax from Siemens T3K OPC Server

    Hi How can i know the exact syntax that i need to type in the instrument tag line to get values from my Siemens T3000 opc server I can connect the opc server with UA expert and see the path of the tag that i want, b...
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  • Missing interface when trying to setup Interface-Level Failover Using UniInt

    I am trying to setup 2 computers with failover to one PI server, but I can not see the other computers when I click "browse" for "Failover ID# to the other instance". Both computers are delivering data to my PI server..
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  • "interface rejected all PI Points"

    Hello, I have an error  message in the PI ICU configuration log .   "interface rejected all PI Points"    I am traing to configure an interface OPCDA, from a keep server.  
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  • Interface OPC DA, Pooling configuration

    Hello All,   I have the next topology: OPC Server (MarkVIe, CImplicity) <---> PI OPC Client <---> PI to PI Interface Where OPC Server and PI OPC Client runs in the same computer.   According ...
    created by DanielGil
  • PI-RDBMS connection issue with SQL Server

    Hi, i am trying to connect PI-RDBMS with SQL Server. DSN was tested and created successfully but when i provide the Username and Password in the fields next to DSN it gives me following error.    PI RDBMS...
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  • How can I send historal data from Wonderware Historian to PI Server?

    I have Wonderware Historian and Dream Reports installed on a server that receives data from SE PLCs. How can I send data from Wonderware/Dream reports to PI server?
    created by chehadek
  • Not able to connect to PISERVER and do not have cached server information. Not buffering to this server. Will retry connecting to the server

    Hi Team,   We are facing below error when ever PI interface came back from reboot. After restarting the PI buffer subsystem, its able to connect to the PI server again.    Is there any solution to fix...
    created by Manasapeddineedi
  • Where do I locate the download software for the PI OPC DA SERVER / PI OPC HDA SERVER software?

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  • When I configure a PI interface for OPC HDA and starting the service I am getting the below "Error: 1AD h    (429)" any idea what it means/Indicates and what is the resolution for to fix this.

    PI-ICU.exe>PI ICU> piopchdaint_ReadOnly2> > Error in method: in DisplayOPCHDASer vers() of the piopchdaint_ReadOnly2 ICU Control, Source: OPCHDAInt, Error: 1AD h    (429) , Description: ActiveX c...
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  • My PI Interface for OPC HDA and Data source are running in a different Machines but they are in same network, I am able connect & read data from OPC server using PI OPC HDA Client tool from Interface machine. at his case Do i need to configure DCOM settin

    My PI Interface for OPC HDA and Data source are placed in a different Machines but they are in same network, But I am able connect to OPC  server & read data fusing ''PI OPC HDA Client tool'' from the Interfa...
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  • PI-OPC-DA-Server-2018-Patch-1-(x64) High CPU Usage after upgrading from OPC DA Server 2018

    PI-OPC-DA-Server-2018-Patch-1-(x64) High CPU Usage after upgrading from OPC DA Server 2018. With one OPC connected client, cpu% is ~15% for the PI OPC DA Server service. Once the OPC client disconnects, cpu jumps to 5...
    created by ddnelson
  • Writting from PI Point to OPC Client Item

    Hi all,   I would like to be able to read/write value from an OPC Client in the PI DA.   First I have configured two OPC Interfaces : One to read (PS_Read) One to write (PS_Write) Note: the buffering sy...
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  • ProVOX OPC Configuration

    Hello,    We are having a PI system with OPC interface getting data from ProVOX DCS through a ProVOX OPC Server.    I was wondering if anyone might have past experience or currently is using ProV...
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  • Automate Backfilling via HDA for OPC DA Tags

    Hi   Doens anybody has a good idea how to backfill Pi DA using OPC HDA Interface for tags which get event normally via OPC DA?   Actually we have massive probs with the T3000 UA Server and Pi. We use the ...
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  • Can I receive the value with bad quality by OPC interface ?

    Can I receive the value with bad quality by OPC interface ?     For example, can I receive 300.00 for FT-1104.PV to replace "Bad" value ?   Thank you.
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  • Buffer misconfiguration

    I am having issue with windows 2003 OPC- PI interface, IO rate is frozen plus it is written in ICU that there is buffere misconfiguration
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  • OPC HDA History Recovery

    Our OPC server had an 8 hour outrage about 16 hours ago, now I need do a history recovery to fill in the data gap. Can you just simply set the History Recovery Maximum Time to 24 hours and restart the OPC HDA int...
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  • Value cant show

    Hello dude,   Yesterday, my OPC server has been down. Now my OPC running normally. And the value just show "configure". Well, whats should gonna check right now?   Regards
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