• UFL Connector ini syntax to perform lookup

    Hello,   I'd like to parse the attached simple CSV file to ingest data into PI.  The column SiteID such as "091194-1" specifies the origin of the data.  Is it possible to somehow perform a lookup to ma...
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  • Why is the PI Buffer Subsystem included in so many install kits?

    In my PI install kit inheritance post, I show the inheritance of the programs of some of the PI install kits. At the root of it all is the PI Buffer Subsystem install kit. My understanding is that the PI Buffer Subsys...
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  • UFL Connector to parse NESTED XML

    Hello,   I'm wondering if it is possible (or practical) to parse the attached *nested* XML file.  I'd like to concatenate the 'description' attribute from each nested 'area' element separated by a...
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  • Connect to Oracle DB with RDBMS interface

    Hi.   I am trying to set up an RDBMS instance, and when I try to set up the database connection (DSN) with Microsoft Oracle ODBC, I get the following error:     I have installed the latest version o...
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  • Unknown error (c0041f47)

    Hi everyone, Recently we have seen a below error on OPC DA Interface at particular point of time Error, In UnPack2 Tag returns error C0041F47: Unknown error (c0041f47) , OPCInt, , OPCpi, can any help me in checki...
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  • RDBMS Interface not executing Query/not getting data

    Hi,   I have an RDBMS interface configured to read data from a MS SQL Server. The query seems to be fine but it is not pulling any data from SQL server. I am getting below log when query is executed -   RD...
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  • PI Interface for AE: Event categories and Attributes

    Hi all   Is there way how to read out the Event Categories and Attributes of an OPC AE server? "KEPwareEX Using the PI Point Configuration Tool, we see the event categories numbers however, not the coresspondin...
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  • PI Connector for OPC UA Qns

    Hi,   I just managed to successfully deploy PI connector for OPC UA, PI Connector Relay and PI Data Collection on my dev environment and I have to say I'm really impressed with how easy it is to use.  ...
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  • OPC Client running in administrator account but PIInterface account return an error 80070005

    Dear Friends  I am facing an issue at PI Server having two user accounts 1, Administrator 2, PIInterface , when i run pi opc client in administrator account  can connect to opc server but when i try wi...
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  • Can't get GUID for CLSID. Access is denied (80070005)

    Dear Experts  i would appreciate if anyone can help to resolve the issue which i am facing during the creating ICU instance, receiving the error Can't get GUID for CLSID. Access is denied (80070005)  f...
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  • Can individual items in collections for the PI Connector For UFL be accessed?

    I've never used collections before. All of the examples in the user guide show collections being used only as arguments to functions that accept them. Collections are the closest thing to arrays in the PI Connector Fo...
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  • CoCreateInstance returns 80004002 DCOM ERROR

    Getting D COM ERROR: CoCreateInstance returns 80004002     Thank you
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  • OPC HDA Failover

    Hi,   We have 2 OPC HDA server which are currently working as data source. We have only 1 interface and we want to configure failover in case any one of my source is down due to any issue.   We added the s...
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  • PCS7 PI Connector Clarification

    Team,     We are upgrading the PI servers from 2012 to 2018 Version so we are provisioning all new VM' according to our systems. Can you please suggest what way we can proceed?   Current PI Connection...
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  • What are PI Spt DLL and PIGenericNames DLL?

    When the PI Interface Configuration Utility is installed, PI Spt DLL and PIGenericNames DLL are also installed. By my understanding, these 2 programs are only ever used by the PI Interface Configuration Utility. What ...
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  • Can PI UFL interface ignore files with a certain name from processing?

    Hi PI Folks, I wanted to know, can a PI UFL interface ignore files with a certain name from processing i.e. Can I alter the Input File mask(IFM) in the .ini file to exclude files with certain name from processin...
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  • PI UFL Connector Init File Format String "\"

    I need to create tags according to json Databases crawler information from https://<piserver>/piwebapi/search/sources. I am using PI Connector UFL pointing to piwebapi to get the information. The "Name" is ...
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  • Retrieving data from iFix

    Hello!   I know that there is a PI Interface for GE iFix, but is it possible to retrieve data from iFix using PI Interface for OPC DA and/or PI Connector for OPC UA? Is so, can advise points be used in...
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  • Why PI API for Integrated Security not in default interface installer?

    In 2016 the PI Web API for Windows integrated security was introduced, removing the need for PI Trusts for anything. Now while preparing a new deployment at a client, i noticed all interfaces are still packaged ...
    Roger Palmen
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  • PItoPI according to Rockwell Software

    Hello,   I'm trying to replicate data from FactoryTalk Historian SE (A) working since 2015 year to new FactoryTalk Historian SE (B) already working for 6 months. I'm using for this PItoPI interface, with th...
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