• Using FilterData with multiple attributes

    I have a user that wants to do a totalization based on multiple PI tags.  So, basically,    If Tag1 > 1 and Tag2 > 1 and Tag3 = "ON", then do a totalization on Tag1.     This is t...
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  • Hour meter analysis

    Hello,   How can I do to calculate the amount of hours that an engine has working from X date to the current time but when it is turned off either by failure or maintenance and then restarted, the hour meter ini...
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  • PI Notifications: Best way to know when a bad value happens

    Hi,   I was asked if there was a way to get a notification from PI when a certain tag starts having bad values. This tag is used to monitor the communication with a PLC. If the PLC loses the communication, we ha...
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  • High CPU on PI Archive/Analysis and SQL server after upgrade to 2018 SP3..

    we recently upgraded to PI Server /Analytics/etc to the latest - 2018 SP3. we are now experiencing very high cpu times on the Primary PI Archive server - when its pegged at 100% the system is unusable - unable to conn...
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  • Creating a counter to display wasted energy$

    I have an analysis template created that compares how many times a vacuum pump is turned on without any material flow detected over the last hour. The output is a pi tag called "efficiency ratio" which is a percentage...
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  • Buenas tardes, necesito ayuda. Estoy creando TAG en el Point Builder y en el valor me aparece configure... este problema es con todos los TAG que tengo que crear...

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  • PI Notification Time format

    I got a problem with the time format. As a picture, I want to add a timestamp to email content. But it's show as a 2nd picture(HTML Preview) it's supposed to be 22 Jan 2020 02:46:57 PM or 22 Jan 2020 14:46...
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  • Performance issue with PrevEvent in AF Analysis

    Hi!   For a comparison of continuous data with lab data (both as PI Tags) I need to find the last 5 events of the lab data. I choose a nested PrevEvent()-Function. The result is what I expect but the evaluat...
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  • How much data is cached in the analysis service cache?

    I previously thought the amount of data in the analysis service cache was governed by the following parameters: MinCacheEventsPerAttribute  MaxCacheEventsPerAttribute  CacheTimeSpanInMinutes   But...
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  • Are formula data references cached by the analysis service?

    In the past, I've dealt with stability issues in the analysis service (over 10k analyses with the following configuration). I've been told not to use attributes with formula data reference in analyses. The r...
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  • PI Analyses Formula

    Hallo guys,   I have a PI point which have some value, every value have an alarm(statement).  like : if      20MillA = 1 then "normal"     20MillA = 2 then "...
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  • Querying Analysis Runtime Information using AFSDK

    Introduction Asset Analytics is a widely used feature of PI Asset Framework (PI AF) that allows users to configure calculations using PI data and quickly apply it to many assets using AF Templates. Once users have imp...
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  • Parallel processing of AF Analysis recalculation?

    Hi   I'm wondering why my analysis backfills/recalcs aren't being processed in parallel? Shouldn't they be doing that under normal circumstances?   These are Event Frame generation analyses, and as an e...
    Asle Frantzen
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  • Filter Expression in PI AF Expression Analysis

    Hi, I am trying to do a simple Expression Analysis but it's been a long time since I haven't done so in PI AF and I'm running into a small blockage. I think the solution should be quite simple though. I want to crea...
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  • PI Analysis backfilling error

    Hi, PI Analyses calculations are working fine but sometimes I get the following error while recalculating / backfilling analyses for longer duration. But works fine if I run the same analyses few min later. Is there a...
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  • Which permissions needed for Analysis backfilling?

    Hi All, I've been looking at this for some time, but somehow i can't find the appropriate documentation. I have a user that can create / modify analysis, but is not allowed to connect to the Analysis Service and/or p...
    Roger Palmen
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  • How to monitor UpdateQueue for AF Analytics?

    We have issues with AF Analytics missing essential calculations, because we have peaks in data ingress, leading to peaks in the UpdateManager queue. There are many consumers, but mainly PI Vision and AF Analytics. We...
    Roger Palmen
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  • Strange behavior in requesting summary data with different end dates

    Hello all,   I want to calculate monthly totals of a flow meter recording in cubic meters per hour. Using the AdvCalcData function works fine when using the current time * as end time, giving my monthly totals u...
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  • Filter array by index instead of value

    I'm working with a PI Point Array in my analysis, and I noticed that the function FilterData lets you make a new array with only the values that pass a criterion.  Is it possible to do a similar thing, only test ...
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  • PI analysis does not match pi tag value

    I have created an analysis that uses the uses the tagmean and eventcount functions to get a total of the tag values over a 24 hour period. This value is mapped to a tag 24 hour mix weight total. When I click the evalu...
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