• Modify settings for attribute output of expression

    Is it possinle to change setting for an attibute output of expression calculation? Settings are shown but seems not enabled   
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  • How to restore PI Primary Server Backup on PI Secondary Server

    How i can restore PI Primary server backup on PI Secondary server(new OS and same PI version's are installed on PI Secondary Server because secondary HDD got crashed). Please treat this as urgent.
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  • Why does the recommended high-availability solution differ with each PI program?

    To get the PI Asset Framework, the PI Analysis Service, and the PI Notifications Service to be redundant, OSIsoft recommends using Windows Server Failover Clustering. To get the PI Data Archive to be redundant, we use...
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  • Migrated to higher PI version, ready for changeover, but someone accidently added a test-tag to the old server. Redo everything???

    Dear,   We are following a migration process from PI 3.4.375 32 bit (Rockwell historian 2.2) to PI 3.4.385 64 bit (Rockwell Historian 3.0) to Rockwell Historian 5.0. I know this is a Rockwell Historian but sinc...
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  • Two-way value synchronization between static attribute and PI Point

    Hello! I have a static AF attribute (Let's call it 'Country') with a child PI Point with the same name.  I'm trying to setup a two way event-triggered synchronization of their values.   So for example...
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  • In line production alert

    I have an in line production system with 14 sensors that detect a break in production. I need to detect which tag detects the break first, going "true", then hold that data point location until the system, all the tag...
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  • PI and AF Mappings support for Group Managed Service Account (GMSA)

    We have got a request to provide access to a Group Managed Service Account (GMSA) both in PI Data Archive and PI AF, which will be used by a third-party analytics application. But we are not able to create a mapping f...
  • PI Analytics Optimization

    Hello,   I have been facing a performance problem with my analysis. Basically we have 4000 instruments that can be activated if their readings are above a threshold. But this activation must least for 24 hours a...
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  • Update PI Point values using PI Builder

    Hello, I have different attributes in PI AF, all of them are PI Point data-reference type. I want to bulk update them using PI Builder. I put the new value in the AttributeValue column and click Pu...
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    Hello engineer   I want to create new attributes with PI tag, I was push this with PI datalink. The results are below. Name is Tag from dcs, now i want to change it with description. Can I? Or can you tell me ...
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  • Your strangest element?

    Usually, elements in the PI Asset Framework (PI AF) are one of the following: A site, building, or some sort of location A department An asset or a piece of equipment A group (e.g. Pumps, Fans, Tanks)  ...
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  • How to refer to a parent element attribute in Expression Analysis?

    Hi,   I need to set up an analysis to run on all wind turbines in our portfolio. I am therefore using an analysis template in our most generic turbine template. However, for the analysis for each turbine I need...
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  • Issue with TimeEq Function not using the defined time range

    I have created an analysis to tell us how long a pump has been "running" within the last 24 hours. However the result is above the length of one day, and seems to be telling me how long the pump has been running for s...
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  • Does Rollup Analysis respect Compression settings?

    Like the question says: Do rollup analyses usually respect the compression settings (compdev and excdev)?   I am asking, because for me it currently doesn't, and I just want to see if it is maybe a problem on my...
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  • PI Notifications html formatting

    Hi,  Is it possible to upload a custom HTML file as a Global Format for email notifications? or do we have to exclusively use the Global Format designer in AF for our email creation?   Thanks!
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  • Issue with SQL query or default values for parameters in a linked table PI AF

    I would like to create a linked table in PI AF. Some values are from an Oracle table, some other are static.   As you can see example on the screenshot below, I’m using parameters to set static values for...
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  • ISA Advisory OSIsoft PI Systems

    Has anyone already posted about this Advisory?   https://www.us-cert.gov/ics/advisories/icsa-20-133-02   1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY CVSS v3 7.8 ATTENTION: Exploitable remotely/low skill level to exploit Vendor:...
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  • PE to Analytics Migration Utility

    We are glad to announce the general availability of PE to Analytics Migration Utility. It is being released as an open source tool to aid you in converting PI tag based PI Performance Equations (PEs) to Asset Analytic...
    David Pugal
    created by David Pugal
  • PI AF: How to have more than 26 variables in formula data reference?

    Hi, I am using formula reference in PI AF element to calculate values. In there there is a need to have more than 26 variables for the calculation. It is a simple calculation. So, I believe analyses is not required. ...
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  • PI Web API 2019 - Configuration Error

    I am trying to install PI Web API 2019 in a server (different from PI System server).  I get an error in the PI Web API Admin Utility about a requirement to migrate PI System. Can you give me any idea of it?
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