• PI Vision for High Availability

    Hi community,      Question if the PI vision is applicable for High Availability, there would be Primary Vision 1 and Secondary Vision 2? is this setup possible? or just to have network load balan...
    created by RoyRobinJr
  • PI Notification Time format

    I got a problem with the time format. As a picture, I want to add a timestamp to email content. But it's show as a 2nd picture(HTML Preview) it's supposed to be 22 Jan 2020 02:46:57 PM or 22 Jan 2020 14:46...
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  • Performance issue with PrevEvent in AF Analysis

    Hi!   For a comparison of continuous data with lab data (both as PI Tags) I need to find the last 5 events of the lab data. I choose a nested PrevEvent()-Function. The result is what I expect but the evaluat...
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  • PI AF Event Frame won't close

    Hello,   I was receiving an email alert for a PI AF event frame. When i checked in process book the condition should not have been met. I evaluated the event frame in AF and it was false. There is no end cr...
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  • Querying Analysis Runtime Information using AFSDK

    Introduction Asset Analytics is a widely used feature of PI Asset Framework (PI AF) that allows users to configure calculations using PI data and quickly apply it to many assets using AF Templates. Once users have imp...
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  • How do I find the sum of values (not integrals) of a tag over a period of time?

    I am trying to sum up values of a tag over a period of 24 hours. However, I have tried using the TagTot function but the answer did not come out the way I expected. The aim of my analyses is to sum up the percentage c...
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  • Parallel processing of AF Analysis recalculation?

    Hi   I'm wondering why my analysis backfills/recalcs aren't being processed in parallel? Shouldn't they be doing that under normal circumstances?   These are Event Frame generation analyses, and as an e...
    Asle Frantzen
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  • Element Template attribute icons

    The 'red T' means....
    Floris Zwaard
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  • Time/Date format

    I am trying to prepare reports where I want the start date as the 1st day of the current month. For example "TagAve(tagname, 10/1/2019 00:00, '*'). What is the format I need to use for the start date?
    last modified by JojoJohnPeriapuram
  • PE to Analytics Migration Utility

    We are glad to announce the general availability of PE to Analytics Migration Utility. It is being released as an open source tool to aid you in converting PI tag based PI Performance Equations (PEs) to Asset Analytic...
    David Pugal
    created by David Pugal
  • AFListData.UpdateValues performance limits

    Hello everyone,   I'm actually having some performance issues about updating a high volume of attributes (not tags). I would like to know what is the reasonable limit about the number of AFValue to send to Updat...
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  • Asset Framework Analyses

    Hello, In Asset framework i added 10 attributes - 10 pi points I would like to count how many points has value >0,25 So i added 2 attributes  First one - with value 0,25 And Second one the Count number I...
    last modified by KrystianSobotka
  • AF Templates with no data or pi tag not found

    We have an AF structure that uses templates for a few device types. Our templates are setup to resolve PI tags for the device if we have them available. If we don't, it says PI Tag Not Found - which is fine.  Onc...
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  • PI Analysis backfilling error

    Hi, PI Analyses calculations are working fine but sometimes I get the following error while recalculating / backfilling analyses for longer duration. But works fine if I run the same analyses few min later. Is there a...
    last modified by BalajiMSR
  • Im getting this error while installing the AF server via the PI server 2018 sp2 installer 

    I dont know how to find the specific error or where it goes wrong, can you help?
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  • How to find history data from starting of any attribute in AF?

    how to get history data till date of any attribute in AF
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  • Hello All, I want to create tags for all the PI services like PI archive service, PI back up service, PI network manager service, etc. I believe it could be done using Performance Counter under IT points in PI SMT but there is little confusion in identify

    Hello All, I want to create tags for all the PI services like PI archive service, PI back up service, PI network manager service, etc which should tell me the status of that particular service. I believe it could be ...
    last modified by Basavakumar
  • Remote Systems & Users Connecting to PI AF

    Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.     I've inherited several PI AF servers each with multiple databases.  Looking at the modified date on each of the PI AF databases, some are ov...
    last modified by Luke_Peters

    Hello engineer   I want to create new attributes with PI tag, I was push this with PI datalink. The results are below. Name is Tag from dcs, now i want to change it with description. Can I? Or can you tell me ...
    created by filzamaulana

    Hi every body...! On my company want to reduce some licence of SQL, for that reazon We want to move database of pi systems to another . Actually we have three  server (PI AF , PI DA , PI VISION), I wonder How I...
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