• Update PI Point values using PI Builder

    Hello, I have different attributes in PI AF, all of them are PI Point data-reference type. I want to bulk update them using PI Builder. I put the new value in the AttributeValue column and click Pu...
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  • Why does the recommended high-availability solution differ with each PI program?

    To get the PI Asset Framework, the PI Analysis Service, and the PI Notifications Service to be redundant, OSIsoft recommends using Windows Server Failover Clustering. To get the PI Data Archive to be redundant, we use...
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  • Is it possible to correct historical data where the Interface was configured incorrectly.  In this case someone forgot to swap modbus words so values that should be 0-10 percent are reading -129 Quintillion.

    Modbus Data of Type 6 Function Code 3 was read from PLC to PI over past several years without swapwords. The initial setup crew did not validate the setup and we caught it this morning.  Is there anything we can ...
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  • Delete tag values for a given time range using PowerShell

    Hi, I am trying to delete archived values for a PI Tag that was incorrectly backfilled, using PowerShell. On my previous attempts I have been using this script in a test environment:   $con = Connect-PIDat...
  • How does PI Server timestamp events?

    I'm having trouble seeing in the manual, how events are timestamped in the database. Is events timestamped in UTC +0 time and then presented in local server time? Or is events timestamp...
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  • PI Data Archive Server time is 7 mins ahead of current time

    Dear All, My PI Data Archive Server time is 7 mins ahead of current time. How can I adjust it to the current time. My PI Server is not yet placed under domain group policy and the time synchronization is not happ...
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  • copy data from one data archive to another

    Hi:      I am trying to copy the data from over 200 points (lasts for one month) from one PI server into another. The points are already inserted into the target server through OLEDB.   ...
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  • Two node collectives with direct writing programs

    I have a question regarding "Two Node Collective". When failure comes between PI Server "A" and OPC, data will be recovered from buffering residing in the Interface system. How about the programs that write directl...
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  • date timestamps

    When using PI to PI what can I do to ensure the date/timestamps of Values are exactly the same on both PI Archives. Tags configured are the same (except PointSource info etc.) in both archives, Time zones are the sam...
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  • System Architecture of PI Server, AF & Vision

    Dear All,   Refer from document of PI System Architecture Planning & Implementation, at #101 states that  OSIsoft strongly recommends that the PI Data Archive server(s) and PI AF server(s) be in the S...
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  • PI archives and backups - what can I delete?

    I have recently had to request that our PI server be allocated more disk space (its a VM) because the size of the backup archive folder has got so large. To get away from this could I delete the oldest backup archives...
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  • after creation of trust, PI server needs reboot

    Hello All,   we have on PI data archive, when i create the trust for other machine, it wont come in effect till we restart the PI server. Not sure why?   Thanks, Rupesh
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  • Secondary PI Server as a default server to connect from an application

    We have an MES application which connects to PI Data Archive Collective through PI OPC HDA Server and reads data every minute for at least 5000 tags. By default entire organization's data requests hits the primar...
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  • ISA Advisory OSIsoft PI Systems

    Has anyone already posted about this Advisory?   https://www.us-cert.gov/ics/advisories/icsa-20-133-02   1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY CVSS v3 7.8 ATTENTION: Exploitable remotely/low skill level to exploit Vendor:...
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  • Pt Created Tags

    Hi,  I created test PI points with point sources 'R'and 'L' but they are showing Pt Created. I have checked the security settings also. Could anybody please help.
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  • PE to Analytics Migration Utility

    We are glad to announce the general availability of PE to Analytics Migration Utility. It is being released as an open source tool to aid you in converting PI tag based PI Performance Equations (PEs) to Asset Analytic...
    David Pugal
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  • Bently Nevada System1 Integration with PI System

    Dear All,  How can we collect data from Bently Nevada System1 to PI Data Archive?  We see the below limitations with OPC DA supported by Bently 1. BN System1 supports only OPC DA. Since it supports OPC DA...
  • PI Web API 2019 - Configuration Error

    I am trying to install PI Web API 2019 in a server (different from PI System server).  I get an error in the PI Web API Admin Utility about a requirement to migrate PI System. Can you give me any idea of it?
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  • Registered PI arc files but wrong date

    Hi Guys,   When registering the Jan 2016 arc file in Data archive it goes to Nov 2016? Why does this happens or does this happens?
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  • Can PI Buffer Subsystem buffer to multiple collectives?

    Hi All,    I have PI Buffer Subsystem installed on application server. The PI Buffer subsystem is configured to buffer for Two Collectives.  However pibufss is able to buffer lock tags on ju...
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