• PI Vision for High Availability

    Hi community,      Question if the PI vision is applicable for High Availability, there would be Primary Vision 1 and Secondary Vision 2? is this setup possible? or just to have network load balan...
    created by RoyRobinJr
  • finding value of tag when another tag changes state

    Hello everyone, I'm having a little difficulty in getting a performance equation to work properly. I need to freeze the value of tag when another tag changes state but I can't get the PE to work. The PE is as follows...
    created by caffreys_col
  • Splitting a PI system into two

    I have done a fair bit of merging PI systems, but now I am faced with splitting one system (53,000 tags) into two systems of approx 20,000 and 5,000 tags respectively (non-overlapping).  The 28,000 surplus tags a...
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  • PI HA Server Installation Path Registry - Registry Key Empty on The Secondary Server

    I have a problem when I want to re-initialize secondary server from collective manager on primary server with error messages as below I've checked the Installation Path registry setting on the server was filled wit...
    last modified by m.tiando
  • Is it possible to rename PI tags using PI builder

    I can rename PI tags using PI SMT. I have a number that I need to rename, so I am wondering if it is possible to rename using the PI builder add in to Excel?
    last modified by Kevin-Mac
  • Not able to generate random points using Random Interface

    Hello Experts,   I'm Not able to generate points using PI Point source 'R', wherein in a similar PI server we are able to generated random points using the same PI Points sources. It seems there is some issue wi...
    last modified by HarshadaModak
  • PI SMT timezone

    Hello,   If go to SMT--> View--> Setting --> Time format, I can see the different times on it, Please see the below image.   On other Collective member, it is working fine.   Does any one ...
    last modified by RupeshACC
  • PI Analyses Formula

    Hallo guys,   I have a PI point which have some value, every value have an alarm(statement).  like : if      20MillA = 1 then "normal"     20MillA = 2 then "...
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  • After deleting thousands of PI Points from PI Builder, how can I delete de values associated to those PI Points stored in PI Archive?

    Due to obsolescence and error in applicating a formula to thousands of PI Points, I have been to delete those PI Points using the SMT PI Builder function.   I have checked that Archives files number of events an...
    last modified by ferranpru
  • Check if there is a pi points with the same instrument tag

    Hello, I have like 200 000 pi points in data archive. I would like to pick all of them and check if  the pi points has the same instrument tag. How can i do that? What tool should i use? What the best option? A...
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  • What type of database does the pi system uses?

    What type of datbase does the PI system uses?
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    Hi every one..! I have the digital signal on OPC  The picture show on yellow: 910_CU_200_RNG   true 910_CU_200_RNG  false On PI DATA ARCHIVE Show   true = bad false=0   the poin...
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  • PE to Analytics Migration Utility

    We are glad to announce the general availability of PE to Analytics Migration Utility. It is being released as an open source tool to aid you in converting PI tag based PI Performance Equations (PEs) to Asset Analytic...
    David Pugal
    created by David Pugal
  • How to update PIDA my 1000 data on excel

    Hi every one, I have six tags, the six tags have 1000 data on excel. How to update all data  to PI ???? Please help us
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  • How to query the network history database

    What is the network history database? - The network history database is a database that records all of the inbound TCP connections that come into the Data Archive   - It is located under %PISERVER%\dat\NetworkHi...
    last modified by divan
  • PI-to-PI : Capture one value per second instead of multiple values per second

    Is there any way (either in PI-to-PI Interface or pipoint configuration) to only fetch one value per second instead of multiple values per second from source? (as attached in the image below)   The reason is our...
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  • Hello All, I want to create tags for all the PI services like PI archive service, PI back up service, PI network manager service, etc. I believe it could be done using Performance Counter under IT points in PI SMT but there is little confusion in identify

    Hello All, I want to create tags for all the PI services like PI archive service, PI back up service, PI network manager service, etc which should tell me the status of that particular service. I believe it could be ...
    last modified by Basavakumar
  • PI datalink 2016

    Hello there   i want to delete cell K13, but appear the warning box. Any solution?   Regards,   Filza  
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  • PI datalink 2016

    Morning peeps,   Can you give some recommendation for me to learn "time filtered" menu in PI Datalink? I already seen the tutorial in youtube but nothing helps.     Thanks
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    Hi every body...! On my company want to reduce some licence of SQL, for that reazon We want to move database of pi systems to another . Actually we have three  server (PI AF , PI DA , PI VISION), I wonder How I...
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