• How to restore PI Primary Server Backup on PI Secondary Server

    How i can restore PI Primary server backup on PI Secondary server(new OS and same PI version's are installed on PI Secondary Server because secondary HDD got crashed). Please treat this as urgent.
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  • PI Web API 2019 - Configuration Error

    I am trying to install PI Web API 2019 in a server (different from PI System server).  I get an error in the PI Web API Admin Utility about a requirement to migrate PI System. Can you give me any idea of it?
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  • Template Attribute Search

    I am working on a EF Analysis template. In an Event Frame attribute I want to store a current value of attribute of an element of a different Template, the Element will match certain creteria. Is there a way to search...
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  • High number of unflushed events

    Hi,   I have a high number (730 000) of Unflushed Events on the PI Server. What could be a reason for that? The performance counter (CPU, memory, disk i/o) of the PI Server are normal to low.   The number...
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  • PI Notifications: Best way to know when a bad value happens

    Hi,   I was asked if there was a way to get a notification from PI when a certain tag starts having bad values. This tag is used to monitor the communication with a PLC. If the PLC loses the communication, we ha...
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  • High CPU on PI Archive/Analysis and SQL server after upgrade to 2018 SP3..

    we recently upgraded to PI Server /Analytics/etc to the latest - 2018 SP3. we are now experiencing very high cpu times on the Primary PI Archive server - when its pegged at 100% the system is unusable - unable to conn...
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  • Creating a counter to display wasted energy$

    I have an analysis template created that compares how many times a vacuum pump is turned on without any material flow detected over the last hour. The output is a pi tag called "efficiency ratio" which is a percentage...
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  • Buenas tardes, necesito ayuda. Estoy creando TAG en el Point Builder y en el valor me aparece configure... este problema es con todos los TAG que tengo que crear...

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  • PI AF Event Frame won't close

    Hello,   I was receiving an email alert for a PI AF event frame. When i checked in process book the condition should not have been met. I evaluated the event frame in AF and it was false. There is no end cr...
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  • Problems encountered with pisn_getsnapshots are as follows: I can get the ID of tag by pipt_findpoint. I am using ID to get snapshot data by pisn_getsnapshots method. I return error code 2 (blank tag).

    我在使用pisn_getsnapshots 这个方法获取快照数据的时候,错误代码返回的是2,显示系统错误,如果解决,谢谢!
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  • Turn-off PI System Management Tools (SMT) Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP)

    Hello Everyone!   We run PI in a Citrix XenApp environment, while opening PI SMT it asks for CEIP participation (as below) and which will later save the option selected (Yes or No) under user's profile. I am try...
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  • Access to MDB via piadmins

    Hi All,   I have a mapping with piadmins ( which indirectly gets piadmin as its in membership ) but i am unable to access module database. I checked database security and i can see piadmin have read/write acces...
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  • Event frame configuration for multiple scenarios from the same trigger

    I have a piece of equipment that generates a shutdown code when it goes offline. This automatically goes from 1 to 2. An operator is then meant to change the code to another value based upon the issue, a whole range o...
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  • PI Server 5 year planning?

    I have been discussing the use of a PI Server with a potential customer when he asked me a question I wasn't able to answer with confidence. He said, "Will there be any significant changes to PI Server or the OSIsoft ...
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    Hi every one..! We want to connect  with SAP PM, the object is Predictive maintenace.2 For example we are monitoring temperarture. If the temperature is not normal,. PI systems send the event  to SAP PM, ...
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  • Event Frames for Attribute Limit Excursions?

    Hi all, I'm trying to set up event frames that trigger any time an attribute value is outside of its child Hi/Lo attribute limits.  Currently the only way I know how to do this is to create a separate EF generati...
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  • Random Event Frames Not getting closed in PI

    Hello Team,   We have observed many occurrences that Event Frames are not having End Time (not getting closed) in PI. When the same is seen in Preview Results the event looks to be closed already. This is happen...
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  • Impossible to delete Event Frame

    Hello to everyone I have an event frame that is impossible to delete. See attached screenshot. Probably this is happened during testing or backfilling. This event, is on going. It's impossible to close, or delete. ...
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  • PI Server Error unable to get any information for the recalc.exe sub system, it may not be installed or

    Dear Friends I am working with PE tag that shows the correct calculation when i click  evaluate but VALUE field always shows Pt Created and Session record showing the following error PIServer Error unable to ...
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  • Event Table and Reason Codes - Not updating event

    We have one AF Model that generates events, which we when display in Vision in an event table.   The table itself is functioning correctly, apart from the reason section. I've added a reason code enumeration se...
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