• PI AF and EF questions

    Hello everybody I have a couple of question about Event Frame and AF. I'm new to EF, and I'm playing around with elements hierarchy in AF to better understand AF and EF. Please, take a look to attached first image. G...
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  • Configure Totalizers for Flow over one month

    Hello,   I have a short question. I've create a totalizer tag with help from these manual: https://techsupport.osisoft.com/Troubleshooting/KB/KB00793 Looks fine for the totalization for one day. But why do I ha...
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  • PI event frame

    Hello All,   Can we have power shell script to know the last event frame generation time stamp?     Appreciate your help here.
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  • Analyses template : convert a string to a valide reference of a tag

    hello. I'd like to use a reference with a variable in a trigger of an event frame.. But i'm not able to convert the string to a valid reference of a tag.   Exemple : the trigger i'd like to have is : '.\OA01|O...
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  • PI AF Upgarde

    Hello   We  are going to upgrade  PI AF 2015 R2 to PI  AF 2017R2 SP2.   Can you please let me know is there is any special step needed after the upgrade for event frames ?     R...
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  • RDBMS: Automatically Populate a Tag with constant value

    I have 3 tables that all have the same columns and are coming from the same sensor.  They are no duplicates because they are tracking data during certain events.  I want to load all three tables into a the s...
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  • Trigger a notification both when an event frame opens and when it closes

    We are running PI Notifications 2016 R2.  I am seeking to trigger a notification (call to a Web service) both when an event frame opens and when it closes.  I see that notifications are triggered by default ...
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  • Start Time trigger expression not showing in email

    Good Afternoon all, we had migrated to 2016 notifications; I have 15 start triggers in a notifications and hence need to know which one has failed. I included the "Event Frame: Trigger Condition" into the email. it u...
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  • PI SQL Server setup

    Can someone tell me the best-practice/requirements for the PI-SQL-server setup, in order to have a efficient and fast database. I am interested in the following issues: - What seperation (disks) are necessary for da...
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  • PI System Health - Looking for your feedback

    Hello PI Square Community!   I'm conducting some research on PI System Health and wonder if you might be willing to share your opinions with me. I'm a Product Manager here at OSIsoft, focusing on PI Data Archive...
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  • How can the PrimaryReferencedElement of an Event Frame be replaced?

    Hello I currently have a series of event frames that have e.g. AF element "A" as their primary referenced element. I want to change those to AF element "B". Using the PI Builder Add-In in EXCEL I can export all those...
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  • EF transfer

    I am interested about the EventFrame Transfer option. What is nit, what can it, how ? Does anybody can providen me with some documentation or examples?
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  • OSISoft PI Server vss writer

    Hello, I would like to backup my PI server (installed on windows server 2008) with a 3rd party (Netbackup), but while backup's running i have this error on the event log Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpecte...
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  • Can we connect two pi server with one interface machine and how ?

    Can we connect two pi server with one interface machine and how ?
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  • How can I dynamically connect an attribute of another element in the AF tree to an attribute of an element?

    I have a special case where we have pressure sensors represented as elements in an AF tree. All sensors have a pressure MV (measured value) attribute, which is linked to a PI point. I now want to calculate differentia...
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  • Product Release: PI Server 2016 R2

    PI Server 2016 R2 is released 2016-10-24   This release includes the following components: PI AF Server 2016 R2 (with AF SQL database scripts) PI AF Client 2016 R2 (with PI Builder, AF SDK) PI Notifications ...
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  • Can we import PI Processbook trend into Wonderware Archeshtra..? Also, how to pass the PI Tag into PI processbook trend with the help of wonderware archestra..?

    Want to import PI Processbook trend in Wonderware Archestra. Is there any client control available for PI Processbook, which we can import it into wonderware Archestra..?
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  • PI AF EventFrames life cycle around Event Frame Generation

    Hi,   I have questions around the Event Frames life cycle. For some reason (data administration reasons), if I need to change the Event Frames parameters. I will need to change the starttime I will need to re...
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  • Delete all eventframe

    How delete all eventframe in the database? Manual removal through Pi system explorer will be very long because a lot of records. Removing the database is not desirable. Maybe have command remove all eventframe in cmd...
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  • How get value of attribute parent referenced element in EventFrame

    hello all! How get value of attribute parent referenced element in EventFrame. I know how get value of attribute referenced element in eventframe: '.\Elements[.]|ChildAttribute'   Screenshots
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