• Getting Notification test mail even after deletion

    Getting notification mail even after deletion, unable to find that notification in AF (both 32, 64 bit) but getting mail at 6;30 am (as designed earlier even after deletion). PI Notification 2012 PI AF Server 2015R2...
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  • Why does the recommended high-availability solution differ with each PI program?

    To get the PI Asset Framework, the PI Analysis Service, and the PI Notifications Service to be redundant, OSIsoft recommends using Windows Server Failover Clustering. To get the PI Data Archive to be redundant, we use...
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  • Is it possible to edit tag security in bulk periodically so that Data Archive doesn't get loaded

    Hello PI Folks, I have to edit the security settings of 100k pi tags,need to add an identity,Is it possible to edit these tags in bulk periodically so the data archive server doesn't get loaded. For example -Edit 50...
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  • How to restore PI Primary Server Backup on PI Secondary Server

    How i can restore PI Primary server backup on PI Secondary server(new OS and same PI version's are installed on PI Secondary Server because secondary HDD got crashed). Please treat this as urgent.
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  • PI Notifications html formatting

    Hi,  Is it possible to upload a custom HTML file as a Global Format for email notifications? or do we have to exclusively use the Global Format designer in AF for our email creation?   Thanks!
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  • PI Web API 2019 - Configuration Error

    I am trying to install PI Web API 2019 in a server (different from PI System server).  I get an error in the PI Web API Admin Utility about a requirement to migrate PI System. Can you give me any idea of it?
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  • Can PI Notifications send a message to a web page, possibly Sharepoint?

    I'm creating a message board or log book in SharePoint.  I would like to send PI Notifications to SharePoint as an entry in a List ( the list of messages ).
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  • PI Notifications Manage Format Message Question

    Hello all,   I have a PI Notification which triggers correctly every night before midnight. In the design section, I have around 10 "Value At Start Time" attribute data.   In the HTML Previe...
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  • Is it possible to add pictures to a mail notification?

    Is it possible to add logo's to a mail notification send from Pi AF? If yes how could I do this? Thank you!   Kind regards,   Eelco
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  • PI Notifications: Best way to know when a bad value happens

    Hi,   I was asked if there was a way to get a notification from PI when a certain tag starts having bad values. This tag is used to monitor the communication with a PLC. If the PLC loses the communication, we ha...
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  • did notification create points automatically?

    hi,it seems AF notification creates many points in PI-Server which Point Source is 'PINotifications-InternalUse',  point name like '04af33c8-e108-11e4-b617-00155ddf2706_State','04af33c8-e108-11e4-b617-00155ddf270...
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  • Buenas tardes, necesito ayuda. Estoy creando TAG en el Point Builder y en el valor me aparece configure... este problema es con todos los TAG que tengo que crear...

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  • PI Notification Time format

    I got a problem with the time format. As a picture, I want to add a timestamp to email content. But it's show as a 2nd picture(HTML Preview) it's supposed to be 22 Jan 2020 02:46:57 PM or 22 Jan 2020 14:46...
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  • PI AF Event Frame won't close

    Hello,   I was receiving an email alert for a PI AF event frame. When i checked in process book the condition should not have been met. I evaluated the event frame in AF and it was false. There is no end cr...
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  • How can we fetch PI message logs through AFSDK

    How can we fetch PI message logs through AFSDK automatically ? Is there any other ways to get PI message logs like using VBA or macros automatically for last 24 hours ? Please Help.
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  • Separate AF and Analytics in Different Servers on Update

    If I have PI AF and Analytics and Notifications in the same server, is it possible to update to PI Server 2018 R2 and separate PI AF and Anaytics in different computers. What do I need to do with existing PI AF Analy...
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  • How to Post a Notification that shows an attribute in non-default units of measure

    We have Notifications that trigger when an attribute exceeds a value. The attributes are stored in AF in SI Units and the default display is in SI units. The Notification is required to show the current value in imp...
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  • Turn-off PI System Management Tools (SMT) Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP)

    Hello Everyone!   We run PI in a Citrix XenApp environment, while opening PI SMT it asks for CEIP participation (as below) and which will later save the option selected (Yes or No) under user's profile. I am try...
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  • PI Server 5 year planning?

    I have been discussing the use of a PI Server with a potential customer when he asked me a question I wasn't able to answer with confidence. He said, "Will there be any significant changes to PI Server or the OSIsoft ...
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  • Create a totalizer that gives the daily average?

    Hello everyone!   I want to log the daily average of the previous 24 hours for one of my existing tags.  Each of these tags are analog signals.  An example would be a feed flow in gallons per minute (G...
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