• PI backup fails

    Hi All, We had an issue with PI Backup that backup was failed once with following error. [-16851] Error moving files from precommit directory to the target directory of the backup. Can anyone help us with above err...
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  • ACE tags editing is not being possible

    Hi,   When I am trying to edit one calculation using ACE wizard, I am getting below error. Any idea how to resolve this?  
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  • Spikes in PI Data

    Hi all, We have PI OPC DA tags for which there is a spike in data at random timestamps. Can anyone advise us if we can change settings in OPC interface to avoid spikes in data
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  • Totalizer configuration

    Hi  I have a PI tag for which I have to add all values and get result 12:00 AM with totalizers only For example source tag ABC.PV with engunits T (Tonnes) is getting value at every minute let it be at 12:01:00...
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  • how I will create pilicense.dat file

    Hi, I am new to PI System and using Trial version of PI System. I don't have Customer portal page access(Error: You do not have access to this page.) Then how I will create pilicense.dat file for PI ...
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  • Your strangest element?

    Usually, elements in the PI Asset Framework (PI AF) are one of the following: A site, building, or some sort of location A department An asset or a piece of equipment A group (e.g. Pumps, Fans, Tanks)  ...
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  • Risk attributed to PI SDK utility

    Hi Folks, I'm new to this forum and this be my first post here. I'm Principal Architect-Security Solution, and recently being involved with sec assessment of PI system/sub-systems. I'm starting off with risk assessm...
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  • System Architecture of PI Server, AF & Vision

    Dear All,   Refer from document of PI System Architecture Planning & Implementation, at #101 states that  OSIsoft strongly recommends that the PI Data Archive server(s) and PI AF server(s) be in the S...
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  • PI archives and backups - what can I delete?

    I have recently had to request that our PI server be allocated more disk space (its a VM) because the size of the backup archive folder has got so large. To get away from this could I delete the oldest backup archives...
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  • Trouble installing RTQP Engine

    Hi All, I am trying to install RTQP engine on PI Data archive server 2008 SP3. However at the end of installation I get the below error. I have tried with admin  account still I get the below error.
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  • Can PI Buffer Subsystem buffer to multiple collectives?

    Hi All,    I have PI Buffer Subsystem installed on application server. The PI Buffer subsystem is configured to buffer for Two Collectives.  However pibufss is able to buffer lock tags on ju...
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  • PI Tag Data Backfilling

    Dear All,  Recently our Corp Primary PI Server got rebooted multiple times due an issue in the server. After the ungraceful reboot, we have faced data gap for a number of tags in Corp Primary PI Server. Where as...
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  • How to add multiple ace contexts in ACE manager at a single go?

    How to add multiple ace contexts in ACE manager at a single go?
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  • Is it possible to rename PI tags using PI builder

    I can rename PI tags using PI SMT. I have a number that I need to rename, so I am wondering if it is possible to rename using the PI builder add in to Excel?
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  • PI Analyses Formula

    Hallo guys,   I have a PI point which have some value, every value have an alarm(statement).  like : if      20MillA = 1 then "normal"     20MillA = 2 then "...
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  • Asset Framework Analyses

    Hello, In Asset framework i added 10 attributes - 10 pi points I would like to count how many points has value >0,25 So i added 2 attributes  First one - with value 0,25 And Second one the Count number I...
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  • UC 2017 is great this year

    Be sure to check the mining industry track!
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  • Re: How to ignore the sum values where any of the Tag Value  > 10000 in the query

    Hi Kelsey, How to use attribute 'SPAN' instead of 10000 in the below query? WHERE expr = '(if ((''PS14868_Tag1'' >= 2*(SPAN)) OR (BadVal(''PS14868_Tag1''))) then 0 else ''PS14868_Tag1'') I want something like ab...
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  • AF Attribute to open folder

    One of my users wanted to link all documentation regarding a certain asset (Element), these are normally stored on a file server, after some digging I found this nice way to point to folders   Create and attribu...
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  • Custom (OLEDB Ent.) database objects not included in AFDB export?

    I've always recommended people use the following settings when exporting everything from an AF database in PI System Explorer:     But I recently found a flaw in this theory when one of my customers were ...
    Asle Frantzen
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