• Time-weighted average logic

    I am developing a solution, which calculates 10 min time-weighted average in real time (whenever the 10 min period is closed). I am using AF SDK for this purpose. The program is listening for new events in archive pip...
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  • Is correct to create another data base on server AF?

    Hi every one! I have a some question about data base of server AF. We have three virtual server (SRVDA , SRVAF  SRVVISION ). One of then  has SQL managment(SRVAF). And also I have PME (Power monitoring En...
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  • Cannot load data from sql database to PI

    Hello everyone!!  I cant load data from sql database to PI. I will post some attachments to help u understand whats the problem. I used this script in sql database to change format of datetime to  dd-mm-yyy...
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  • RPC Invoke failed[-10401]No Write Access - secure Object

    Dear   Changes have been made and apparently the admin rights have been completely removed. Is there a way to restore piadmin security? When trying to look at the mappings or trying to apply changes following ...
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  • Splitting a PI system into two

    I have done a fair bit of merging PI systems, but now I am faced with splitting one system (53,000 tags) into two systems of approx 20,000 and 5,000 tags respectively (non-overlapping).  The 28,000 surplus tags a...
    created by tinklerj
  • Products-Downloads

    I would like to ask you a question. In section: Products->Downloads there is a possibility to download PI OPC HDA SERVER and also PI OPC DA SERVER. I would like to ask you if there is a possibility to download PI ...
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  • AF Server - TCP error 10022

    Hello,   After installation, the AF server can’t start properly. In the Event Viewer, I have the following error for AF:   Exception in OnStart: A TCP error (10022: An invalid argument was supplied)...
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  • PI Builder - Excel

    Hello everyone I have a question. I was adding new point to PI System in Excel using PI Builder. I did not configure field- excdev and compdev, becasue usually its automaticlly configured. System did not configure i...
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  • Impossible to delete Event Frame

    Hello to everyone I have an event frame that is impossible to delete. See attached screenshot. Probably this is happened during testing or backfilling. This event, is on going. It's impossible to close, or delete. ...
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  • System architecture for redendancy

    Hi all,   during the last days I´m digging all avlaible PI System documentation about the topic redundancy. Some parts are clear for me and other parts left me with questions. I will share my concutions wi...
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  • Pi Collective time series data replication

    If I got it right PI Points time series data is not replicated from one member of the collective to the other.   In case the buffer subsystem of an interface cannot communicate with one of the Collective member,...
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  • How do I substitute forecast data using PI AF Analysis?

    I have an AF analysis that takes future data as inputs and calculates events every hour 8 days into the future. The analysis works fine, the only issue being the inputs (future data) keeps changing. While the analysis...
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  • AF DB Merge and Replicate

    I have two sites that I want to have the same DB using merge and replicate feature of the SQL servers.  Anyone doing this?
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  • How to start analysis at 6AM for different timezones?

    Hi All, Just making a round to see if there are any options that i've overlooked for this challenge. I have a central PI/AF Server where i need to generate EventFrames for each day for each production site. The serve...
    Roger Palmen
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  • PI ProcessBook Support Tool

    Hello everyone!!! I need a help, I am using PI ProcessBook Support Tool to replace/change AF path. First i open and add the PI display document, then on the Replace PI and AF data items I write down the path on "Fin...
    created by KrystianSobotka
  • Unable to complete PI Data Archive installation (PI Server 2018)

    Dear all,     I am trying to re-install a PI Data Archive (after un-installing via the same installer file), but unable to pass through this error. Any idea on what needs to be worked on? I have highlighte...
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  • Store and list error codes from a Pi tag

    Hi, we have a PI tag called error codes. It shows the current error code. There are 600 different error codes.   How can I save the error codes and display a pareto of them over time? We are not using AF.  ...
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  • PITAG- licence question

    Hello, i have quick question,   If i set attribute SCAN = 0 in Pi Tag this point uses my licence  or releases the license PiPoint? PiTAG which have SCAN=0 consume our licence pool?     Thanks, ...
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  • Add tags to PI AF from Pi Data automatically

    I created over 100 tags in Pi Data, but would LOVE to make their addition into PI AF a lot faster. Any one know of a drag and drop or import function that would be faster than one at a time?
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  • I/O Timeout System Digital State

    Suddenly I am getting I/O Timeout for few tags and in AF it says System Digital State.  I know it is a known issue and I was wondering what action can be taken to resolve this.  I tried to search for solutio...
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