• Custom (OLEDB Ent.) database objects not included in AFDB export?

    I've always recommended people use the following settings when exporting everything from an AF database in PI System Explorer:     But I recently found a flaw in this theory when one of my customers were ...
    Asle Frantzen
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  • PI Batch Customers - get ready for Event Frames!

    Update 1-July-2015:  New Batch to Event Frame Migration Information available here. *** Dear PI Batch customers,   During our EMEA UC Lisbon Conference in September, the PI Server 2015 Beta became availab...
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  • Summer of Security | July 2013: Seven Best Practices for Securing Your PI Server

    Seven Best Practices for Securing Your PI Server: Upgrade to the latest version of Windows and the PI Server Use Windows authentication instead of PI User authentication, also known as explicit login Use Windows au...
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  • Project i wanted to share: Twitter history in PI AF

    i participated in the OSI Hackathon last week and a friend recommend i share the project here. So here it is: Hackathon Twitter project! It uses AF to monitor Twitter Queries and allows someone to view saved que...
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  • Best way to reboot PI Server

    Hi,   I need to applya security patch from Microsoft on myPIServer.What is the bestway toreboot.   I stoptheservice,restartthe server and thenrestartthe servicesnormally? Or need to follow some specific pr...
    Allan Ferreira
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  • Out of order events

    I look at the "Snapshot and Archive Stastics" tab in SMT everyday. The count was ~550 (for archive) and kept increasing by couple of tags everyday. I checked the tab this morning and the count showed 20...
    Arti Rajagopalan
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  • Create A new Tag

    Hi everyone I am new to PI System...I need to create a tag on my system...
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  • PI connection Manager doesn't connect to PI server

    HI,   When I try to connect to PI server through the PI connection Manager, I get this error on the connection manager "Can't resolve network name",  Winsock error 10061 Connection is forcefully rejected...
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  • Convert 32 bit archives into 64 bit PI server

    We have a 32 bit Pi server containing some archive files( less than 10 Gb). We have installed a new 64 bit PI server along with a new data server running the project ( Rockwell Data Server) Our plan is to run both s...
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