• Connecting new PI DA to AF through NLB

    I am installing the AF Servers (AF Application Service) on two servers behind a NLB.  When configuring the new DA is it best to select one of the AF Servers directly or use the AF Server entry in the NLB it that ...
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  • What types of Files can a PI UFL interface read and Process?

    Hi PI Folks I wanted to know what different types of file format a PI UFL interface can read and process, I am aware that it can process.txt,.csv(ascii). Can anyone of you please provide the details? Regards Rhishabh
    created by Rhishabh.Singh
  • Is it possible to edit tag security in bulk periodically so that Data Archive doesn't get loaded

    Hello PI Folks, I have to edit the security settings of 100k pi tags,need to add an identity,Is it possible to edit these tags in bulk periodically so the data archive server doesn't get loaded. For example -Edit 50...
    created by Rhishabh.Singh
  • can't see any interface in ICU when open the pull-down box

    We want to update the configuration of an OPC DA interface in ICU in a remote server, but we can't see any of them in ICU when we open the pull-down box. I think it must be the security issue of the account whic...
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  • Power shell script issue

    Hi there, WE have a dedicated PI interface server. I'm trying to run a basic Power shell script to connect to the PI server and get the PI value from the archive. Using the command Connect-PIDataArchive  -PIData...
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  • Como posso estar criando um Servidor de teste PIWeb API?

    Estou realizando uma integração de dados, usando c# e preciso realizar alguns testes, como o retorno do GET do WEBID, e preciso criar um servidor de teste, por favor conseguiriam me orientar.
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  • Data stream error between UFL Connector and Data Archive

    Hello,In the past few days I was busy with connecting new data sources to our PI system. We mainly use the UFL connector to achieve this. We notice that the incoming data is quite a lot, so after creating some new dat...
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  • Data Backfill Options & Considerations

    Hi all, We need to do a one-time ingest of a large volume of time-series data spread across a large number of CSV files (there will likely be one file per tag) into a single PI Data Archive server. While some of the ...
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  • Merging 2 Factory Talk Historian systems both containing data

    piarchss piarchive factory_talk_historian So we upgraded out Factory talk historian and had parallel running historians. We'll call the A(old) and B(new).   Historian A has been running and collecting...
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  • Migration of Data Archive to new system with smaller license

    I need to migrate an existing (outdated) PI System to a new one. So that's easy! Just backup, restore, and you're done.   But: The new system has a lower license count (5K) than the old system has in number of ...
    Roger Palmen
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  • Modify settings for attribute output of expression

    Is it possinle to change setting for an attibute output of expression calculation? Settings are shown but seems not enabled   
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  • PI SERVER UNIX version error:PIarcmgr::GetTargetRec failed during chain walk.  PtID: 9148 Recno: 1039946 Target Time: 24-Sep-20 03:56:11.02200 Status: [-16214] Timeout attempting to get exclusive lock.

    PI SERVER 3.4.370  UNIX version on SUN solaris 5.1 with cluster. 0 piarcmgr 2020-9-24 3:57 PIarcmgr::GetTargetRec failed during chain walk. PtID: 9148 Recno: 1039946 Target Time: 24-Sep-20 03:56:11.02200 Status:...
    created by pouple888
  • Store and list error codes from a Pi tag

    Hi, we have a PI tag called error codes. It shows the current error code. There are 600 different error codes.   How can I save the error codes and display a pareto of them over time? We are not using AF.  ...
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  • Considering PI Archive Performance when Selecting Compression Settings

    We are currently analyzing our PI tag compression settings to determine where we could strike a more optimal balance with performance and data fidelity.  To do so we started analyzing our tags using some software...
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  • PI ACE calculations remain in the "Starting"

    So I have a next problem: On Visual Studio 2013, I created a calculation, then I debugged, tested, registred as stated on the tutorial. So I could successfully create the dll file. The issue is that when I open PI AC...
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  • How to restore PI Primary Server Backup on PI Secondary Server

    How i can restore PI Primary server backup on PI Secondary server(new OS and same PI version's are installed on PI Secondary Server because secondary HDD got crashed). Please treat this as urgent.
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  • Data Integrity Checking

    We are working with a client who have a PI Collective and they have an in-house application that retrieves their Lab data and sends it to PI. The application can perform two function, Update & Delete. Since the u...
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  • unknown plug in

    hello guys,   Any help for this problem(unknown plugin)? what should I check first? This error found in the PI System Explore.   Regards,   Filza  
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  • PI Collective - Secondary server doesn't sync PI Point data

    Hi everybody,   I am trying to upgrade our currently PI system to an HA PI Collective. Everything seems to be okay, but when I manually added value to PI points in primary server, the same PI points in secondary...
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  • PI server not collecting data after machine restarted. Error status: -15017 and-10002

    Hi All,   Recently the machine running my PI server got crashed and then restarted. But after that the server is not collecting data: no new archive in Archive Editor and no new values in Current Value, through ...
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