• Writing data back using PI SQL Client

    Hello everyone, I would like to use PI SQL Client Technologies in order to write data back to the Archive Server. It seems to be today only possible though the PI SQL DAS OLEDB service. Is there a way to write back...
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  • PI OLEDB regarding

    PI OLEDB   We are still using PI-OLEDB-Enterprise_2012_.exe. With reference to upgrading Windows to 2012 in our company, was trying to download PI-OLEDB-Enterprise 2017 but it  shows as   ...
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  • Which bitness version of PI SQL programs does 32-bit Excel use on 64-bit Windows?

    I have spreadsheets that use Power Query in Excel to get data from PI using PI OLEDB Provider, PI OLEDB Enterprise, and/or PI SQL Client. I use 32-bit Excel on 64-bit Windows. When I refresh the queries, is Power Quer...
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  • Compare 2 DB for differences

    Is there a method to compare 2 DBs for the differences. For example, let's say this databases are the same but there may be new elements. How I can compare these two to find the elements that are one database that are...
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  • Is there a GetPIPoint Function for PI SQL Client?

    Hi PI Community! I recently found about the very handy Table-Valued Function in PI OLEDB Enterprise called GetPIPoint. This is a great way to get all PI points used in a part or the entire AF tree. I than tried to f...
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  • PI JDBC query: get archived values for a time frame, outside bounds

    Hello, I'm using PI SDL DAS with OLEDB Ent 2019 (we don't have AF 2018+ so I am unable to use RTQP as this time). What I'm trying to do is query archived values of attributes of a unit during the duration of an EF.&#...
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  • PI web vs PI JDBC

    Which PI technology is better to develop java client ? We heard that PI web API would be bit slower than PI JDBC. The solution should support on windows and  Linux operating systems. 
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  • how to use excel vba develope pi trend control

    In excel VBA, add an EXCELTRENDWIZARD Control. how to use this trend control to show some PI DATA curve? or In Excel VBA whitch control can I use to show some PI DATA trend?
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  • How to get

    How to get PI JDBC Driver How to get PI SQL Data Access Server (OLE DB) Install Kit How to get PI OLEDB Provider
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  • PI OLEDB Enterprise filter out elements with an element reference (link to an element in another place in the hierarchy)

    How does one filter out elements in Assets.Elements where one of the parents in it's path is a link in the elements hierarchy? PI Builder seems to remove these.  However, in Assets.ElementsHierarchy they look i...
    Marc Dunivan
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  • PI OLEDB Enterprise: Query Asset Framework Library Tables

    Is it possible via PI OLEDB Enterprise to query the tables in PI Asset Framework directly without using a "Table Lookup" data reference attribute?
    Marc Dunivan
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  • Does PI SQL Commander use AFSDK internally?Hello,

    Hello,   Woolgathering concepts for gathering PIDA, AF, and possibly non-AF SQL data within a external custom visualization tool.  As I am not on the development team, I wanted to use a PI tool that I could...
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  • Is there a PI SQL function to strip out the GUID and PointID from a PI Point data reference for query?

    I am using PI SQL to retrieve the element hierarchy configuration for some testing. The element attribute configString returns \\<PIServer>?<GUID>\<PITab>?<PIPointID>.   Result set ->...
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  • OleDb Enterprise not showing the correct record when queried by GUID

    Hi,   I am using PI OleDb to connect to a PI AF database.   If I query on the GUID shown on System Explorer I get the wrong object e.g.   select * from OPENQUERY([PI],'SELECT top 100 ev1.* FROM [ABB...
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  • Annotations made in PIVision available for reports

    With PIVision we are now able to add comments on eventframes. These comments are stored in "annotations" belonging to the EventFrame. These annotations also contain additional info, sucg as when and to whow notificati...
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  • Product Release: PI OLEDB Enterprise 2016 R2

    PI OLEDB Enterprise 2016 R2 is released 2016-10-27    OSIsoft is pleased to announce the general availability of PI OLEDB Enterprise 2016 R2, a member of the PI Developer Technologies suite of products...
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  • How to left outer join query using OleDB Enterprise?

    Hello all, I'm currently having trouble getting left outer joins working with PI, and OleDB. We're currently using PI Server 2012, and PI OleDB Enterprise 2016, and within the documentation I've read here: https://...
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  • I have manullay deleted the endtime of an Eventframe as the analysis closed this event due to long run and end event did not occur while backfilling the data.

    I have manually deleted the endtime of an Eventframe as the analysis closed this event due to long run and end event did not occur while backfilling the data. Now actually the end event was true after a long time I di...
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  • How to insert Tag Value Using PI OLEDB ?

    I am using win32com.client.Dispatch in python to insert Tag value into PI Database.   Code : def insert(self,query):             if self.isConnected(): ...
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  • Cannot connect to PI Server

    Hello everyone,   I cannot connect to my PI Server.   I have 3 machines in one domain. On the first one I have PI Server, second coresight and on the third one I uses PI SQL Commander. My problem occurs ...
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