• Writing data back using PI SQL Client

    Hello everyone, I would like to use PI SQL Client Technologies in order to write data back to the Archive Server. It seems to be today only possible though the PI SQL DAS OLEDB service. Is there a way to write back...
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  • PI OLEDB regarding

    PI OLEDB   We are still using PI-OLEDB-Enterprise_2012_.exe. With reference to upgrading Windows to 2012 in our company, was trying to download PI-OLEDB-Enterprise 2017 but it  shows as   ...
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  • Which bitness version of PI SQL programs does 32-bit Excel use on 64-bit Windows?

    I have spreadsheets that use Power Query in Excel to get data from PI using PI OLEDB Provider, PI OLEDB Enterprise, and/or PI SQL Client. I use 32-bit Excel on 64-bit Windows. When I refresh the queries, is Power Quer...
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  • Joining SQL and PI-OLEDB data

    I have a user who needs to do a SQL JOIN query between a table on a SQL server and our Production PI server via OLEDB.  Is that even remotely possible?    He's using Tibco's Spotfire for this, but I ca...
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  • PI web vs PI JDBC

    Which PI technology is better to develop java client ? We heard that PI web API would be bit slower than PI JDBC. The solution should support on windows and  Linux operating systems. 
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  • how to use excel vba develope pi trend control

    In excel VBA, add an EXCELTRENDWIZARD Control. how to use this trend control to show some PI DATA curve? or In Excel VBA whitch control can I use to show some PI DATA trend?
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  • Using PI OLEDB to run the TIMEEQ function, how do I format a tag.time value to be accepted by this function?

    The basic format I'm using is:        TimeEq ('Sinusoid', 'Snapshot.time - 30d', 'Snapshot.time', 0)   Since I suspected that the date math might be off, I also tried:   ...
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  • PI OLEDB [-11091] event collection exceeded the maximum allowed

    My PI OLEDB SQL statement is: "select top 1 time,value from picomp2 where tag='P1:PI11350' and time > '01/01/2008' and value > 363.0 order by time asc"   I got "[-11091] event collection exceeded the max...
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  • Does PI SQL Commander use AFSDK internally?Hello,

    Hello,   Woolgathering concepts for gathering PIDA, AF, and possibly non-AF SQL data within a external custom visualization tool.  As I am not on the development team, I wanted to use a PI tool that I could...
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  • How to get the next value in picomp2 using PI SQL family

    Hello,   I'm using picomp2 to search for times when a batch tag equals a certain batch number to get an appropriate estimate of when the batch started and ended. I realized that the last value the picomp2 query ...
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  • Try to use PI-OLEDB 2016 to get an interpolated archived value and interploated archived time

    I tried to use PI-OLEDB 2016 and found out either piinterp or piinterp2 table don't return the interpolated time for the returned value.  According to the User Guide, it doesn't change the 'time' I query.  I...
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  • I need to install PIOLEDB on my PC. What package do I need?

    I need to install PIOLEDB on my PC. What package do I need?.   I just need to write a couple of apps that access the tables. I do not want to break my data link or process book installations already on my box. ...
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  • Inserting multiple entries with SQL parameters?

    I am using ODBC/OLEDB Provider to insert data into the PI archive. I am using Python/pyodbc to submit these queries with SQL parameters.For a single entry this is working well:.   sql =  "INSERT INTO piarch...
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  • PiOLEDB: Query table piarchive.piinterp in combination with join

    Hello, is it possible to query the piarchive.piinterp table in combination with join? I want to query a lot of exact times of an pitag by using the sql server.   Example: Select * from [myDB].[dbo].[myTable] ...
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  • How to insert Tag Value Using PI OLEDB ?

    I am using win32com.client.Dispatch in python to insert Tag value into PI Database.   Code : def insert(self,query):             if self.isConnected(): ...
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  • PI OLEDB piplot table returned data

    Hi,   I was woundering how the returned data from piplot table is selected. In the PI OLEDB Data Provider Manuel there is just the following information:   Queries to the pilpot table return a set of values...
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  • how to change retrieval mode with SQL in Archive Table to get previous compressed time value? I can´t use a time interval.   I´m using a PI OLEDB Provider.   Thanks.

    how to change retrieval mode with SQL in Archive..picomp2 Table to get previous compressed time value?   I can´t use a time interval.   I´m using a PI OLEDB Provider.   Thanks.
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  • What's are some good ways to analyze event frame data?

    Hi PI Square. I'm working on a stats project trying to analyze some event frame data.  It's one of the first I've undertaken, and I was looking for some help!   Scope: 20'000+ event frames with 22 variable...
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  • PIOLEDB enterprise empty result

    Hello, I am preparing a report (in SSRS) extracting some data from PI via PIOLEDB Enterprise 2012 showing element path and an interpolated range over last 24h from DATAT area and have the following problem: When the...
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  • PIOLEDB and time parameters

    I trying to use PIOLEDB combined with SSRS parameters to view 50+ "assets"   The expression I'm trying to use is TimeEQ('TAG1',ST,ET,"Running")/86400 similar to PI Time Filtered in datalink   in SSRS query...
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