• how to use a 64 bit time when calling spPIPoint->Data->UpdateValue

    The following call from a Windows C++ application:       hr = spPIPoint->Data->UpdateValue(pPiVal->value, pPiVal->time.PiTimeVal.iTime, dmInsertDuplicates, NULL); works successfully when p...
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  • Compare 2 DB for differences

    Is there a method to compare 2 DBs for the differences. For example, let's say this databases are the same but there may be new elements. How I can compare these two to find the elements that are one database that are...
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  • Struggeling with Powershell's Set-AfAttribute

    Hi I am using Set-AFAttribute -AFAttribute xxx -Value yyy to write into AF's Attributes. So far so good, it works fine if it is a pure AF Attribute.   Now i am trying to write to an AFAttribute which represent...
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  • AFSDK afDB.FindChangedItems(AFIdentity.EventFrame, false, 1000, dbCookie, out dbNextCookie); is not working

    Hello, I am facing strange issue on AFSDK method "FindChangedItems" for finding changed EventFrames. This function is working perfect one AF Server, but it is not working on other AFServer. Let me explain you in de...
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  • SDK connections options

    it is possible to set a process in customer authentication parameters as shown in Figure
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  • PI OPC UA - extract error (PINS)

    I am getting the following error when trying to install PI-Connector-for-OPC-UA_1.3.0.130.exe     Digging into this a bit further it appears there is only a PINS_x64.msi in the extract location and t...
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  • Building a ProcessBook Display in C#

    Hey all,   I tried to ask this in PI Developers Club but there appears to be issues on the site posting in that area.   A little while back I had asked about creating a PI Vision display programmatical...
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  • Get TOTAL minutes a Tag was at value X

    I have a tag that is a 0 or a 1. I'm using Process book and code behind with VB (as required by the boss).   I need to write code that returns the TOTAL number of minutes a Tag-X was a value of 1.   Given ...
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  • how to use excel vba develope pi trend control

    In excel VBA, add an EXCELTRENDWIZARD Control. how to use this trend control to show some PI DATA curve? or In Excel VBA whitch control can I use to show some PI DATA trend?
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  • Access violation on initializing  PISDK in dll

    Hello,   I am trying to encapsulate meaningful Cpp PISDK functions in a dll, in order to use them using a different language.   The following example works fine for me as a standalone, but fails if I put...
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  • Hello, I want to send outlook mail using VBA, but unable to find the microsoft.Outlook library under references.

    Hello, I want to send outlook mail using VBA, but unable to find the microsoft.Outlook library under references. Tried browsing the file, but no luck !   Have written the below code to generate a mail via out...
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  • PI AF Version for development

    OK, so I'm going to write a small app to read my PI data and maybe later some AF data.    a. My PI server (also my AF server same box) has AF SDK version b. My development box has the same...
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  • CDR (Custom Data Reference) for assign Element Category

    I went thru AF SDK Couse, https://pisquare.osisoft.com/community/Learn-PI/developing-applications-with-PI-AF-SDK it was really excelent, but i cant figure out how to make an CDR (Custom Data Reference) for assign...
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  • PI SDK compatible avec Windows 10 ?

    Bonjour,   j'aimerais savoir si le kit de developpement permet une compatibilité avec l'environnement Windows 10 ?
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  • tooltip for graphic objects converted from process book to PI Vision

    Hi PI Users,   We need to maintain a tooltip-like functionality in PI Vision graphic. When mouse is over an object, corresponding information to be shown in tooltip window in multiple lines (tabular format)....
    created by JkJung
  • IAFAttribute Config String - how to trigger checkIn

    Hi, I have question, beacuse I have specific situation that I dont know how to handle...   Let say that Im managing attributes, saving values and changeing ConfigString of attribute, and lets focus on ConfigStri...
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  • How to evaluate analysis in .Net?

    I am able to write analysis and set values through .net(c#) , but how can we evaluate that through coding?
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  • PI SDK is it possible to search PIUnitBatches by Unit Name

    Hi everyone,   I have some trouble to find some a methode to search PIUnitBatches by Unit Name.   I am using the PIUnitBatchSearch Methode like this:           ...
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  • Save data to PI Server from asp.net application

    I made an application (recorder) on the web, which is to write data to the PI server. Unfortunately, they do not save them and I do not know why. Does it have to be the right user on the server where the application...
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  • validating format of pi tag

    Hello, How to validate the format of few tags  with a particular tag using c#? Thanks in advance.
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