• devdata.osisoft.com Certificate is expired.

    devdata.osisoft.com Certificate is expired. Gregor Beck could maybe check ?   ps i created also a ticket - 00785081  
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  • Web API Digital State Table Access?

    Does the Web API expose the Digital State table anywhere?
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  • Help with Python and PI Web API for a batch call to update PI Tag attributes

    I am working on automating this workflow rather than append in Excel. I have to set point and data security for some set of users or provide access to Analysis service. Got a great head-start from OSIsoft's Github. Ad...
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  • PI Web API Unresponsive for Some PI Tags

    Hi all,   I encountered an issue on PI Web API and below is the issue description.   Whenever I try to plot a trend on PI Vision -2019 for Sinusoid Tag, I could browse and and Plot as usual but whenever I ...
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  • Error during fetching data form pi web APi

    I have so sent many requests to pi web API. after sending some requests I am getting the below error. is there anyway way to resolve this issue without using the batch process. Thanks in advance. error messages  ...
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  • AFSDK afDB.FindChangedItems(AFIdentity.EventFrame, false, 1000, dbCookie, out dbNextCookie); is not working

    Hello, I am facing strange issue on AFSDK method "FindChangedItems" for finding changed EventFrames. This function is working perfect one AF Server, but it is not working on other AFServer. Let me explain you in de...
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  • Maximum number of channels for PI Web API

    Hi Does anybody know if there is a (recommended) maximum for number of channels a PI Web API can handle? We are experiencing that when terminating the channels, it will create high load on the PI Web API service.
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  • PI web vs PI JDBC

    Which PI technology is better to develop java client ? We heard that PI web API would be bit slower than PI JDBC. The solution should support on windows and  Linux operating systems. 
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  • How can I get the list of contacts including their emails

    Hi all,   Is there anyway to get the list of contacts using PI Web API.   I need to list them all in the application that I'm working on, that includes the Email, Phone numbers addresses etc.   &#...
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  • PI Web API vs PI JDBC

    Which PI technology is better to develop java client ? We heard that PI web API would be bit slower than PI JDBC. The solution should support on windows and  Linux operating systems. 
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  • PI Web API query to expose event frames

    Hi ALL, I am trying to create a PI Web API query to retrieve all the open EventFrames in an AF database along with their attributes and attribute values.    POST https://<HostName>/piwebapi/batch HTTP...
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  • PI Web API - Analysis Rule Creation

    Hello,   I'm now trying to create an Analysis Rule for the Analysis Template that I have created but I can't find a way how to do it.   I'm using this operation but the WebId of the Analysis Template that ...
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  • tooltip for graphic objects converted from process book to PI Vision

    Hi PI Users,   We need to maintain a tooltip-like functionality in PI Vision graphic. When mouse is over an object, corresponding information to be shown in tooltip window in multiple lines (tabular format)....
    created by JkJung
  • Access a pi web api outside localhost

    I have set up pi web api in a google cloud vm instance. I am able to access the pi web api server in the virtual machine. Is there a way to access it outside the vm.
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  • npm angular-piwebapi is missing

    I am unable to get angular-piwebapi any longer from npm. Where else I can get this? Thanks for your help.
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  • Web API Server/Database/Element revision timestamps?

    I am looking to implement some caching in a WebAPI application. In PI AF I see all kinds of version history including creation and modification. Does WebAPI expose that anywhere? Nothing is jumping out at me in the docs.
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  • Getting HTTP Code 400 from every request

    Using a browser from Windows works just fine, but when I try to use Curl from Linux I have a problem. What am I doing wrong?   kinit -f   to get a forwardable ticket curl -k --negotiate -u : -H "Acce...
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  • Can someone confirm - what changes the Web ID for an attribute?

    I cannot seem to find this definitely in the documentation.  Example is an AF element with attributes(s) which are PI point references.  If querying via the PI Web API - please confirm that a change to t...
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  • PI Web API POST request status 403

    Hi everyone, I have a problem regarding a post request to set a value for an attribute. I always get an 403 status. I do not have this problem with GET requests. I use UpdateValue POST streams/{webId}/value I se...
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  • Product Release: PI Web API 2016 R2

    PI Web API 2016 R2 is released 2016-10-24 OSIsoft is pleased to announce the general availability of PI Web API 2016 R2. The PI Web API is a suite of REST services that provide access to PI System data. The product ...
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