• devdata.osisoft.com Certificate is expired.

    devdata.osisoft.com Certificate is expired. Gregor Beck could maybe check ?   ps i created also a ticket - 00785081  
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  • Connecting Processbook VBA with SQL server

    Hi All,   It is possible to use Processbook(VBA) to connect to get data from SQL Server and display in Textbox of Processbook.   If yes, any example to assist me. 
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  • PI OLEDB regarding

    PI OLEDB   We are still using PI-OLEDB-Enterprise_2012_.exe. With reference to upgrading Windows to 2012 in our company, was trying to download PI-OLEDB-Enterprise 2017 but it  shows as   ...
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  • AFSDK afDB.FindChangedItems(AFIdentity.EventFrame, false, 1000, dbCookie, out dbNextCookie); is not working

    Hello, I am facing strange issue on AFSDK method "FindChangedItems" for finding changed EventFrames. This function is working perfect one AF Server, but it is not working on other AFServer. Let me explain you in de...
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  • PI JDBC query: get archived values for a time frame, outside bounds

    Hello, I'm using PI SDL DAS with OLEDB Ent 2019 (we don't have AF 2018+ so I am unable to use RTQP as this time). What I'm trying to do is query archived values of attributes of a unit during the duration of an EF.&#...
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  • Batch Requests process in pi web api using nodejs

    Hi  Could you please help  me on how to work with batch requests in pi web api using nodejs to access multiple requests in single http request    Thanks  Tarak
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  • PI Web API vs PI JDBC

    Which PI technology is better to develop java client ? We heard that PI web API would be bit slower than PI JDBC. The solution should support on windows and  Linux operating systems. 
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  • RTQP

    I 'm trying to create a new RTQP with PI SQL Commander Lite to retrieve data, but show this error.
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  • PIDatalink function PITimeFilterVal

    Hi Community, I would to know if there is an equivalent function for the PITimeFilterVal(PIDatalink)   for pioledb tables. declare @s_Expression varchar(MAX) declare @s_StartTime datetime2 declare ...
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  • Data reading performance

    Hi,   Does anyone have info on the difference in performance of reading data from the PI Server between OLDB client, OLEDB client or directly through the SDK?   Thanks!
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  • Values are showing up in the "Status Column" while retrieving data from PI OLEDB

    Hi All, I am observing a weird problem while retrieving data of a PE tag from PI server using PI OLEDB (MMC & SQL Commander), the values of tag are showing up in the "Status Column" and I observed this only for f...
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  • How to change PI AF retrieval mode with SQL to get previous compressed time value?

    In this video I see mention of a retrieval mode http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L43IPKXVopI.   What SQL query can I use to change the retrieval mode?   I want to get the previous compressed tag t...
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  • SQL statements in database reference

    I have two tables on a sql server. I would like to get the last name of an individual in the personnel table. The id of the person is located in another table  as "operatorId". I have both tables linked as tables...
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  • Creating a Trend from a Data Set/SQL Database Information

    Good morning PI users!   I've recently been trying to include more and more information from our SQL database into our Process displays (i.e. fault summation and current active step).  However, I'm at an...
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  • Newest record in table

    In AF linked a table that contains a field when the record was created. The join statement when I created the link returns one record. How can I pull out the oaId from the table using DR. Can't figure a where clause t...
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  • Unable to update specific events in picomp2

    Hi all,   I need to update values of historical events in picomp2, using JDBC.   For some events it is possible, however for others, JDBC fails to update them, and 'false' below means no record was u...
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  • Need to know the configuration for communication to PI database

    Hi,   I am new to PI server.I am developed the java application to communication with PI database through the PI RDBS & PI JDBC interfaces in same machine.   My requirement is each system to inte...
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  • Is it possible to write the data in PI database using PI JDBC

    Hi,   Please help.Is it possible to write the data in PI database using PI JDBC?.I am able to read the data by using PI jdbc.But I don't know how to push the data in PI database.   Please share some ...
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  • How to write the DML commands into PI database?

    Hi,   I have one requirement states that the lighting subsystem will have the temperature,luminous etc as a parameters to be stored in PI database as well there can be multiple subsystems also.   Is ...
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  • JDBC: PreparedStatement paremeters do not work

    Hi all,   In JDBC using paramters in PreparedStatement, the result is different from using normal SQL.   For these two cases:     @Test     public void test1() throws ...
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