• PI OLEDB Enterprise Connectivity from client issue

    Hello,   So I went through the following KB article installing PI OLEDB Enterprise: https://customers.osisoft.com/s/knowledgearticle?knowledgeArticleUrl=How-to-configure-a-linked-server-with-PI-OLEDB-Ente&...
    created by mchung
  • How To Install OsiSoft With Active Directory Integration.

    Hi, I have a licensed version of OSISoft, I want to install it on machine with active directory integration, Is there anyone to guide me in this regard any helpful material will be appreciated,    Thank You,
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  • Error when installing PI Datalink 2019 - windows 10

    Hi, We've been trying to install PI Datalink on my computer (64-bit windows 10 - office 2010) at my company. However the installation returns the error : Installation of PI DataLink has failed. Setup return code 160...
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  • How could I map Array on OPC server to scalar variables?

    I have been told that PI Interface or sth can map the array variable into scalars, but I don't know how-to. Could somebody tell me that?
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  • PI Security through PI Web API

    I had some questions related to the security involving PI Web API.   I would like to brief some points regarding the environment/solution -   1.We are using basic authentication and are encrypting the user...
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  • PI SQL Cast TimeSpan to Int32

    Is there a way to cast a TimeSpan to Int32 within a PI SQL query?
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  • Decimal issue with PI Web API response

    I am using PI Web API to stream PI AF data. There is a requirement that certain numbers should be shown with 2 decimal places. I configured those AF attributes with  "DisplayDigits"="2". On AF these show corre...
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  • how to use a 64 bit time when calling spPIPoint->Data->UpdateValue

    The following call from a Windows C++ application:       hr = spPIPoint->Data->UpdateValue(pPiVal->value, pPiVal->time.PiTimeVal.iTime, dmInsertDuplicates, NULL); works successfully when p...
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  • How to access the AF tables

       I developed a CRUD using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Node which I will access through PI VIsion. However, I am a beginner in the PI environment and do not know how to access the AF tables, moreover I n...
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  • Writing data back using PI SQL Client

    Hello everyone, I would like to use PI SQL Client Technologies in order to write data back to the Archive Server. It seems to be today only possible though the PI SQL DAS OLEDB service. Is there a way to write back...
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  • PI Web API queries

    I am new to PI Web API and am trying to stream data from PI Web API. I have to read the values from my AF solution. Current I am using the streamset functionality at element level. Below is the http call -  ht...
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  • Personalized functions

    Hello..I want to drop by and ask a technical question about PI AF, it is possible to make your own function on PI AF (not via Analysis Template), function configured like Abs, coth...etc. ? Thanks 
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  • Web API Digital State Table Access?

    Does the Web API expose the Digital State table anywhere?
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  • OMF v1.1: An AF element template is created for each PI tag

    Hi,    We have been exploring OMF with PI web API. This results in an AF element template to be created for each PI tag.   Message formats are as shown below followed by the screenshots of AF template...
    created by Jyotig02
  • Connecting PI Processbook with SQL Server Automatically

    Good morning there!   Is there any way to immediately sign in to a protected database when opening a PI display?   Right now I have PI Calculations performing sql queries and pulling back specific TOP 1 ...
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  • I want to build a list in ProcessBook VBA and export to an Excel file?

    I would like to create a list of tagnames on a display and export them to an Excel file.  I suppose a generic .txt file would work too.  I cannot figure out how to open Excel via ProcessBook VBA however, muc...
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  • PI Generic Names Installer Needed By PI SMT?

    I am not installing PI ICU with PI System Management Tools 2015 R2.  Do I still need to install PI Generic Names .MSI (PI GenericNamesSetup.msi)?
    Marc Dunivan
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  • What happens behind the scenes when you change the Point Type of a long established Point?

    Hypothetical situation:   Lets say you have a Pi point that has had a Point Type of Int32 since it's creation X months ago and you change that Point Type to Float32 in the PI SMT; what happens behind the scenes?...
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  • Which bitness version of PI SQL programs does 32-bit Excel use on 64-bit Windows?

    I have spreadsheets that use Power Query in Excel to get data from PI using PI OLEDB Provider, PI OLEDB Enterprise, and/or PI SQL Client. I use 32-bit Excel on 64-bit Windows. When I refresh the queries, is Power Quer...
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  • Powershell script for Backfill/Recalculate

    I've been told by quite a few people in tech support that PowerShell is very ... powerfull and can do a lot of different things.  I'm trying to teach myself the capabilities but it seems hard to find good documen...
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