• RTQP connection Error

      I 'm trying to create a new RTQP with PI SQL Commander Lite to retrieve data, but show this error.
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  • Hello, I want to send outlook mail using VBA, but unable to find the microsoft.Outlook library under references.

    Hello, I want to send outlook mail using VBA, but unable to find the microsoft.Outlook library under references. Tried browsing the file, but no luck !   Have written the below code to generate a mail via out...
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  • Using PI OLEDB to run the TIMEEQ function, how do I format a tag.time value to be accepted by this function?

    The basic format I'm using is:        TimeEq ('Sinusoid', 'Snapshot.time - 30d', 'Snapshot.time', 0)   Since I suspected that the date math might be off, I also tried:   ...
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  • How to locate Excluded Attributes using PowerShell?

    I'm unable to retrieve Excluded Attributes using the normal methods in PowerShell. I am able to retrieve the correct number of attributes for an element in an array, however once I trim the list down any further it w...
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  • PI Web API query to expose event frames

    Hi ALL, I am trying to create a PI Web API query to retrieve all the open EventFrames in an AF database along with their attributes and attribute values.    POST https://<HostName>/piwebapi/batch HTTP...
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  • AFSDK Library Reference

    Hello team,   I am looking for AFSDK Library reference I want to use as 'help' during .net application development   Can you help me?   Thx
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  • How to get all Analysis of any particular element template

    Can we extract list of all analysis going on on a particular element template?
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  • PI AF Version for development

    OK, so I'm going to write a small app to read my PI data and maybe later some AF data.    a. My PI server (also my AF server same box) has AF SDK version b. My development box has the same...
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  • jdbc

    Hi,   I am using 2018 JDBC Driver and unable to connect to DAS Server. I am using this url   jdbc:pioledb://<server name>/Data Source=<data src name>;Integrated Security=SSPI;   DAS is 20...
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  • Fetch archived values of tags over a time range and perform average

    Hi,  I want to fetch archived values of tags based of frequency over a time range and perform average on those values. I tried in two ways as below. But I am getting error saying "Object reference not set to an ...
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  • CDR (Custom Data Reference) for assign Element Category

    I went thru AF SDK Couse, https://pisquare.osisoft.com/community/Learn-PI/developing-applications-with-PI-AF-SDK it was really excelent, but i cant figure out how to make an CDR (Custom Data Reference) for assign...
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  • DataLink read, write values SMT DataArquive

    Hello All   The pitulval function code, I noticed that before WRITE for the SMT DataArchive, we need to first READ the TAGs to confirm whether or not SMT DataArchive exists values for such TAGs in their timestam...
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  • PIServer is missing from OSIsoft.AF.PI namespace

    I am developing an application using VB.Net and OSIsoft AF SDK. I would like to use the PIServer and PIServers classes but, in the version I have (2.6.2), they are absent from the expected namespace. Am I missing an a...
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  • Fail simple PI API base code

    Hello,   I have to use the PI API for a project.   Since the example code had been removed, I recover an older example on the internet. It connects with piut_connect Piut_netserverinfo and piut_isconne...
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  • Can AF-ExportXml export entire database?

       We have a need to copy an entire AF database from our Production environment to our Test environment for testing new AF.  We can't use the PI Connector because we want EVERYTHING copied, and PI ...
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  • AFSDK analysis creation error

    Hi,   I am creating analysis using AFSDK and I have successfully create few of them but while creating one of the analysis i am getting below error:   Unrecognized configuration setting 'ScanClass :' in 'S...
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    PI PROCESSBOOK Crash error   I am developing dashboard on PI PROCESS Book 2015 R2 SP2A but its crashing less then a minute I uninstall the same and try with different version but its giving me same error
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  • How to make pi datalink function resize it's array automatically  ?

    We have PI DATALINK function which generates data in every min.  However, I get this message in the last  cell ( resize to show all values) . I do the resizing manually by clicking apply ...
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  • What would be the best method to find all attributes that use a specific UOM.

    If someone created a specific UOM and used it somewhere within a database that has lots of elements and attributes. What would be the best way to find those attributes (attribute path). Can this easily be done with A...
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  • Delete Value with PIWEBAPI

    Hi All,   Is that possible to delete value(s) with the PI Web API?   Thanks in advance Regards Bertrand
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