• Error during fetching data form pi web APi

    I have so sent many requests to pi web API. after sending some requests I am getting the below error. is there anyway way to resolve this issue without using the batch process. Thanks in advance. error messages  ...
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  • Find max value from group of attributes - AF SDK

    Hello,   So, I am writing a minor to find the maximum value from a group of element attributes.  Here's what I am doing so far:   Using an AFElementSearch to find all elements based on a specific elem...
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  • Struggeling with Powershell's Set-AfAttribute

    Hi I am using Set-AFAttribute -AFAttribute xxx -Value yyy to write into AF's Attributes. So far so good, it works fine if it is a pure AF Attribute.   Now i am trying to write to an AFAttribute which represent...
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  • Is there a way to "Retrieve Selected Object" in VBA from the DataLink?

    Is there a way to "Retrieve Selected Object" in VBA from the DataLink? I want to search and get all the pi tags that contain "*-YV*PV*". I know there are other ways to do this (Pi Web API, Pi builder Add In), but i am...
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  • pipc32.xll doesn't work

    Hi to everyone! My problem is: I use Pi DataLink from  1 year but today excel doesn't  recognise PIPC32.xll add-in   Is there anyone that can help me   Thanks
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  • Can AF-ExportXml export entire database?

       We have a need to copy an entire AF database from our Production environment to our Test environment for testing new AF.  We can't use the PI Connector because we want EVERYTHING copied, and PI ...
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  • SDK connections options

    it is possible to set a process in customer authentication parameters as shown in Figure
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  • How to get and send data to PI using Python? Thanks

    Hello, I'm new in PI, I know few things, I want to get data from PI to python scripts and apply machine learning and send results (values) back to PI, like another TAG, and take advantages from PI infrastructure: hist...
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  • Getting results into AFValue for Data Reference

    Hello!   So, I have started writing my Data Reference to pull PI Tag attribute values into AF attributes.  To familiarize myself with the AFSDK, first I wrote a little standalone forms program to do this - ...
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  • Create data reference to retrieve tag attributes

    Hello,   I am looking to create a custom data reference which would permit me to populate an AF attribute with the value of a Data Archive tag attribute.  So, I would supply the server, tag, and attribute n...
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  • Joining SQL and PI-OLEDB data

    I have a user who needs to do a SQL JOIN query between a table on a SQL server and our Production PI server via OLEDB.  Is that even remotely possible?    He's using Tibco's Spotfire for this, but I ca...
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  • Different Time Formats When Using SelectedFields Parameter

    I am querying the web API to get a list of event frames from an asset database (assetdatabases/{webId}/eventframes)   If I query it without the 'selectFields' parameter, the event frame StartTime and EndTime val...
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  • Get only updated data

    Hi  How to get data only updated data of webids using batch process    Thanks  Tarak
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  • PI OPC UA - extract error (PINS)

    I am getting the following error when trying to install PI-Connector-for-OPC-UA_1.3.0.130.exe     Digging into this a bit further it appears there is only a PINS_x64.msi in the extract location and t...
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  • PI BA reading PI Point engunit instead AF converted UOM

    Hi Community,   We recently encountered one issue with configuration display discrepancy in PI-BAI  from AF. BA Integrator taking eng unit from the AF attribute’s default unit BEFORE the co...
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  • Maximum number of channels for PI Web API

    Hi Does anybody know if there is a (recommended) maximum for number of channels a PI Web API can handle? We are experiencing that when terminating the channels, it will create high load on the PI Web API service.
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  • Add Element with PI Powershell

    Hello everyone!   I am trying to create a Element with PI Powershell and on Powershell enviroment the element is created but it do not appears on PI System Explorer. This is my code:   $afServer = Ge...
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  • Unable to connect to PI Server.Verify the local pinetmgr service and the remote PI system are running

    I get Verify the local pinetmgr service and the remote PI system are running error message when I try to connect from host machine which has the interface node to the PI server.   It was working smoo...
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  • Building a ProcessBook Display in C#

    Hey all,   I tried to ask this in PI Developers Club but there appears to be issues on the site posting in that area.   A little while back I had asked about creating a PI Vision display programmatical...
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  • Pi web api R client getSummary

    Hi  I use Pi web api service in R and I'm want to calculate the total value from a tag for a period of time. After some searches, it seems getSummary is the way to go. I have written the following code: piWebApi...
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