• PI SDK compatible avec Windows 10 ?

    Bonjour,   j'aimerais savoir si le kit de developpement permet une compatibilité avec l'environnement Windows 10 ?
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  • How to get compress-data using PISDK

    Hi All,   Could you please help me get get compressdata using PI-SDK.   Data required in the below format       66QA103B 17-Apr-19 18:30:00 8.2 18-Apr-19 00:30:00 11 18-Apr-19 08:20:0...
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  • PI OLEDB [-11091] event collection exceeded the maximum allowed

    My PI OLEDB SQL statement is: "select top 1 time,value from picomp2 where tag='P1:PI11350' and time > '01/01/2008' and value > 363.0 order by time asc"   I got "[-11091] event collection exceeded the max...
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  • I want to build a list in ProcessBook VBA and export to an Excel file?

    I would like to create a list of tagnames on a display and export them to an Excel file.  I suppose a generic .txt file would work too.  I cannot figure out how to open Excel via ProcessBook VBA however, muc...
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  • Getting error - The function evaluation requires all thread to run

    HI All,   Getting the below error in C#.Net using PI SDK error || The function evaluation requires all thread to run Code || piPtVals = piPtData.InterpolatedValues2(sDateTime, sEndTime, strStep, "", PISDK.F...
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  • AFListData.UpdateValues

    Hi,   New to the PI system and AF but coming from the RDBMS world!   We are currently investigating the feasability to rewrite an old SQL-based system (where times series data resides in Oracle), to a syst...
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  • Manual Values Entry Bulletin

    Hello,   The vba Excel script is an example to use the PIPutVal function (reference to file piexam32.xls) to write typed values, (laboratory values), with number of TAGs (in this example eleven TAGs: TAG1, TAG2,...
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  • PI Web API - Analysis Rule Creation

    Hello,   I'm now trying to create an Analysis Rule for the Analysis Template that I have created but I can't find a way how to do it.   I'm using this operation but the WebId of the Analysis Template that ...
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  • PI Vision

    Hi All, i had created so many dashboard into the pi vision and i want to display on one display into the home page (all display), for that home page display will navigate to other ones. please suggest something for...
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  • How to get

    How to get PI JDBC Driver How to get PI SQL Data Access Server (OLE DB) Install Kit How to get PI OLEDB Provider
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  • tooltip for graphic objects converted from process book to PI Vision

    Hi PI Users,   We need to maintain a tooltip-like functionality in PI Vision graphic. When mouse is over an object, corresponding information to be shown in tooltip window in multiple lines (tabular format)....
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  • JDBC setup file not available

    I am new to PI server. I have to design a system to fetch data from an existing Pi server. I have the required user credentials and query to fetch the data. My program is written in java. I read about the JDBC driver ...
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  • IAFAttribute Config String - how to trigger checkIn

    Hi, I have question, beacuse I have specific situation that I dont know how to handle...   Let say that Im managing attributes, saving values and changeing ConfigString of attribute, and lets focus on ConfigStri...
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  • Sampled Values with PowerShell

    I am trying to get sampled, interpolated (at 30 second intervals), evenly spaced data using PowerShell but am having some issues. Using Get-PIValue I'm able to get an interpolated value by using a single timestamp bu...
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  • How to evaluate analysis in .Net?

    I am able to write analysis and set values through .net(c#) , but how can we evaluate that through coding?
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  • Best practice for high performance / throughput reading

    What is the best practice to achieve high performance for a single read query in AF SDK and/or PI Web API?   My use cases is that I want to fetch large amounts out of data out of PI for machine learning purposes...
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  • Manual Data Collection and Visualization through Microsoft Excel

    Our customer has specific needs regarding a manual data collection project from the Mill operators. Currently the operators  use paper print-outs form some Excel sheets with lots of cells (dozens..) Requirements:...
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  • PI SDK is it possible to search PIUnitBatches by Unit Name

    Hi everyone,   I have some trouble to find some a methode to search PIUnitBatches by Unit Name.   I am using the PIUnitBatchSearch Methode like this:           ...
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  • AF Hierarchies comparison between environments

    Hi ALL,   We have cases where we want to compare PI AF hierarchies from two different environments(elements as well as their attributes). We do have some solutions in place, one way we extract hierarchies from s...
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  • Access a pi web api outside localhost

    I have set up pi web api in a google cloud vm instance. I am able to access the pi web api server in the virtual machine. Is there a way to access it outside the vm.
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