• Name Operator "Unknown" PI Manual Logger

    good day, I am trying to implement the Pi manual logger WEB, and I have a difficulty with the identification of the operator who enters the information. When it is entered through the manual logger application, the us...
    created by jvelasquez
  • Is there a cost to visualizing data?

    If I have an Arduino-based energy meter, how can I visualize the data output on the Pi Server and your tools?
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  • Opening 5 different .pdi on 5 different screens automatically

    Hi All,   We use PI Process Book at our organization to monitor the mills KPI's.   The issue we are facing is that the operator is unwilling to learn how to open and move each .pdi manually, they want all ...
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  • Manual logger user getting could not retrive data

    Hi Community,   One of the PI ML web users getting "Could not retrieve data" though he is part of AD security group(granted required permission on SQL DB), PIML users on desktop applications.   Getting "50...
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  • time-series data table for PI Vision

    Hello everyone, we're looking for a possibility, to display time-series data in a table style. The table should simply consist of the columns PI AF Attribute | Value | Timestamp and should display the values...
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  • PI Manual Logger Web customize JavaScript behavior to switch to grid view and collapse by default

    PI Manual Logger Web is a great out of the box tool but when used on iPad and iPhone, every touch counts in the plant. Providing techs with as few clicks as possible is key. 'Switch to grid data entry view' by defaul...
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  • Is it possible/configurable to use Check Boxes for Digital State Tags?

    Is it possible/configurable to use Check Boxes for Digital State Tags , instead of the standard Combo boxes?
    created by Rob.van.Ginkel
  • Making fields dependent on each other in PI Manual Logger

    I have a number of PI Manual Logger tours that the user enters ore volumes and percentages by type.  My expectation is that the user would enter a tonnage of material and an ore percentage by ore type and save th...
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  • Required Port number for PI ML Web Server

    can i know what is the required port number to be open for PI Manual Logger Web Server?
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  • Manual Logger Web Multiple Filters

    Hi, I'm configuring filters for my Manual Logger Web tours, I want to filter then with multiple filters. One tour can have multiple filter, but it turns out that the tour is only displayed if all filters of that tou...
    created by alexbarata
  • In PiProcessbook the value was configured multi states, so that you could change the color of the font (text) of the value, in PiVision I could not do the same, is it possible to do it? How to do it? Now what I have observed is that the multi-state shades

    I would like PiVision  in a display to be able to changue the text color or font color of a value, accordin to its state (value is multistate) and not the background of the value.
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  • Setup tag that indicates only "open/close" position in DCS.

    I have tag in DCS that only indicates "open or "close" position in DCS.  I believe there are 2 options to setup this tag in PI . 1) Setup tag as float 32 & it would indicate 0 or 1. Would you recommend to ha...
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  • Manual Logger Web customization

    Hello PI community.   I'd like to know if it is possible to customize the appearance of Manual Logger Web with a custom logo or at least just by changing the colors.  Has anybody tried this before? We are a...
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  • PI Manual Logger Web - Connection error

    I am using windows authentication and asp.net impesonation. Also Sql server is connected through sql server authentication. Can you please guide me where I am wrong. I have kept the bypassauth to false as well. I ha...
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  • Upgrading Pi Manual Logger Handheld Device

    My power plant has used Pi Manual logger for several years. The current system software has been upgraded to Pi Manual Logger 2014 R2. The current handheld rounds keeper is an old, almost obsolete, Motorola MC55 runni...
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  • Integrando o PI Data Archive, AF e Manual Logger

    Bom dia, pessoal.   Alguém já utilizou o PI Manual Logger para imput de dados, tratando-os dentro do AF e historiando no PI data Archive?   Obrigada.
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  • Thoughts on Data Visualization and Dashboard Design?

    Hi Everyone,   I have been giving a lot of thought and study to data visualization and specifically dashboard design. I gave a presentation at TechCon and was wondering what other's thoughts are on the subject. ...
    Lonnie Bowling
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