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Me neither. Actually, we don't translate the product name. But we are translating everything else!


In RtWebParts version 2.2, released last September, we made the last of a series of internationalization changes to the product, to put us in an ideal position for subsequent localization. This localization work is now underway, and soon you'll see language packs released to support RtWebParts in the following eight languages (in addition to the base version in English):

  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Korean
  • French

Look for these language packs on our download site early next year.

Here we are: November 17th, official launch of OSIsoft's Virtual Campus!


Starting today, everybody can apply to get a vCampus subscription, so we count on all of you to spread the word to other developers and integrators! Let's make this community a success, by sharing the good news and starting to collaborate on the discussion forums and the blogs. Ask questions, share thoughts and ideas, we want to hear everything (well, almost J) you have to say!


And please don't hesitate to let the vCampus team ( know about how we could improve the site... send suggestions and ideas, report bugs, etc.


Happy development and collaboration!

I am looking forward to 5 great days at the Microsoft TechEd Developers 2008 EMEA. Microsoft brought about 4000 developers and IT professionals together. We are here in the city of Barcelona that has some warm and sunny days prepared for us.


So what is the news to expect? The first keynote did provide us a glimpse of what visual studio 2010 will get us – and I can tell you this looks good!


Later this week we will hear about green computing – a theme that has been picked up by more and more people with the raising energy costs to operate a data center.


So stay tuned for more to come…

As the sun sets on the 2008 User Conference in Amsterdam, I have an even greater appreciation of the breadth and diversity of our tremendous customer base. During the opening session when almost half of the attendes acknowledged never attending one of our previous User Conferences. In all likelihood, this was the first formal presentation most of these attendees have seen from OSIsoft.


As a part of the marketing team, I am reminded of our charter to get the word out about the PI System. Then the challenge comes … How? In our technological age, these blogs provide a great way for OSIsoft and our customers to keep up to date with the latest buzz. Over the coming months, we will be sharing ideas, asking questions and listening a lot.


What was your favorite moment from the UC? Share your ideas whether it was meeting a colleague, learning a new fact about OSIsoft or the canal cruise on our closing night. I am interested in knowing.





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