Live, from the UC 2009!

Blog Post created by cescamilla on Apr 1, 2009

You can feel the eagerness in the air of this fresh morning tainted by the smell of Transpara's coffee machine, distant noises make us aware of the day that is about to begin. This is a dawn for a new year, OSIsoft's new year, it will be marked with new developments, fresh ideas, new content, and more news than even before. In a constant evolving world and with Microsoft telling us that they do not have a plan for the next 6 months as there is no visibility into what the future will bring we realize that one full year has passed and now it is time for a wake up call.




It is OSIsoft's 20th User Conference, a place were OSIsoft's employees and Customers discuss all things alike, from games' scores to new jokes, technical questions, use cases, family updates, and the good old fashion catch-up game that societies and families like to play. And that is exactly what we are, a big family.


And it all begins with the founder and CEO of OSIsoft giving and interesting and insightful speech about technology, stupid grids and everything, it was amazing for the customers that didn't had the chance to attend a previous Users Conference and refreshing for the lucky ones that have had the chance to attend before.






I hope to see the community members at the vCampus Live!