OSIsoft Live 2009! Success at the PI Geek retreat!

Blog Post created by mmiller on Dec 7, 2009

The first OSIsoft vCampus Live! event is over, it was a huge success. Thanks to all of you who could join us, making this experience so memorable.


There was a lot to do, enough fantastic food and information for a week (maybe two). We heard most of you really got a lot of great information out of it (which created 18 new vCampus subscribers in 2 days!).




We all had the chance to talk to the developers and product managers on most OSIsoft products, including AF, PI Server, PI Notifications, AF SDK and PI SDK and had a in-depth look at the new products and features. Which, in retrospect was a long list!


This year we introduced a few new concepts for the event, such as the Technology Roundtables and 2 Extreme Code Review sessions - one was the Element Relative Display (ERD) add-in presented by the PI ProcessBook team and the other one was Micheal van der Veeken’s personal project LinqToPI. Thanks for sharing the code. The feedback was very positive, and we'll look to include them again next year.


A sizable group of attendees stayed with us for the third day and participated in the Hands-On Learning Labs, which feature more than 40 different exercises to choose from, a free USB with the documentation, help from many qualified people and the chance to take the printed book with you if you felt it was not too big.  I counted 17 new labs this year with an impressive range of topics.  I will look forward to hearing the feedback on those.


News announcements made on the event include the Event Frames CTP (which is available now in OSIsoft vCampus - see here), the StreamInsight CTP (within the next few weeks) as well as details on the next Users Conference (see here). We hope to see you there!


Another exciting announcement was the "OSIsoft vCampus All-Star" program - similar to Microsoft MVP, we will be recognizing our best contributors in the community. The nominees will be announced at OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2010 and will benefit from the following.

  • Personal blog
  • Forum moderator privileges
  • Free admission to the OSIsoft Users Conference and OSIsoft vCampus Live! Events in the next year.
  • Option to take part in the OSIsoft vCampus Team weekly meetings
  • Free 1-year subscription or renewal to OSIsoft vCampus

So, we invite all of you to actively participate in the community. Share your knowledge and give your feedback.  Like all communities if everyone adds a little bit, the whole community becomes enriched.


Along the way our event managed to give a little back to the community too!  The food we didn't get a chance to eat, was donated to Special E who made sure it found it's way to local shelters, along with repurposing our signage and conference materials.  Twenty-one attendees donated thier new jacket to the Institude on Aging which helps diabled adults and seniors with independant living.  Thank-you for that! And lastly, we upgraded our dinner wine to include LookOut Ridge Library Cabernet, which was very popular at Wednesday's Keynote Dinner.  That was a good thing, becuase 7 wheelchairs were donated to the Wheelchair Foundation to help those in need world-wide through that investment.


By the way, this year (if you were not here) you missed out on quite a few interesting presentations like: “Connecting Custom Web Parts to OSIsoft PI Web Parts”, “Hacking your way to more secure code”, “Programming with Event Frames”, “1001 uses for PI Web Services”, “Metadata Replication in AF”, “Architecture and Deployment concerns” and the closing note “OSIsoft and Microsoft: Future Direction”.  I especially liked the session on PI integration with Surface, but then again, I am a geek!


Work has already started for next years event.  We have lots of great ideas and are poring though all of your feedback.  Once we get a handle on all of that we'll post the details for next years dates.


Thank-you all for making it a great experience!  Hope to see you again next year!