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We've determined that a call to InsertPIData immediately following an IISReset can cause the web service to hang.  A forthcoming release of the PI SDK in the near term fixes the problem.  In the meantime, the work-around is very simple: make a call, any call, to GetPIArchiveData or GetPISummaryData.  The call performs some necessary initialization and subsequent calls to InsertPIData complete successfully.

Starting a new career...

Posted by spilon Aug 25, 2010

As some of you may have noticed already, I am starting a new career (still at OSIsoft, don't worry ).


And no, I'm not talking about my recent attempts at being a geeky video star...


Like here: watch_5F00_video_5F00_steve1.png  or here:  watch_5F00_video_5F00_steve2.png




In fact I moved from the vCampus team to the Product Management group: I am now the Product Manager for the PI Data Access products, which include our SQL tools (OLEDB, OLEDB Enterprise, JDBC), the OPC DA/HDA Server, PI Web Services, etc.


As you can imagine, I will still be involved in the vCampus community but in a slightly different manner: going from a pure "tech support" and "architectural guidance" type of contribution, we will start working together to take those products where you and the rest of the community need them to be, to deliver value to you and your customers.


Consequent to my move, a new member joined the OSIsoft vCampus team: Ahmad Fattahi, from our headquarter. Welcome Ahmad!! Together with Andreas (Germany), Cristobal Escamilla (Mexico) and Han Yong (Singapore), they will continue to assist you with your PI development and integration projects, and delivering high-value, high-quality content like our webinars and other technical content.


And let's not forget the vCampus All-Stars... as we pointed out earlier this year, the first group of vCampus All-Stars will be nominated at this year's OSIsoft vCampus Live! event - it's still time to send your nomitations and highlight those who have been really useful to you! Help get them their hands on the nice All-Star package and who knows, maybe this will be you next year!


Alright, enough bla-bla... now go back to work!
No, seriously, I am looking forward to continuing this great relationship we have, and hope to see you in September at OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2010



PI ACE 2010 continues towards release - with a beta available here on vCampus in the vCampus download center > pre-release category. PI ACE 2010 includes support for multiple schedulers, native 64bit and Visual Studio 2010 along with performance enhancents.
Over on the PI ACE discussion forum, there is a thread - ACE talk at vCampus 2010 - Got Ideas? - requesting input on what ACE content you would like to see and hear at vCampus Live 2010!


Development is almost feature complete, documentation and testing continue for PI for StreamInsight. PI for StreamInsight are adapters for Microsoft StreamInsight, enabling data access to the PI System for application developers. vCampus Live 2010 will include a talk about StreamInsight where after a quick overview we plan to show examples of how PI for StreamInsight Adapters can be used with StreamInsight. There is a webinar available from earlier this year which provides an overview and a CTP available in the vCampus download center > pre-release category.


Pondering what a LINQ query is and how you would do a sample query to get a count of events so that you could write the value to PI? An example snippet of .NET C# code that makes a LINQ has been posted on the PI for StreamInsight discussion forum.


There is also work ongoing in the Analtyics space related to Configured Analytics, nothing additional to share publicly at this time, just to let you know!


Glenn Moffett | OSIsoft - Product Management

If you are not yet convinced about the value of attending this year's OSIsoft vCampus Live! event, I invite you to check out the latest announcement about it. It highlights some of the key items on the agenda, amongst many other technical sessions.


Not sure OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2010 is for you? If you reading this blog post, that means you are a dealing with PI technology at one level or another and this event is definitely for you: you will experience a unique blend of in-depth PI System technology presentations from OSIsoft, customers and partners, as well as innovative ways to interact with your professional peers, and a lot of fun!


Check this out and register soon... September 13th is coming fast!





Imagine a production environment where there are three substances A, B, and C necessary for production. These three substances come from two minerals to be purchased at variable going price of the market. This price is provided by PI in real time through PI DataLink. Each mineral contains some different levels of the substances in it. We have to meet some minimum levels of each substance for the production to go forward.




The goal is to minimize the total cost while meeting the constraints. The decision  factors are how many units of each mineral we buy.












This kind of problems, and many many more, can be very effficiently solved in real time using PI DataLink and Microsoft Excel. To see exactly how we can solve such interesting optimization problems and much more come see my presentation at OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2010 titled "Intergrating the PI System with Third-Party Analytics" on Tuesday Septmber 14, 2010. The registration is now open!








PS: This problem is also known as the "diet problem" where we need to receive certain levels of different nutrients while minimizing the cost by choosing our diet basket properly.













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