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Exporting to SVG

Posted by andreas Sep 23, 2010

Those of you that have installed and used PI ActiveView know the EXPORT.PDI that is shipped with PI ActiveView and located in .\PIPC\ACVIEW\WebDev. This PDI provides a nice way to load a PIW file and export this file to PDIs.


I have modified the EXPORT.PDI from the PI ActiveView distribution to save to SVG. The EXPORT_SVG.PDI does recognize unsupported controls and removes them prior to saving. Please note that his is work in progress, I already have a list of enhancements I need to add.

OK it’s time to revisit the “diet problem” we saw in my earlier post in more detail. The first thing to do is to add the Solver add-in to Microsoft Excel to use it. It is shipped as part of Microsoft Excel but may not be added by default.


The next step is to build up the problem set up. We need to dedicate a cell to every variable in the problem. In this example every price, limit, quantity, or decision variable has to have its own cell on the data sheet. So, we allocate 2 cells to the decision variables, being the units of each mineral purchased, and units of each substance in the two minerals. We also need to know how much of each substance we currently have. These are calculated as a function of the two previous quantities, i.e., units of each mineral times the amount each mineral contains, all summed up for the two minerals.


We also create cells for the minimum levels of the substances as well as the minerals (not to go below zero!). The objective function, i.e. the cost, is defined as a function of the prices and units purchased very easily.


A key point here is that any of these parameters can come from a PI server through PI DataLink. In fact, I have decided to get the unit mineral prices from PI. You would need to change those two cells to point to your PI server before you can use the attached file. But in general the amount of each substance in each mineral or the grades or even the constraint limits could come from a PI server.


When everything is set up we choose the “Data” tab on Excel and choose “Solver”. All the steps to define the problem for the optimization engine are very intuitive at this point. The only explanation is regarding the algorithms used. Since this is a linear optimization program, a Simplex LP would suffice. However, for nonlinear or non-smooth programs, which are more complicated, GRG Nonlinear or Evolutionary methods are also provided. Once you click on “Solve” you will have the optimal results on your Excel sheet in a matter of seconds!








Don't forget to make the PI server references point to your PI server on the Excel sheet.

Our annual in-depth PI Technology event is already behind us. During the event tremendous amounts of valuable information was exchanged around so many geeky talks. A quick recap of the event:

  • 24 presentations - divided into 2 tracks within the 2 days
  • A New 'Vox Pop' open session - where top 5 topics of interest voted by the attendees were opened for discussion
  • Technology Roundtables - Attendees could corner Lead Developers and Product Managers (well, we helped them a bit...) to get all their questions answered
  • Live! Pub - Drink, eat and play games with their peers and many OSIsoft employees

The OSIsoft vCampus Team would also like to take this chance to thank the members who  participated and contributed to the event, be it providing feedback and suggestions on the Discussion Forum, or taking the time to prepare and present in OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2010. We definitely appreciate your contributions to make this event a success.


During OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2009 we announced the OSIsoft vCampus All-Stars program, to recognize outstanding contributions of three community members. They devoted significant time and effort to contribute and share information on OSIsoft vCampus and helping hundreds of other fellow OSIsoft vCampus members. We proudly announced 3 All-Stars for 2010:

Congratulations and thanks to our 2010 All-Stars! Looking forward to seeing them run their own blogs soon. Are you ready to be a 2011 all-star? The field is all yours!


Now that OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2010 is behind us, we look forward to the 2011 event. The dates and venue for OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2011 are already confirmed to be the week of September 12th, 2011 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. Mark your calendars now!!!


Once again, this event is dedicated to you as a member of OSIsoft vCampus community. Get involved in OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2011 and make it YOUR event. OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2010 was a great event with lots of improvements from 2009, but with your help we can make it even better! Let's start discussing the 2011 event by sharing your feedback and suggestions: please do not hesitate to start a discussion thread on the "Generic vCampus Discussions" forum, or email your input to us at The earlier we hear from you, the better you'll make OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2011!

OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2010 was a big success, thanks to all the support and involvement from the community - vCampus members provided ideas on topics they'd like to see covered, and many of them even participated as speakers during the event. Congratulations and thanks to all of those who participated -directly or indirectly- in making this event such a great success, thanks go to all the speakers, presenters and attendees!


Remember, OSIsoft vCampus Live! this is YOUR event... help us make it better! Simply give us feedback and write your suggestions, by starting a discussion thread or dropping us a note at Got something you'd like to present at next year's event? Tell us have about it! We've already started thinking about 2011, so the sooner you let us know your suggestions, the better the event will be. And a big thank you to all who have already given us their comments, feedback and requests - keep it coming!


One example of the changes we made based on your feedback, is the new 'Vox Pop' open sessions - these were a success and are a clear example of how much we value your suggestions and react on them! We are looking forward to getting the community even more involved for OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2011, scheduled to take place on the week of September 12th at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. Mark your calendars now and join us!!





Join us at the bar of the Palace Hotel, where we're having pretty geeky discussions around a couple beers (and whisky, for Asle) 


See you all tomorrow, at the Welcome Reception!



Enough said - go register now, if you haven't already


No, seriously, it is getting difficult to get rooms from the hotel, so you better register today and contact Adrienne Lopez (the Housing Manager) if you run into trouble getting a hotel room for the event


See you next Sunday, at the welcome reception!



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