Using PI AF as a Datastore for .NET objects (AFSerializer)

Blog Post created by MvanderVeeken Employee on Jan 9, 2012

A lot of us are developing applications against PI AF. The AF SDK or PI OLEDB Enterprise are the way to go when you need access to PI AF data.


The AF SDK is very powerful when it comes to dealing with AF Data. There are a lot of options, and I think the SDK is very well structured. However, if you are like me a lot of the time you just want to quickly put data in AF, and want to quickly pull it. In a lot of cases this involves translating AF SDK calls into .NET objects.


This concept shows a simple AFSerializer library that allows you to quickly store .NET objects in PI AF. I think this can be much more enhanced to make PI AF more of a flexible .NET object database. Please find the demo video below (or download it here (mp4)).


Code sample and source code is attached below.


Enjoy! And let me know what you guys think of the concept.