Ahmad Fattahi

O'Reilly Strata 2012 - Day 2

Blog Post created by Ahmad Fattahi Employee on Mar 1, 2012

Thursday was Day 2 and the final day of the conference. Very interesting was the talk by Twitter on their Storm platform to handle distributed and fault-tolerant real time computation. Storm is an open source platform that is made for handling Big Data analytics including Twitter-scale word counting, for example. The whole structure is "divide and conquer" and takes advantage of Hadoop architecture.


Also very interesting was a talk by Skytree on Machine Learning and big data (my favorite!) They offer a suite of advanced Machine Learning algorithms in the Cloud. The claim was that on major existing Machine Learning algorithms they outperform others by orders of magnitude. The front end can be MATLAB, R, or command line, among others.


There was also a very interesting talk by CrowdControl who offer crowd sourcing services. The mechanics are handled by Amazon Mechanical Turk. It was interesting to see that in fact a marketplace for crowd sourcing big tasks exists out there. Microtasks are priced at cents apiece; pretty cheap!


In general the energy was very high and the buzz words were power of data, Hadoop, R, and analytics. It was my first appearance at Strata but I heard from several people that it is the biggest and most energetic one so far. To give you an idea of the boom in this market, here is the picture of one of the several job boards at the conference: