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Hi Everyone,


Here are some random notes that I jotted down to share: 


John Baier spoke on PI Cloud Services, announced “PI Cloud Connect”, which was shown at vCampus live.  Not much new, other than it is shipping shortly, maybe now, can’t remember for-sure.  Anyway, it is built on Windows Azure PaaS.  Designed to be multi-tenant SaaS, so many PI systems can connect via the cloud.  OSIsoft will host, users control the access. The service creates a PI to PI connection in a publisher with one or more subscriber configuration. Three use cases were presented:

  1. Intra-company connection of PI System
  2. Company to company sharing of data (like supply chain)
  3. Asset owners to service providers

They are using the phrase “Connected Supply Chain” to show how PI goes beyond what is normally thought of as a historian.  This is part of the cloud story that is unfolding.  Again, not really new, but marketing is getting involved now and things have a much more polished message and seem like products will be here soon.  We can hope!


Over the next two years we will see:

  • PI as a cloud service
  • More mobile device support
  • Rest services baked into all products (e.g. SMT)

Smart Interfaces were mentioned, they contain tag and metadata information, this will be part of a new interface framework.  Looks like a major upgrade where interfaces will not only talk time-series data, but also talk to the AF side.  That will be pretty interesting and excited me.  I’m going to try and get more details.  Abacus was mentioned, nothing new, other than it will kick absolute ass (my opinion).


They mentioned PI OLEDB Enterprise 2012 with PowerView with some excitement on the BI front.  PowerView is getting a lot of hype from Microsoft.  I have only just started working with it (like last month).  I’m attending some OSIsoft training on this Friday and will report back on what I find out.


On the visualization front:

  • iPad for CoreSight is out (for a few months now), yes it is read-only, which limits it usefulness.
  • iPhone for CoreSight is coming, showed a demo, looked OK, mostly what I expected.  It did have a nice search feature. 
  • More exciting is CoreSight Restful service that is used for these applications will be opened to developers as part of an SDK.  Sweet!  

It is clear that OSIsoft sees the mobile movement and is working hard to get involved. Not only from a product standpoint, but also, as an infrastructure.


PI Web Parts 2013 will be out mid summer, will not require the Adobe SVG viewer and will have wide support for many browsers, even on mobile devices.  Will run on SharePoint 2010 and 2013.   Moving towards all HTML based.


Generally OSIsoft is looking to work more closely with PI partners and is focused on PI being not viewed as only a historian, but as a more as a broad data storage, access, and visualization solution. 


They are really pushing for stronger AF and EF adoption.  A new program called JumpStart AF has started.  This is where OSIsoft and customers have a 2-3 day workshop to design a working AF framework.  Partners can also be involved.


I’m going to start a rumor.  If you notice on the keynote list of speakers is Chris Cappelli, Director - Sales, Esri; Esri does GIS mapping software.  I won’t disclose my sources, but it looks like something might be announced or demo’ed at the UC.  I don’t have any details, but I suspect that we might see a partnership of some sort between these two companies.  It makes sense, just a little speculation…  I will report back if I get more details.  This could be pretty exciting for us that are into mobile!


Met a few vCampus folks, and found Steve Pilon’s replacement, Dan. Can’t remember his last name right now.  Very nice guy, today is his first day on the job.  Good luck, you have some big shoes to fill!  I miss Steve.


If you are at the conference look me up.  Just tweet or email me and I will hunt you down. I will be around all week, including Friday.


That is it for now; sorry for typo’s, just did a dump of my notes.  I hope I don’t get in trouble for this…  next time they will have us sign NDA’s at the door.









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