Lonnie Bowling

Deploy PI to an Azure Virtual Machine in about 30 Minutes!

Blog Post created by Lonnie Bowling Champion on Sep 16, 2013

While at work recently, I needed to get a PI system up and running in short order.  Usually I have to send a request to our IT staff get a VM created and then take it from there. This time I decided to give Azure a try.  We have been doing a lot with cloud technology, but for some reason I had never tried to actually deploy a PI system. Well time to change that. After a couple of hours with relatively few issues, I had a PI system deployed! I was surprised with how straight forward it was.


Since then I have done several installations and have the time down to about 30 minutes. Ten minutes to get the VM created, ten minutes to get PI installed, and ten more to get security configured.


I have created a video to demonstrate how to do this; you can find the link below.


The basic process is as follows:

  1. Spin up a VM in Azure
  2. Download and Install AF
  3. Download and Install PI
  4. Configure firewall Ports
  5. Create a PI User and PI Trust for my dev machine
  6. Configure my PI connection and AF connection on my dev machine

That is all there is to it!  I hope you enjoy the video!




Note: This installation is only met for demonstration purposes and is NOT intended to be a production deployment of a PI System. It is good for testing and development purposes only.