A special message from Oliver...

Blog Post created by RJKSolutions on Oct 30, 2013

"vCampus Live! 2013 needs you!"




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It is that time of year again where vCampus Live! is just around the corner, a particular highlight of the year for me!
This year will be Oliver's 2nd vCampus Live! event, flying for 11 hours on a plane to be in San Francisco for the event. Such dedication from a 17 month old.
So who is Oliver? Well he's my son, my 2nd son. I'm sure most already know my eldest son Ethan who's 4 years old and a vCampus Live! veteran. There's a reason why Oliver is pointing at you whilst you read my blog post and that stroy unfolds below so please read on.




I'm a big fan of vCampus especially the vCampus Live! event. It is awesome for numerous reasons, in fact I usually get more out of the 2 days attendance at vCampus Live! than I tend to out of 1 years subscription to the forums. That's not meant to devalue the forums in any form, they're invaluable but I wanted to exaggerate & emphasise the value of attending vCampus Live! in person; standing in front of the developers/product managers/VPs as you tell them about complex situations that you're using the OSIsoft toolset and watching them various expressions on their faces - ranging from a big cheesy smile  to sheer panic as you show them a bug or potential gap in their particular tool's/application's offering . You can hunt down find OSIsoft employees that you've not met before but exchanged email and really thrash out issues, give feedback and find out sneaky bits of information on future versions of products. Sometimes you even get to see the developer's lego DeLorean car . You just can't get that sort of interaction from a virtual presence, you have to do that in person.


I've been to all but 1 of the vCampus Live! events, and I'll hopefully be to the foreseeable events. Besides the reasons above for attending I have another reason for attending, cheesecake. Yep, cheesecake. We simply do not have the Chessecake Factory franchise in the UK so I have to make the annual visit to Union Square in San Francisco to visit the Cheeckcake Factory. This is a passion shared by my eldest son Ethan. When I mentioned in passing to him that I would be going back to vCampus Live! he instantly knew it would be in San Francisco and began to jump our living room shouting "we're going to San Francisco again....we're going to San Francisco again..." followed by a moment of silence which was broken by the next chant of "CHEESECAKE!". Oh dear, that is not the plan. The plan is that I would be going alone this year and now I have about 30 seconds to contemplate how to break the news to Ethan that he in fact won't be coming this year as he has a lot on at that time of year. With beads of sweat forming I began to panic and decided to break the news to him in the morning. That was a long night.


Turns out the lure of cheesecake was too much for my wife too. The decision was made that we would all be heading over. Phew, no breaking the news to Ethan after all. He is now counting down the days until we fly out (as am I ). Needless to say Ethan was excited to be going once again...






So if you've not already registered there is still plenty of time to register, and plenty of time to be as excited as Ethan about vCampus Live! 2013. Once you've registered then be sure to visit the Cheesecake Factory on top of Macy's and at the event be sure to give every single OSIsoft employee as tough a time as you like - this is the community's event, the community would not exist with you!