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First off, Happy New Year to the vCampus community.  Now that both vCampus Live 2013 and the holidays are behind us I wanted to comment again on a new family of products we announced during vCampus Live:  the PI Web API and PI Cloud Access  


The PI Web API is a family of RESTful service products that enable resource-oriented access to PI System data.  You can reference this previous blog post for more information.   A CTP of the PI Web API’s Core Service is available now in the download center.   A CTP of the OData Service will be announced very soon.   There was a lot of good energy around the PI Web API during vCampus Live and I appreciate all of the discussion I had with many of you.  I’m excited to see how many of you have downloaded the CTP to date and am looking forward to your feedback.


PI Cloud Access is designed to allow secure access to HTTP-based services that you host and maintain on your premises, including the REST services that are part of the PI Web API!   PI Cloud Access is currently made up of components hosted in Windows Azure that are managed by OSIsoft and components that are installed on-premises to enable data access operations.  A CTP for PI Cloud Access is now available.  If you think you might be interested, send me a message at and we’ll take it from there.


The combination of PI Cloud Access and the PI Web API enable development of cross-business web and mobile data sharing applications.  Furthermore, those applications can be deployed in an on-premises-only or public-cloud environment as summarized by the system view below.






If you would like more information on either PI Cloud Access or the PI Web API, including getting ahold of the CTP releases, don’t hesitate to contact me at




Dan Noonen | Product Manager | PI System Access

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