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Deprecating the PI SDK

Posted by ray May 21, 2015

That’s a surprising blog post title but please don’t panic! We are not cancelling the PI SDK and will not do so for some time to come. We’ve just been doing some careful examination of our older PI Developer Technologies to see if they still have a place in the changing world of technology. We understand that many of you have built applications that rely on the PI SDK so this is an important discussion. We believe we can’t deprecate a technology unless a replacement is available with equivalent or superior features and performance. We believe this is the case with the PI SDK. Microsoft has been moving away from COM technology towards the .NET Framework for some time. Our AF SDK is built with the .NET Framework and now has the vast majority of the features of the PI SDK including direct access to points in the PI Data Archive. We think the AF SDK is ready to take over!


We have been talking about deprecating the PI SDK at several OSIsoft events including the recent User Conference 2015 in San Francisco. Feedback has been supportive. Still, we would like to make sure that you understand where we are going. The PI SDK is now officially “Transitioning-to-Deprecated.” This means that the actual end date for the product is years away which gives you…and us…time to migrate. However, we recommend that you start creating a transition plan for both new and existing developments. For more details about the roadmap of PI Developer Technologies please see this presentation from our San Francisco User Conference. We offer an online workshop on the AF SDK that you can follow at your own pace or register for an official offering. If you would like to talk about your own development roadmap, please let us know.

The Programming Hackathon 2015 has come to a fruitful end (check out the winners here!). During the Hackathon, we have provided resources for several new and exciting technologies:

  • PI Server 2015 with Future Data
  • PI Web API
  • PI Integrator for Esri
  • Esri ArcGIS APIs
  • PI Integrator for BI and Azure Machine Learning


During the event, we received a lot of feedback about making the links to the online resources available for these technologies after the event. Even if you didn't have a chance to attend the Programming Hackathon, we encourage you to explore the following resources to get started on your next project!


PI Server 2015 - Future data




PI Integrator for Esri ArcGIS


Esri ArcGis APIs


PI Integrator for BI and Azure Machine Learning

We are excited to present the TechCon Hackathon 2015 winners!


The theme of this year's Hackathon was Internet of Things (IoT), focused on personal fitness. Participants were encouraged to expand upon this idea and develop an app leveraging the PI System infrastructure to connect IoT devices.


The participants had 24 hours to create an app using any of the following technologies:

  • PI Future data
  • PI Web API 2015
  • PI Integrator for Esri ArcGIS and Esri API's
  • PI Integrator for BI and Azure Machine Learning


We provided three sources of data:

  • Fitbit data collected from OSIsoft employee volunteers over a course of 2 months
  • GPX data that tracked geolocation of users during a recorded activity (e.g. running, walking, cycling)
  • Weather data from World Weather Online API (including predictions)


Participants were encouraged to connect PI to other data sources as well.


Our judges evaluated each app based on their creativity, technical content, commercial viability, enterprise readiness, and UI design.


It is a tough challenge to create an app in 24 hours, and we are amazed at all of the awesome apps that were developed!


Congratulations to everyone who participated!



Without further ado, here are the winners!


1st place - Almost No Borders


The team members were:

Artur Okolity

Ken Morikawa

Chien SiHarriman

Gregor Vilkner



For 1st place prize, each participant received a BLADE 350 QX3 Quadcopter!


Team Almost No Borders developed a Mobile Laboratory Platform (MLP). MLP is a cloud-based application that allows scientists, engineers, and medical staff to use their mobile devices paired with sophisticated sensors to make field measurements and share these measurements with peers around the globe. Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, act as field gateways that connect locally to one or more sensors. These devices can perform measurements and continuously stream data to the MLP for processing and storage. Remote users can then browse data from past experiments/measurements and connect to sessions in real-time.


The team demonstrated live that users could sign into MLP on their phones, register their device, and connect to the MLP platform. The field devices were Windows Phones connected to Microsoft Band via Bluetooth LE. The AF Server was used as an infrastructure to host MLP and track users and devices. Once connected, users can start measurement sessions and carry out experiments. Remote personnel can sign in to the MLP website, browse archived sessions, view reports, browse currently connected devices, and observe measurements in real-time.


Almost No Borders hosted the MLP in Azure. The team used the following technologies:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Windows Phone 8.1
  • Microsoft Band SDK
  • ASP.NET MVC 5 + Web API 2
  • ASP.NET Signal R
  • PI Web API


Here are screenshots of the design they developed!



Look at the data they were able to get from the Band device!




2nd place - FitSquare


The team members were:

Ionut Buse

Gaёl Cottet

Jean-Francois Beaulieu


For 2nd place prize, each participant received a FitBit ChargeHR!


Team FitSquare created the FitSquare app, created to build a real Sport Community aimed at promoting collaboration over competition. Their mobile app allows users to plan their sport training sessions, check if their sessions are risky or not, ask for assistance, and view stats based on sensors.


FitSquare used the following technologies:

  • Twitter Web API
  • Esri Maps
  • PI Web API
  • PI Future Data


Here is the design for planning a sport session.



Using weather predictions stored as PI Future Data, the app estimates the risk level of the planned activity.



FitSquare also provides real-time assistance via Twitter, as shown below.



Users can also view their stats via PI Web API and AF Event Frames.



3rd place - Unhandled Exception II: Judgment Day


The team members were:

Sarven Buyuker

Alan Kenyon

Jerry Vin


For 3rd place prize, each participant received a OSIsoft gear and apparel!


Team Unhandled Exception created a fitness achievement application and used it to present the 2015 OSIsoft Fitness Awards. They used the Fitbit data we collected from OSIsoft employees and developed a web app with a sleek, responsive UI that showed the top performers in each fitness category.

  • Distance traveled
  • Steps taken
  • Calories burned
  • Active time
  • Sleep time
  • Sedentary time


The team used PI Web API to access the fitness data, along with front-end technologies such as:

  • HTML5
  • Javascript (jQuery, Chart.js)
  • CSS3
  • Bootswatch (a Bootstrap modification)
  • PI Web API


Without further ado, here some screenshots of the awards as presented by Unhandled Exception!



It's that time of the year again! With pleasure we are announcing our PI Developers Club All-Stars for year 2015. These are the individuals with exceptional skills and passion to share knowledge, help others, and elevate the community as a whole. The factors we took into consideration are technical knowledge, quality of the posts, frequency of the posts, and peer feedback. Similar to previous years we have 3 Community All-Stars along with 3 OSIsoft All-Stars. Unlike OSIsoft All-Stars, the Community All-Stars are members who are not OSIsoft employees. Community All-Stars 2015 are:



Roger Palmen.pngRoger Palmen, CGI
Karl Hodgkiss.pngKarl Hodgkiss, DAI
Rick Davin.pngRick Davin, Nalco Champion


They win:

  1. One time free subscription to UC/TechCon
  2. One year free subscription to PI Developers Club
  3. Recognition in the community
  4. A Microsoft Band


OSIsoft All-Stars 2015 are:


PI Geek.pngMike Zboray, OSIsoft
David Hearn.pngDavid Hearn, OSIsoft
PI Geek.pngDan Fishman, OSIsoft


They win:

  1. Recognition in the community
  2. A Microsoft Band


Congratulations to our PI Developers Club All-Stars 2015. With all the rising stars in the community there will be a fierce competition to defend the title for 2016!

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