Please join me congratulating the Winners of the UC EMEA Hackathon 2017

Blog Post created by gregor on Oct 24, 2017

We celebrated the 3 winning teams already during the Awards Ceremony at the EMEA UC 2017 TechCon opening last Thursday. It's about time to do this publicly and to share some impressions with you.


It was again a big pleasure for me to see the participants of our Hackathon taking the challenge with great energy. I was very impressed by the solutions presented during the judging session.


Our Data Sponsor this time was Vitens N.V., the largest drinking water supplier in the Netherlands. Accordingly, the theme was Innovation for better drinking water.

Vitens offered flow, pressure and water quality data from their distribution network at Friesland province. Because Vitens is a non-profit company they defined the challenge around providing customers reliably with water at a constantly good quality.



We saw 24 hackers forming 7 teams and enjoying our 23 hours event.


Hackathon Impressions

Please find the team names underneath the pictures.


Team The Three Triers


Team Living on the edge


Team blueDogPants


Team Diet Coke


Team Aperio


Team werusys Cologne


     Team connectPoint


Judging criteria

  • Creativity and Originality (5 points)
  • Potential Business Impact (5 points)
  • Technical Implementation (5 points)
  • Data Analysis and Insight (5 points)
  • User Experience (5 points)


Pitch Panel

This year we pulled the idea of having a Pitch Panel over the ocean.

The Pitch Panel is a business oriented session where the top teams present their work in the hackathon to a panel of business leaders from the data sponsor and OSIsoft. The goal is for the hackers to have a chance to show their work in a different environment more aligned with business visibility and opportunity. The business leaders can see the novel creations and decide if they like to pursue any of the hackers in a more advanced commercial capacity.


Besides the 3 winning Teams, judges decided to offer team Aperio to present in front of the Pitch Panel.

The Pitch Panel was recorded. We will be sharing a link to the video, as soon as it is ready.


The winning teams







Please see attached for additional impressions captured by our professional conference photographer. Thank you Sebastian!