Asset Analytics Native Integration with MATLAB


March 21, 2018

9:00 AM (PT)/12:00 PM (ET)/6:00 PM (ES)


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In this PI Developers Club webinar, we offer a sneak preview of the AF 2018 release with the highly anticipated feature of native integration between Asset Analytics and MATLAB!  Panelists include Stephen Kwan, AF Product Manager, along with technical representatives from MathWorks, Tim Choo and Sachin Nikumbh, both on the MATLAB Production Server team.  Data scientists, developers, system integrators, or anyone interested in analytics is encouraged to attend and ask questions.


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  • Stephen Kwan, AF Product Manager
  • Tim Choo, MathWorks, Product Manager for MATLAB Production Server
  • Sachin Nikumbh, MathWorks, Engineering Manager for MATLAB Production Server
  • Hosted by Rick Davin, Sr. Technology Enablement Engineer


We'd love to hear your comments and questions here in the comments or in the PI Developers Club forum!