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Blog Post created by Eugene Lee on May 21, 2018

Good day everyone, welcome to the Containerization Hub. Here you will find containerization articles that have already been published in PI Square and also the titles of those articles that are planned for the future (subject to changes). Users will just need to bookmark this page rather than bookmark all the individual articles.


Important: Due to the review of our open source policies, the container Github/DockerHub repositories have been taken down. If you would like access to the source code of the Docker images that were previously hosted there, please send an email to



Spin up AF Server container (SQL Server included)

Spin up PI Web API container (AF Server included)

Spin up PI Data Archive container

Spin up AF Client container

Spin up PI Analysis Service container

Overcome limitations of the PI Data Archive container

Spin up PI to PI Interface container (new!)

Spin up stateless AF Server container (in progress)



Upgrade to PI Data Archive 2018 container with Data Persistence

Upgrade to AF Server 2018 container with Data Persistence



Spin up AF Server container (Kerberos enabled)

Container Kerberos Double Hop



AF Server container health check

PI Data Archive container health check



AF Server container in the cloud



Compose PI System container architecture

Containers and Swarm Part 1 (Setup, Service)

Containers and Swarm Part 2 (Secrets, Configs)

Containers and Swarm Part 3 (Scaling, Self-Healing)

Containers and Swarm Part 4 (Overlay Networking)

Containers and Swarm Part 5 (External Traffic, Load Balancing)



Form collectives with PIDA container

Spin up PI Web API website container

Building containers with Jenkins

Containers and Kubernetes


Install Docker

The steps to setup Docker are below.


For Windows 10,

You can install Docker for Windows. Please follow the instructions here.


For Windows Server 2016/2019,

You can use the OneGet provider PowerShell module. Open an elevated PowerShell session and run the below commands.

Install-Module -Name DockerMsftProvider -Repository PSGallery -Force
Install-Package -Name docker -ProviderName DockerMsftProvider -Force
Restart-Computer -Force