Taking a bow and offering my humble thanks

Blog Post created by rdavin Employee on Sep 5, 2019

Dear Developer Community,


This is my last blog as an OSIsoft employee.  I will remain active with the PI system as I am returning the the customer-side of the fence.  I am grateful for my time at OSIsoft to serve you and the online community as a whole.  Thank you all for your questions, ideas, sharing your own valued experiences, code sharing, and participating in discussions in these forums.


There are many exciting changes afoot at OSIsoft, starting at the very top of the company and extending down the ranks and into our product line.  This past year has already witnessed many new changes.  Some have been very public, such as the new Customer Portal.  Some have been quiet, such as disbanding Engineering's Technology Enablement Team, of which I was a part. 


With my departure as the last remaining member, you can expect the email address technologyenablement@osisoft.com to be disabled.  Since earlier this summer, we stopped sending out any unsupported software such as the PI Web API client libraries, PI Events Novo, containers, etc.


Allow me to list the members who have help provide support and content to PI DevClub and PI World over the past year for the now defunct Technology Enablement Team.


First and foremost there is Marcos Vainer Loeff.  Mr Hackathon himself!  Later also to be know as Mr. Client Library.  Marcos may be responsible for enabling developer technology usage more than any other person.  Marcos accepted a position to return to Tech Support in San Paulo, Brazil.


Christopher Sawyer in Philadelphia joined a developer team, though to be fair, Chris came to us from a dev team.  Chris was co-speaker at SF on Modernizing PI SQL for the Future, as well has having a small GO fanclub with Concurrent Programming for the PI Developer.  He's also keenly interested in load balancers.


Thyagarajan Ramachandran in San Leandro accepted a developer position on the Interfaces team.  This past April, Thyag gave a nice presentation on how to generate your own REST client using OpenAPI 2.0 (Swagger).  Thyag also created PI Events Novo among other cool little things, which we are no longer permitted to share.


Eugene Lee in Singapore has also returned to Tech Support.  Eugene blazed a trail with containers, for which he had a loyal and eager fanbase.  Like the above, we are not allowed to had hand out any of his container code.  I also joke that while English was not Eugene's first language, he generally was the first one to correct my grammar when I asked the team to proofread.  (If I have any such errors in this blog, blame me because I have no team to proof for me.)


Rafael Borges in London decided to leave the company.  He was always the first to volunteer, even with a heavy workload.  Rafael was an fun tinkerer with all things IoT.  He loved Raspberry Pi's and home automation.  I know we all wish him well on his new journey.


One other person to mention was not an official member of Tech Enablement, but had a dotted line to us.  That would be Gregor Beck.  If I had to pick one person who embodies the spirit of PI DevClub, it would be Gregor.  No matter which angle you look at it - business, administrative, or technical - Gregor would be my first choice.


The above were a fantastic crew of talented, eager, and innovative people.  It was my supreme privilege to have worked alongside them.  I thank them and OSIsoft for our time together.


Lastly, I thank you, the members of this online community.  As both consumers and contributors to these forums, you have made my tenure here most enjoyable and filled with purpose.  I humbly thank you for that. 


P.S. - I shall be retiring this particular PI Square profile, and in a few weeks or months, I will create a brand new one starting with 0 points.