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OData CTP Is Now Available

Posted by dnoonen Feb 11, 2014

In this blog post I summarize our new PI Web API and PI Cloud Access products. I also mention the fact that a Community Technical Preview (CTP) for the PI Web API's OData feature will be announced "soon".  With this post I'm announcing that availability! 


The PI Web API is a family of RESTful service products that enable resource-oriented access to PI System data.  A CTP of the PI Web API’s Core Service has been available for over 2 months now and I know that many of you have downloaded and developed against it.  We're now excited to provide a CTP of the OData feature.  The OData CTP can be accessed in the vCampus Download Center.  Navigate to the Pre-Release category and look for “PI OData Service CTP”.


In addition to the documentation that accompanies the OData CTP,  the sources noted below provide additional information:

  • We recently presented a vCampus Webinar on the PI Web API and PI Cloud Access products.  That Webinar contains information about our OData capability.
  • You can also reference the Extras in the Download Center and download the vCampus Live 2013 - Hands-on Labs.  The "Introduction To The PI OData Service" lab materials are a good reference source.

If you have feedback or questions on the PI Web API, don't hesitate to send me a message at  You can also use the special mailbox we have setup for CTP feedback:


Dan Noonen 

First off, Happy New Year to the vCampus community.  Now that both vCampus Live 2013 and the holidays are behind us I wanted to comment again on a new family of products we announced during vCampus Live:  the PI Web API and PI Cloud Access  


The PI Web API is a family of RESTful service products that enable resource-oriented access to PI System data.  You can reference this previous blog post for more information.   A CTP of the PI Web API’s Core Service is available now in the download center.   A CTP of the OData Service will be announced very soon.   There was a lot of good energy around the PI Web API during vCampus Live and I appreciate all of the discussion I had with many of you.  I’m excited to see how many of you have downloaded the CTP to date and am looking forward to your feedback.


PI Cloud Access is designed to allow secure access to HTTP-based services that you host and maintain on your premises, including the REST services that are part of the PI Web API!   PI Cloud Access is currently made up of components hosted in Windows Azure that are managed by OSIsoft and components that are installed on-premises to enable data access operations.  A CTP for PI Cloud Access is now available.  If you think you might be interested, send me a message at and we’ll take it from there.


The combination of PI Cloud Access and the PI Web API enable development of cross-business web and mobile data sharing applications.  Furthermore, those applications can be deployed in an on-premises-only or public-cloud environment as summarized by the system view below.






If you would like more information on either PI Cloud Access or the PI Web API, including getting ahold of the CTP releases, don’t hesitate to contact me at




Dan Noonen | Product Manager | PI System Access

As vCampus Live 2013 kicks off this week, we're excited to announce the impending arrival of a new family of OSIsoft products: the PI System Web API.


The PI System Web API is a family of RESTful service products that enable resource-oriented access to the PI System.  We've heard your calls for a web-based data access layer that's suitable for meeting a wide range of technical needs.  Some of the key scenarios we're keeping in mind:

  • Mobile - one of the shortcomings of SOAP services is poor support on mobile platforms.  Previously, development of compelling mobile applications that used PI System data required that the mobile application developer write services of his own.  Our hope is that as the PI System Web API matures, there will be few cases where custom services are necessary.
  • Cross-Platform - OSIsoft is positioning the PI System Web API as the premier development platform for retrieving and manipulating your PI data in non-Windows environments.  HTTP and REST are fundamentally cross-platform protocols.
  • Cross-Business - Along with the announcement of the PI System Web API, we're also announcing the CTP of a product called PI Cloud Access.  PI Cloud Access is designed to allow secure access to HTTP-based services that you host and maintain on your premises.  With the combination of PI Cloud Access and the PI System Web API, you can effectively enable development of cross-business data sharing, controlled by the existing security infrastructure in your PI System.
  • System Integration - As support for REST services has grown in middleware products like Enterprise Services Buses, REST services have become suitable components for application integration scenarios, where PI data is needed in Line of Business systems or other third party applications
  • Cloud - As OSIsoft adds cloud-based offerings, the PI System Web API will be well suited as a development platform that provides seamless access to your PI data regardless of where it's located-- on premises, or in the cloud.

We are exploring different ways to expose PI System Data via REST and OData.  The following PI System Web API products are currently in development:

  • PI System Web API Core Services
  • PI OData Service
  • PI Search Service

PI System Web API Core Services presently provides basic functionality needed to retrieve and manipulate Time Series, Asset, and Event Frame data.  A Community Technical Preview (CTP) is available for immediate download on vCampus (Pre-Release category), and various events at vCampus Live! this week, including the Hackathon, will include hands on time with the services.  We're not sure that this will end up being the final name of the product, so stay tuned on that front.  More information about the Core Services is available in Brad Hess's series of posts, beginning with Getting started with PI System Web API Core Services.


The PI OData Service provides access to the PI System using the OData model and protocol, which provides SQL like queries through a standard REST API.  One primary use case for OData is integration with commercial off the shelf BI and database tools that have an OData connector such as Tableau, QlikView, Tibco Spotfire, and many others.   Many of you have expressed interest in implementing your own custom web applications using OData and the PI OData Service will obviously fit nicely into those types of systems.  A Community Technical Preview (CTP) is forthcoming and we have a hands-on lab at vCampus Live that features the PI OData Service.


The PI Search Service gathers configuration information from across the PI System to enable rapid querying and auto-complete.  The service consists of a crawler, to collect information from across your PI System, and REST interfaces, to facilitate building query capabilities into your applications.  OSIsoft's own product development roadmap includes adding Search support to PI Coresight.  At this time it's too early to tell when a CTP of the Search Service will be made available for download; however, vCampus Live! Hackathon participants will have the ability to use a restricted pre-release version of the product in their Hackathon application.


Concurrent with the release of these technical previews, we're also reminting the former "Web Services and PI" vCampus forum and blog, to provide you with a place to read product updates and share your experiences and feedback.  And of course, we're always happy to hear feedback from our vCampus Community directly.  All these product teams have been hard at work, and while none of this is production ready, we're really excited to share our work with you and get feedback from the vCampus community.


For those of you who are attending vCampus Live, we hope to get to meet and speak with you throughout the week and that you get some good opportunities to play with our Web APIs hands on.  And for those of you who'll be perusing the materials when they're posted online after the event-- stay tuned-- the materials should be posted shortly after the event, and we have other virtual events that'll take place over the coming months.




The PI System Web API Team!



Hello vCampus PI Web Services users.  With this post I’m announcing that we have released a new version (Service Pack 1) of the PI Web Services product.  I know that some of you have been eagerly awaiting this release, as it fixes issues that were first discovered and triaged right here in our vCampus community.


PI Web Services 2012 SP1 is an incremental release of PI Web Services, a product designed to provide SOAP based web service access to PI System data.  This release fixes several minor defects in PI Web Services 2012.  In addition, this release incorporates an updated PIDS component (


PI Web Services 2012 SP1 offers defect resolution related to the following issues:

  • Duplicate results in AF element search
    • Previously, element references within the element hierarchy caused duplicate results when search for elements.  This problem has been fixed.
  • Update sign-up for non-existent AF attribute
    • Previously, PI Web Services allowed you to sign up for updates on an AF Attribute that did not exist.  This problem has been repaired.
  • Retrieval of more than 400 data values from a PI Summary query
    • A previous limitation made the intervals property of PISummaryManner inoperative.  This issue has been resolved.
  • AF attribute security
    • Security as applied to data retrieval from AF attributes is now consistent with the behavior specified in AF SDK documentation.
  • Event logging and tracing
    • Repairs have been made to the PI Web Services installation to allow for more detailed logging and instrumentation from our underlying data provider, PI Data Services.  Consult the PI Instrumentation users guide for more details.

Dan Noonen | Product Manager | PI System Access




REST at vCampus Live!

Posted by dnoonen Oct 23, 2013

Hello vCampus Community!


I'm writing this post to highlight sessions at this year's vCampus Live! that will touch on our REST system. We have 3 hands on sessions on the agenda that cover various aspects of the REST system:


1. Title: Developing against the RESTful Surface - In this lab you will interact with a portion of the REST API we are building on top of the PI System.  We have created a sample HTML5/JavaScript application that interacts with the REST API and your job will be to write code that fills in some blanks.


2. Title: Introduction to the PI OData Service - The PI OData Service is a member of our REST family. In this lab you'll interact with the service using a browser and Microsoft Excel.  Much like the "RESTful surface" lab above, you'll also edit an HTML5/JavaScript application we've developed that interacts with the PI OData Service. 


3. Title: Exposing your AF SDK based service as a REST endpoint in the cloud - In addition to the REST API that we'll provide, our system is extensible and allows you to build a custom REST service that is exposed through our cloud infrastructure.  In this session you will build an AF SDK based REST service and expose it to the cloud.  You will also build a client application that communicates to your custom service through our cloud infrastructure.


In addition to the 3 sessions above, the vCampus team is hard at work generating a scenario for the Hackathon that makes use of the REST system. 


We are in heavy development mode on all aspects of our REST offering.  We didn't want the "in development" nature of the system to prevent us from letting you interact with it at this year’s vCampus Live! event.  We're excited about the possibilities and looking forward to getting your feedback.


Dan Noonen

Hello to the OSIsoft vCampus community!  My name is Dan Noonen and I'm sending this email to introduce myself to all of you. I am the new PM for PI System Access.  I come to OSIsoft after a long stint with Rockwell Automation.  At Rockwell I held various firmware and software development positions throughout the years culminating with a role as a Software Development Manager.  Most of my development experience has been in the infrastructure that moves data between the User Interface layer and the Control System.  I'm very excited to join all of you and look forward to collaborating on the various PI System Access methods.  My main initial focus will be on the emerging REST/OData access method and I'd be very interested to hear your related thoughts and needs.  


I'm still getting oriented into all the logistics associated with vCampus.  If you are trying to reach out to me on vCampus and I'm not replying back, it isn't because I'm ignoring you :-).    You can always reach me at


Dan Noonen





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