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StreamInsight Samples

Posted by egove Employee Mar 30, 2010

We are adding three more StreamInsight samples to compliment our Adapter CTP (Community Technology Preview).  If you are interested, you should begin with Spike Counter.  This is  a sample that explores some of the simple LINQ queries and a potential methodology to use to develop CEP solutions.  The PE Samples is very immature and will be added to as time permits.  It replicates a number of the samples provided with the PE documentation.  The final sample shows the use of User-defined Aggregates and User-defined Operators.


All of the samples provided contain detailed comments to explain the various sections of code.  The samples augment Microsoft’s StreamInsight information.  The Microsoft help and discussions provide greater detail than our samples.


For a quick introduction to or review of the PI StreamInsight Adapters, check the StreamInsight webinar, recorded on Feb.25th, 2010.


You can download these samples here (they are also available on the vCampus Download Center, under the "Supporting Files" category).

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