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Abacus and recalculation

Posted by gmoffett Employee Jul 24, 2012







Thanks for the comments and feedback on previous posts.




We continue the theme providing some information on ideas and functionality for Abacus and look to the community’s feedback once more.


Disclaimer: items discussed in this post may or may not be include in released product. Consider this post an equivalent of a Community Technology Preview (CTP) whereby the features included may not be in the release!




History calculation – backfill for new calculations or recalculate existing calculations


You create a new calculation and want to generate results going back in time (backfill) for all the input values that exist. An existing calculation is updated and you want to recalculate the historical results.


These are just two examples of history calculation and we want to see if we can make this easier to do with Abacus.  So, how about if you only had to enter the start and end date and Abacus took care of the rest?


You may have some questions:


Q: What schedule would be used to perform the calculation?


A: The configured schedule for the calculation, for example: a calculation scheduled to run at 7am every day, when recalculated for the previous week would run every day at 7am.


Q: If I’m recalculating, what happens to the results that already exist?


A: These values would be deleted prior to recalculation.




Questions for you!


Is it ok to delete values, if not why not and what would you want to be done with the values?


Would you want to recalculate using a different schedule to that configured and if so what schedule would you want to use?


What other options would you need and why?


For example would you want to recalculate on existing results?





Glenn Moffett | OSIsoft - Product Management





Over on the AFSDK Development discussion hall Zev was asking questions about PI AF Scheduled Configured Analytics otherwise known by the code name: Abacus


Abacus will allow for the configuration of calculations using PI AF attributes, that can be scheduled with the results written via a PI AF attribute to a PI tag.
The vision includes simplyfing the work required to build a calculation (reduce the requirement to program) and enable more people to create their own calculation(s)


Calculation support in Abacus will include the Performance Equation syntax and functions although we haven't yet committed to supporting all the functions exposed by the existing Performance Equation Scheduler


 One question Zev asked was if "Abacus would be a replacement for the Performance Equation Scheduler?"


At this time, the answer would be no.


That said, If we build what we envision for Abacus and you had a requirement to build a calculation you may choose Abacus over the Performance Equation Scheduler based on one or more of the following

  1. using or planning to use PI AF
  2. configuration and management user experience
  3. calculation support - including performance equation support as mentioned above and aggregations across several attributes or assets (sometimes referred to as roll-ups)
  4. history recovery and recalculation support
  5. performance and scalability 
  6. sub-second timestamp support

Caveat/Disclaimer: This list is not necessarily what will be in version1 or future versions of Abacus


Zev also asked about a release date, we do not yet have a date set for the first release of Abacus. However we can report that design, coding and testing work continues in areas including user experience, service, calculation engine and data access!


So while the list above is not meant to be definitive, what are some features you would want to see in Abacus? If you have several is there a priority order or set of "must haves"?


Thanks for asking Zev!
Glenn Moffett | OSIsoft - Product Management



PI ACE 2010 R2 SP1 has been released and is a recommended upgrade from or to be used instead of PI ACE 2010 R2. More information over on the tech. support website: PI ACE 2010 R2 SP1 is also available here on vCampus.


Work continues on PI AF scheduled configured analytics, whereby a user can configure an analytic using PI AF, schedule and write the result via a PI AF attribute to a PI tag.  The vision includes simplyfing the work required to build an analytic (less programming) and enable more people to create their own analytics.


When exploring who actually creates analytics with the PI System, it appears to come down to - not suprisingly - who actually 'can do it' and who knows 'how to do it'! Just because I know the PI System doesn't mean I have access to create my own analytics, whereby access is to the required software, the ability to create tag(s) and or create PI AF content. Reasons we've heard include division of labour/processes and what could be interpreted as 'don't mess with the system, we have critical monitoring we don't want broken!"


So, do we need to help customers see how by using security they can protect existing configuration while allowing users to create analytics and/or provide a 'sandbox' that an Engineer can work in for that two week project or to explore new analytics that can later be applied across the system or process and onto other sites.


In the end the goal is the same, simply the implementation and management of analytics.


Do you have examples of different types of users who create analytics with the PI System? For example Operators, Maintenance or Process Engineers. Is anytyhing limiting your end-users from creating their own analytics? A big part of our job is speaking with customers about the business problems they have and how we can deliver product to help solve them. If you would like to provide feedback or input, please let us know!


Glenn Moffett | OSIsoft - Product Management



Over on the tech. support web site we have posted a bulletin regarding issues that have been found with PI ACE 2010 R2 that could intermittently impact calculation results


A review has been completed, issues identified and we are verifying one last item, prior to starting testing for PI ACE 2010 R2 SP1


PI ACE 2010 R2 SP1 will be a full release of PI ACE 2010 R2 including fixes for the issues discussed in the bulletin and additional items. Once PI ACE 2010 R2 SP1 is available we'll retire PI ACE 2010 R2


The product roadmap now includes an entry for PI ACE 2010 R2 SP1 and is the official location to see planned/release information.


That said as this blog is being written we are targeting July 2011 for SP1


Glenn Moffett | OSIsoft - Product Management





The first version of PI for Streaminsight is released!


PI for StreamInsight is a new product from OSIsoft and is part of the PI analytical components and modules. Developers create Language Integrated Queries (LINQ) to process and analyze events, which are streamed in and out of Microsoft StreamInsight using adapters. PI for StreamInsight includes adapters for reading events as they arrive at the PI Server and writing events to the PI Server. Applications of Microsoft StreamInsight include data quality processing and event detection.

For more information about PI for StreamInsight and Microsoft StreamInsight see:


      OSIsoft User Conference 2011 – Developing Analytics Over Streaming Data with Microsoft StreamInsight & PI for StreamInsight


      OSIsoft Virtual Campus Live! 2010 - Complex Event Processing (CEP) with PI for StreamInsight (requires login)


The user conference presentation provides examples of how LINQ queries can be a good way to query data and how StreamInsight compares to other PI Analytical components




Also, as a fyi - we are working on an updated set of samples for the vCampus site!


Glenn Moffett | OSIsoft - Product Management



This week an issue was resolved that related to garbage collection collecting too soon! The issue originally manifested randomly during long running tests. Configuration of a machine with 256MB of memory enabled the issue to be triggered within minutes of a test starting. Once repeatable, the issue was squashed within a few hours.


The focus is now on a session management update, session testing and release testing!


We should be in a position by the end of next week to provide an expected release date, with a current conservative estimate putting the release around the 3rd week of May.


Glenn Moffett | OSIsoft - Product Management


PI for StreamInsight Update

Posted by gmoffett Employee Apr 14, 2011



PI for StreamInsight is new functionality from OSIsoft enabling analytics on PI data using Microsoft StreamInsight an event processing engine. PI for StreamInsight includes what are called adapters in MIcrosoft StreamInsight terminology that allow PI events to be used in StreamInsight queries and StreamInsight events to be written back to the PI System.


The current status is that we have finalized all features and are continiuing to test and work on remaining known issues prior to release.


One item we are working on is that for long running queries we are seeing an intermittent (or more appropriately rare!) issue whereby we attempt to process an invalid event


Obviously we can't release with this issue, so once we have this resolved we'll be in a better position to estimate the actual release date.


For reference our Product Roadmap provides information on timelines for release of our products, including our target for PI for StreamInsight:


At the OSIsoft 2011 User Conference there was a presentation on PI for StreamInsight and there is also a vCampus webinar from last year available also for more information


There is a pre-release version of PI for StreamInsight available in the downloads section of vCampus and thanks to those customers who have already downloaded and provided feedback.


We plan to post another CTP (pre-release) version update later this month for vCampus members


Also, over in the discussion hall we have a forum for StreamInsight


Glenn Moffett | OSIsoft - Product Management



PI ACE 2010 R2 is now available for download, please refer to the following post if you have previously downloaded PI ACE 2011 or PI ACE 2011a




PI ACE 2010 R2  [updated]

Posted by gmoffett Employee Mar 5, 2011



PI ACE 2010 R2 is now available from vCampus downloads or the OSIsoft technical support website


The previous install kits for PI ACE 2011 and PI ACE 2011a are no longer available and we request that customers who have these versions installed, uninstall them and install PI ACE 2010 R2.


PI ACE 2010 R2 resolves the following items:


·         Timeout setting included in PI ACE 2011 - this has been removed

·         A new version of the PI API for 64-bit Windows has been included that does not change the application name length used in trusts. For information on API trusts, refer to KB00433 Upgrading PI API Applications From 32-bit to 64-bit and PI Trusts based on Application Name

·         Name change to PI ACE 2010 R2


PI ACE 2010 R2 replaces PI ACE 2011 and 2011a and is available from the OSIsoft Technical Support Download Center and OSIsoft vCampus after login.


If you have installed PI ACE 2011 or 2011a, please follow the steps below to remove it and install PI ACE 2010 R2:


        I.            To uninstall PI ACE 2011 or 2011a, select it for removal in the Add/Remove Programs utility in Control Panel for Windows XP and 2003 Server, or the Programs and Features Control Panel for Windows Vista, 2008 Server, and Windows 7.


      II.            Download and install the corrected PI ACE 2010 R2 from the Tech Support Download Center.


    III.            Verify that the new version is installed: From Add/Remove Programs utility in Control Panel for Windows XP and 2003 Server, or the Programs and Features Control Panel for Windows Vista, 2008 Server, and Windows 7,  verify the product name (PI Advanced Computing Engine (ACE) 2010 R2) and version (


We apologize for any inconvenience.  Please feel free to contact our Technical Support ( if you have any questions regarding the process of upgrading.


PI ACE 2011 - released

Posted by gmoffett Employee Mar 2, 2011



Over on the analytics blog we talk about the just released PI ACE 2011!


Glenn Moffett | OSIsoft - Product Management




PI ACE 2011 released!

Posted by gmoffett Employee Mar 2, 2011



A great start to the month, PI ACE 2011 is released!


If you would like more information about the release there is a vCampus Live 2010 presentation available via the Live link on the vCampus home page. Also we'll be reviewing the release later this month at the Builders Cafe Webinar series along with a presentation at the upcoming Users Conference.


In summary PI ACE 2011 introduces support for Visual Studio 2010 and 64-bit along with performance and scalability improvements.


Performance improvements include faster cache acess and scalability by now allowing you to run multiple ACE schedulers (on different servers) to host calculations.


So you could say PI ACE 2011 is more sustainable - allowing you to do more calculations with less resources!



With testing complete for PI ACE 2011, the 'finishing touches' are being applied prior to submittal for release.


PI for StreamInsight 2011  continues towards release with the focus squarely on platform testing, final documentation updates and related items for a new OSIsoft product!


AF based configured analytics -  whereby analytics can be scheduled - also progresses with work on the scheduler and data access components.







PI ACE 2010 continues towards release - with a beta available here on vCampus in the vCampus download center > pre-release category. PI ACE 2010 includes support for multiple schedulers, native 64bit and Visual Studio 2010 along with performance enhancents.
Over on the PI ACE discussion forum, there is a thread - ACE talk at vCampus 2010 - Got Ideas? - requesting input on what ACE content you would like to see and hear at vCampus Live 2010!


Development is almost feature complete, documentation and testing continue for PI for StreamInsight. PI for StreamInsight are adapters for Microsoft StreamInsight, enabling data access to the PI System for application developers. vCampus Live 2010 will include a talk about StreamInsight where after a quick overview we plan to show examples of how PI for StreamInsight Adapters can be used with StreamInsight. There is a webinar available from earlier this year which provides an overview and a CTP available in the vCampus download center > pre-release category.


Pondering what a LINQ query is and how you would do a sample query to get a count of events so that you could write the value to PI? An example snippet of .NET C# code that makes a LINQ has been posted on the PI for StreamInsight discussion forum.


There is also work ongoing in the Analtyics space related to Configured Analytics, nothing additional to share publicly at this time, just to let you know!


Glenn Moffett | OSIsoft - Product Management

As progress continues towards the first release of PI for StreamInsight, an updated Community Technology Preview (CTP) is now available along with updated samples.


PI for StreamInsight enables developers building applications with Microsoft StreamInsight data access to the PI System


For more information about StreamInsight and the Adapters refer to the vCampus Webinar on StreamInsight


CTP location
vCampus > Download Center > Select the Category as PreRelease > Entry "PI System Adapters for StreamInsight"
Samples location
vCampus > Download Center > Select the Category as Extras > Entry: "StreamInsight Sample Projects"


Updates, changes and features  - some we haven't mentioned before! - are listed below

  • Input adapter value (structure) can contain the value flags (annotated, substituted, questionable)
  • Output adapter can write the tag value flag questionable
  • Tag access modified to enable tag searching
  • Significant CTI enhancements
    • 6 new strategies for issuing a CTI, including
      • Wall clock support
      • Ability to advance time based on individual events from a tag
  • Cover streams - Ability to identify non occurring events with support for left anti-semi join
  • Payload population options
    • PI event
    • Point attribute(s)
    • Field constants - provided by programming environment
    • Input adapter - ability to include timestamp in payload
    • Output adapter - use source timestamp instead of StreamInsight timestamp
  • Ability to add tracing output using adapter configuration
  • Security access to the PI System using Windows authentication
  • Lots of plumbing work to make it sing (read: internals for functionality and performance)

Glenn Moffett | OSIsoft - Product Management


PI Developers Club


ACE 2010 beta

Posted by gmoffett Employee Apr 30, 2010

As mentioned by Steve, the PI ACE 2010 beta has been posted on vCampus on the "Pre-Release" area of the vCampus Download Center. Please make sure you consult the Release Notes for more information, and do not hesitate to provide any feedback you may have on this Beta release to




So what is new?

  • Multiple scheduler support against one PI Server, allowing ACE users to split calculations across two or more machines
  • Performance improvements (approximately x5 times in testing) due to components re-written in .NET
  • Native 64-bit operating system support
  • Visual Studio 2010 support

We are keen for feedback to!



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